Apartment Locating Masterclass (1 Recission Proof )

To locate or not? That’s the question of the day. Apartment locating is not very popular to the majority. But, today you’ll be ahead of the game because, I’m going to share with you a course that teaches you all about it. 

Apartment Locating Masterclass Summary

Website: Apartment Locating Masterclass

Owner: Pierre

Product Type: Apartment Locating Course

Cost: Roughly $1400 (which may increase soon.) Valued at $1997+

(Price is subject to change. It can go up or down)

Do I recommend it? Without a doubt!

Our Rating: 100% no stone was left unturned.

Summary: This is an apartment locating course created by Pierre. One of the top producing apartment locators. The course teaches beginners AND current real estate agents how to make money finding apartments for renters.

What Is Apartment Locating Masterclass?

It’s literally an entire course teaching you from A to Z.

  • How to become an apartment locator?
  • What to do as an apartment locator?
  • And the most important part is how to succeed as an apartment locator?

In simple terms, the course goes in detail about everything that you would need to know if you were considering this new career.

Apartment Locating Masterclass

Who Is Apartment Locating For?

With the economy going the way it is, finding a new gig that can pay the bills is important to many of us.

Apartment locating is NOT only for any current real estate agent. But…it can also be for NEWBIES.

Yes, that’s right! This career path can also be for beginners as well.

In fact, that’s how I got started. I wasn’t even thinking about becoming a real estate agent but, before I finished the course I was a newly licensed real estate agent.

Before I get ahead of myself, please note that each state has their own Real Estate Commission Laws. If you’re in Texas like myself, then you will definitely need to be a licensed agent before you can locate apartments for others.

But Why? Because, it’s against the law.

Is Apartment Locating Masterclass A Scam?

Definitely not! How do I know? I took this course.

So, in other words. I’m a real student that took the course.

Either way, I get it. Who would’ve thought that you could get paid by helping clients find an apartment. That definitely went over my head too but, I can say I’m glad that I invested into it.

Where Can Apartment Locating Be Done?

Before you think about locating in ANY state or city, please, please do check with your state laws. Every state has their own laws. In Texas, you definitely need to be licensed or there are grounds for consequences.

It’s available in most major cities. But it’s said that if there are tons of renters and landlords in your area then apartment locating may be possible but again check with your state laws to be on the safe side.

So, Is This Course For You?

Well, that depends!

There’s so many variables to this question that I can’t possibly answer them all.

  • It could be for you if you are a struggling Realtor.
  • It could also be for you if the broker that you’re with does not teach apartment locating AND you would like to learn apartment locating.
  • On the other hand it could be for you if you’re looking for a new career path.

The bottom line here is the course isn’t for everyone. It’s just people who are interested in really helping people save money, and time by locating the apartment for them. I also believe this course is not for all beginners, especially if you are on a tight budget.

Apartment Locating Masterclass does teach you free and paid methods of getting traffic. However, one of the free methods which is posting on Craigslist, well it’s not guaranteed that the method will work for you.

Another free method was posting on Facebook Marketplace, well that method can work but, those leads are also cold and tend to not trust you unless, you have some kind of Prescence online.

Meet The Course Creator

The course creator is none other than Pierre Megie.

So, whose Pierre? Well, he’s no newb. He started real estate and I quote, “As the worst Realtor”.

If you know nothing about becoming a Realtor, selling homes can be exhausting, expensive, and or intimidating for a newly licensed Real Estate Agent. Especially when he or she doesn’t have the proper guidance.

This proved to be no different with Mr. Megie.

Becoming a Realtor wasn’t his first career, he worked at Bank of America and the story goes on.

But I don’t want to spoil the rest of his story. Instead I’ll let Pierre himself tell you all about it in his Free 1 hour Webinar.

Either way, after going down this struggling spiral, he became an apartment locator, which he’s very successful at. In fact, his first commission from locating an apartment was $3950 in one single day.

And today, he’s a Texas broker- teaching his agents how to do the same thing, apartment locating.

Recession Proof ALM

What Do You Get In The Course?

Well, I don’t want to spell all the beans. But, when I say no stone was unturned. I really mean that. He reveals several of his secrets. NOPE this is not a catch! He really does reveal secrets.

In the course, not only does he show you the exact steps that you need to take to get licensed in Texas.

By the way, the steps to getting licensed is not one of his secrets. This information is easy to find out. All you have to do is go to your state commission website.

Nevertheless, he reveals other secrets. Such as:

  • He shares how he’s able to close more clients working 100% remotely?
  • How to get clients the FREE way and the paid way?
  • And how those same rental clients become home buyers?
  • There’s about 10 recorded Q&A videos where students and others were asking him different questions.
  • There’s 6 Modules (all videos), with over 25 hours worth of training material.

