Blog Tips for Beginners

Are you a beginner blogger or thinking about starting a blog? Either way it goes, you have arrived in the right place. Today, I will discuss some very valuable tips that will help you with your blog. Since, I use WordPress this is what the subject will be based off of.Blog Tips for Beginners

WordPress can be a learning curve when you first start using the platform. Especially, if you are new to blogging. After using WordPress for a while I have learned some basic tricks and tips that will help your blogging life a lot easier.

WordPress Theme

Choosing a WordPress theme can be a task in itself. There are so many themes to choose from. The big question is usually what theme do I choose? The theme you go with is usually personal preference.

Pick a theme that you are happy with. Of course, you’ll have to learn how to use the features of the theme. Each theme has different features such as fonts, plugins, sidebars, and color options. You’ll also want to pick a responsive theme for mobile devices and desktops.

There are paid themes and free themes. Choosing a paid theme is also another personal preference. I personally would not go with a paid theme until you know for sure you are happy with the free version of that paid theme. In fact, I am currently using a free theme. So, free themes still work wonders.

The reason, I recommend getting to know the free version first is because I have had to change my theme 3 times. Due to me finding out later in my blogging journey that some features that I needed or would have liked to have were missing.

So my conclusion was, if I paid for all of those themes that would have been money down the drain. Some paid themes offer money back guarantee but, don’t hold your breathe because, not all of them have this feature.

If you choose a theme and are not happy with it. Your theme can always be changed later on. You’ll just have to make sure you backup your WordPress website, write down all your plugins that you have installed, reactivate them once you have changed your theme, and more importantly save the backup to your website on your local computer hard drive or use an external hard drive like a USB flash drive.

Website Traffic

Your blog may have been recently started and now you need traffic. To get traffic to your website blog you’ll need to learn the proper steps to SEO. Search engine optimization is one of the biggest ways you will receive traffic to your blog. The thing I love about SEO is the traffic is generated completely for free. Of course, you will pay for this free opportunity by your personal time but, it sure beats having to lose out on money.

Warfare Plugins

I have written a few articles on SEO, and when you have time you can always jump over to those articles and check them out.


In short, search engine optimization works with using proper keyword research, providing images or videos with proper keywords, using proper header titles, internal linking, keeping your website updated, and always providing quality content on your blog.


Images, images, images! Images seem so simple but, let me tell you they are a little trickier than I had initially thought. When placing images on your blog you will have to add your keywords to the ALT text description within your WordPress.

This helps with SEO traffic as well. I have explained in one of my previous articles that the search engines can’t physically see an image on your site but, it can read the ALT text keywords. So, don’t forget to place your keywords within your images.

In addition to placing keywords within your images, you’ll want to optimize your images. Optimizing your images is very important to your site health. Optimized images can slow down your site drastically.

In fact, I use which you can get started for completely free and they have exceptional services. I love they way they optimize my images.

Since most of Google traffic comes from a person using their mobile devices, Google frowns upon slow sites, especially if they are slow on mobile phones. It is very important to optimize every image that you add to your site.

Another important tip about images, that I had learned the hard way was, never delete your images within your WordPress library. This is will cause you to have a fun-filled day of replacing each and every image that you have deleted from your WordPress library.

Comments and Engagement

Your blog thrives off of engagement and activity. Getting comments are very vital to the life of your blog. When Google sees that your blog is getting activity they tend to love that. Google will also show your website within the Google search engines more.

Comments can also help add additional content to your already existing post. The more activity you have on your blog the more Google loves it, and eventually you’ll rank higher within the search engines. So, I highly encourage getting comments on your website, by sharing your blog on social media, ask people to leave comments, or join different Facebook groups that offer these features for bloggers.

I personally am involved with a community where we as bloggers can get comments on our sites and it truly helps out tremendously. I have noticed that when I stop getting comments to my site, it loses traffic so, this proves that Google loves engagement.

WordPress Plugins

Be very careful with the number of plugins you add to your site. I know there is a lot to choose from. In fact, it is like being a kid in a candy store. We just want to try them all out. Unfortunately, too many plugins can slow your site down.

Some plugins have more weight to them than others. I would suggest when you add plugins to your site, always test the speed of your site and see if there was a tremendous change to your site speed.

If I find that my site speed has not changed then, I leave the plugin active. If my site speed changes drastically, I immediately remove the plugin and look for a replacement.

To test the speed of your site you can use:

Save Your Post

The easiest way I found so far to save my post, is not only backing them up to a flash drive but, I write all my post within Google Docs. Google Docs is a free service to everyone. All you need is a Gmail account and you’ll have the ability to use this wonderful service.

Google docs is accessible from any and everywhere. The best parts about Google docs, is your work is auto-saved. You’ll never have to worry about losing your work. It will always be there when you need it. Even if your computer crashed.

Another feature that is pretty cool about Google docs is the voice typing. If you need to save time, you can always utilize the voice typing feature. This will definitely allow you to save time during your writing frenzies.

Well, I definitely hope that these tips have been helpful. I know when I first started out, WordPress was a completely new world to me. I learned these basics tips through trial and error and they have helped my blog stay alive.

If you would like to get a blog started for free please jump over to my #1 recommendation and have a read. In that article, you will learn how I started my blog for free and learned to make money with my website at the same time.

Welp that is all from me folks! If you have any questions or comments please leave them below. I would love to hear from you. If you found anything helpful in this post please do share it with others. Have an awesome day!