It’s so much in the course that I can’t possibly list them all here. Besides, I don’t have his permission to do that. So, I’ll leave that up to him if you decide to check out his course.

How Much Does Apt Locating Masterclass Cost?

Currently, the price of this course is about $1400 one time payment (give or take.)

Or you can take advantage of making two payments.

Last I’ve heard, due to all the value and transparency that he provides within his course he’s thinking about increasing the price. So, the price is subject to change.

Is Apartment Locating Masterclass Worth It?

Yes, there were some valuable information within the course that I think any marketer could use but, on the other hand, I would not invest my last dollars on the course, because, as I mentioned earlier that there are free traffic methods that are taught within the course, and paid.

Although, Pierre does teach paid marketing, it still cost money. So, must people have to start off with the free traffic method. And in my opinion the free traffic method, can take a while to generate any traction. So, if you decide that you want to get leads the free way, then I recommend a course that teaches exactly that.

However, in my opinion, it was worth every penny for me because as a new agent, I did learn a lot throughout the course.

It’s because of this course that I’m a licensed agent today. I never ever thought about going to real estate school. And I would have never imagined passing my real estate course on my first try.

Let me be very transparent here, Pierre doesn’t teach you how to pass you real estate course. He only shares how to get the license and some schools that you can look into.

I personally went and took my full real state course at Aceable Agent. After that I took my practice exam at Colibri, which used to be Real Estate Express. (Two different schools by choice)

The point is I’ve spent a ton of money on a lot of courses. And many of them teach you absolutely nothing. It wasn’t that way with this course

What I Liked About It?


The course owner is not only helpful but he’s very transparent. If he doesn’t know something, he’ll straight up tell you that he doesn’t know that answer.

You’ll Get Access To A Community

The best part is you’ll get access to a community where there are nothing but, like-minded people, trying to achieve the same goal. Many people in his community have not taken the course, they are there for support.

Free Marketing

He shows you ways to drive traffic and get clients completely free. No door knocking! The only free traffic method that worked for me overnight was Facebook Marketing. I was able to get leads within 2 hours of posting an ad but, again, these leads are cold so it takes a lot of convincing.

FB and Google Ads Training

He teaches you how to market on both Facebook and Google.

Can Be Done Remotely

This opportunity can be done completely remote. In fact, Pierre teaches you how to do this within the course. By the way, most locators do not teach this method.

What I Don’t Like About It

Well there wasn’t much to not like about it but, if I could narrow it down. Here are two things that I wish were different.


The price was pretty hefty, and not too mention, it’s supposed to increase way higher soon.

Facebook Community

I don’t like the fact that the course community is on Facebook, but, hey many course creators have their community on Facebook as well. So, it’s not exactly a deal breaker.

Alternatives To Apartment Locating

Hey, I get it! This course is a big investment, so recently I did find a course that will help you get started within the Apartment Locating field. And even though it’s not as costly as ALM class, the course creator still teaches you important things that you need to know.

Either way, I understand, Apartment locating may not be for everyone. Luckily, for you there is an alternative. But, it requires you to write. If you think you can handle that then check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate. They teach you how to build websites and make money from them. Results vary for everyone.

Final Thoughts About ALM

If you read through this entire post, thank you for sticking around. The bottom line here is, inflation is going up. I’m only trying to introduce new ways for you to make money from home.

And this way is definitely a new way. I understand you many not want to invest in the course, but, heck you could at least check out this guys free webinar. He even delivers value within that one hour.

Do you have any interest in real estate? Would you consider apartment locating? Tell me what you think about this topic, apartment locating. I can’t wait to read your comments. Till next time. As always I wish you success and all the best. Stay Safe!

14 thoughts on “Apartment Locating Masterclass (1 Recission Proof )”

  1. I have thought of starting a career in real estate but I am not sure if this will work for me. I checked out some courses, and many of them cost even higher than Apartment Locating Masterclass by Pierre Megie. 

    Since Megie is a successful apartment locator, has experience in the banking sector, and is now a Texas broker, I think it’s safe to say that he has truly built a good reputation. $1400 is a lot of money but as you said, it could be a good investment. 

    By the way, I’m not sure if I missed it but is there a money-back guarantee for the Apartment Locating Masterclass? If not, am I required to pay in full before having access to the modules?

    • Hello Alice,

      You’re correct Real Estate is not for everyone. So, I would not recommend this to anyone not interested in real estate which I need to add within my article. 

      Either way, those were Great questions! There’s a money back guarantee with stipulations. And in short no, there is no access to any modules without payment. The only option one would have is to take advantage of his more affordable low ticket offer. All I explain why he doesn’t give access to the modules. 

      As you know many course creators have to put time, effort and money into creating their courses.  Even if the course cost $7.00, it still took that individual time and effort to create the course. 

      So, with Pierres course, he does offer a full 14 day money back guarantee if less than 40% of the course was not viewed. He also requires you to be a licensed real estate agent in order to get a refund, where the student would have to provide their agent license number and broker name. This is something I need to add to the article so thank you for bringing this wonderful question up.  

      In addition to that you must provide proof that you actually did the work in the course and it didn’t work for you. On the other hand, refunds are not given if you are just briefly checking out the course and not putting no honest effort into the course. 

      In the end, this is why a 1 hour webinar is provided so that the interested party can pre-determine if they would like to move forward or not. But that was definitely a great question. 

  2. I love how you emphasized the need to check the laws of your land first. It is an essential aspect of apartment location. Finding a course for such a field can be very difficult, coupled with the many courses of low value in the market. I must say thank you for coming up with Pierre’s course and also pointing to his story

    • Agreed! Finding a course on this topic is very rare. In fact, I myself only came across one other course that teaches apartment locating. It cost about the same price when I first came across it but, now it has increased. 

      Either way, most Brokers don’t teach this type of opportunity so the few agents that are interested in participating in something like this would benefit from it. Thank you so much for your kind comment. Have a GREAT day! 

  3. Wow I learned something new today. I had never heard of an apartment locator until I read your article and this is an ideal way for people who are interested in becoming estate agents to get their feet wet first. The price doesn’t seem so hefty as you are investing in yourself and if you go down this avenue you will make your money back. It could even end up being a career. 

    • You are so correct, Michel! NAR has reported something along the lines, that 75% Realtors fail in their first year, and about 87% fail within 5 years. So, this is definitely a way for those new agents to gain experience, and learn what they are doing before going full fledge into home selling. With that being said, most people were renters, before they were home owners. So, I agree 100% with you, this could end up being a career. 

  4. Very comprehensive content, especially the content list on the top, it gives readers exactly the ideas what this article is about. I’m not a realtor myself, otherwise, I would have happily sign up the course. As this allows you to be your own boss, and working from home! Thanks for the great info!  

  5. Hi, thank you for your informative post. 

    I have not looked into real estate training firsthand, so was really interested to read about apartment locating masterclass that you have gone through yourself. 

    What is the difference, if any, between apartment locating and other areas of real estate, such as home locating or business locating. I’m curious to know the differences in strategies and training. Are there several other masterclass experiences that you would recommend or is this your number one?

    Thank you for sharing

    • Hi Dale,

      Great questions! To answer your first question, OMG yes there is a difference. Since I’m in Texas I will go by what laws Texas follows. Bare with me because, this might get a bit confusing especially, since you’ve never really looked into the real estate training, and that’s okay. So, I’ll try to explain it in the best way possible.

      Both commercial agents (business), listing agents (agents who help home owners sell their pre-owned homes) buyer agent( agents who help buyers purchase a home) and apartment locators (an agent with a license that focuses on helping people who want to rent an apartment find an apartment.) 

      All the above agents have to be sponsored by a Broker which there is a monthly/yearly fee to do this. Each individual broker has their own tools or training that they provide, (if applicable). Some brokers do not provide training or tools because, technically it isn’t required due to most agents being individual contractors. 

      So, in addition to the agents broker fees. There are other fees that the agent has to pay depending on what niche they are participating in. 

      Let’s start with an apartment locator. If an apartment locator goes with a brokerage that solely focuses on apartment locating, the only fees that the agent has to pay is broker fees and commission splits. 

      Usually if the brokerage focuses solely on apartment locating they provide training to their agents at no additional cost. The training is usually included within their monthly brokerage fee but, again, they can also charge an additional fee for training, if they’d like because, Brokers aren’t required to train their agents. Broker fees can be $99/month or $997 per month. 

      Moving forward, if the broker does not provide training, and the agent wants to do apartment locating, that is when they would need a course like Pierres. As of today, I’ve only come across one other person that does the apartment locating training, and he charges about the same amount. I can’t really say how that course was because, I have not taken his course. 

      Are you still with me? Great because, an apartment locator also does not have as many additional fees as a Realtor. Realtors have to register with a National Association of Realtors, which can cost them $185 per year. They also don’t have to register with their local real estate board which is an additional $450-$800 per year depending on where you are. 

      Hence, this is why they get to call themselves Realtors. If those fees are not paid you will be called a real estate agent, like myself. I have not paid those fees yet so I can not call myself a Realtor, because, its the law. 

      So, in Houston its about $469/year for local state board. Apartment Locators, also don’t have to join MLS which is an additional $400/year. All these fees do not include advertising your clients homes, advertising your services, attracting leads, purchasing for sale home signs, open house showings, gas, desk fees if any, websites, business cards and the list can go on and on and on depending how fancy the agent wants to get with their branding. 

      So, in the end an Apartment locator does not pay as many fees as other agents to get started and run their business. Also an apartment locator is not selling anything, they are just helping renters find an apartment which they can get paid from. A person is either going to rent the apartment or not. 

      Apartment locators also do not handle any paperwork, or anything like that. The leasing agent at the apartment complex does all that for you and the client. The only thing an apartment locator is doing is driving traffic and pre-qualifying the leads and finding the apartment that fits their needs. 

      As we all know the driving traffic is the challenging part but, good thing here is I can apply what I learned at a company called Wealthy Affiliate to drive more traffic on top of my new methods. I would like to add communication can be challenging if the agent is not familiar with communicating to the potential client.

      Either way, Apartment locators job isn’t easy but much simpler. They only find people to rent an apartment, they can tour the apartment with the potential renter or they can choose to send the client by themselves (meaning you continue working from home and find more leads) because is many cases the leasing agent will tour with them. 

      The best part is the start off cost for apartment locating minus the advertising, websites, business cards, and so on are $99-$399 (Brokerage fees are the only fees a apartment located is required to do. Everything else such paying for NAR, local real estate board, and MLS is optional)

      Oh yeah apartment locators get paid within 2 weeks – 90 days if the apartment complex is doing their job correctly. Apartment locators can rent out an apartment way faster than selling a home as long as they can drive traffic and speak to the customer.  

      On the other hand an agent who sells homes or buyers agent who helps buyers buy homes, will have the above fees. Even if we went with the basic start off cost to run the business as a listing agent. The person could be in the hole roughly $3500 (MLS fees, NAR fees, local board fees and brokerage fees because these are not options. They are a requirement) 

      In addition to juggling these fees, they must sell homes to get paid. That in itself can take some convincing because there are so many variables in an individual purchasing a home. They also have to be in person to show each individual homes, ( this is more money because that is wear and tear on your car, and gas to get to the listing) host open houses and the list can go on and on. 

      They also have to do paperwork and make sure their I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed. Then wait for the buyer to become fully approved. In the end there’s  more work and risk when it comes to being a struggling seller or buyer agent. Seller and Buyers agents get paid within 45 days to 6 months depending on when the loan closes and is funded. 

      It’s so bad that they say most selling/buying agents quit before their renewal time which is 2 years. It can also take some new agents a year before they sell their first home. 

      Don’t get me wrong many Realtors succeed in their job because, they are doing it well. This may not be a route for those people who are all ready doing well in Real Estate but, for those who aren’t yes. This is definitely a way to increase their bottom line. 

       Apartment locating is really good for those who don’t have much money upfront when their first starting off and would like to basically get their feet wet or even revive their current real estate business.

      And lastly, I’m not sure how the commercial works. I just know its a whole different ball game. But, I’m sure that gets interesting as well. 

      Either way, thanks for the awesome questions. Have a wonderful day ahead!

  6. Hey Eric! Nice and engaging writeup you put up. And the whole idea of apartment locating is nice. I totally agree with you that diversifying our income sources is absolutely necessary for our time. I am definitely checking out the course. But unfortunately, I am not in the US. But I hope to find a way to tailor the idea to my country of residence. And yes, I totally understand that I will need to ensure that I check with the laws here in UAE.

    • Great point you’ve made here. It’s my fault I failed to mention this is pertaining to the United States of America (USA). I didn’t even consider other countries but, yes I would definitely look into the UAE laws and see if this is an option. People are making this a full-time career. It’s about the same concept of selling homes but, instead you would be helping renters look for a apartment. 

      More specifically you would be helping them find good deals that they usually would not be able to find on their own. Many apartments do not advertise their specials and sometimes if you build a relationship with the property manager you can offer your clients deals that are not available to everyone. 

      Even if specials aren’t available in your area, not all customers can drive here, there an everywhere to look for a home. Also not all customers have time to constantly call the apartment complexes which sometimes don’t answer the phone. So, you would be the one to handle all of that for them if you’d like. It’s not required but, a thought. 

      Thank you for stopping by. Have a great day ahead!

  7. Hi, thanks for sharing this information. I think people who are good at communicating can be more successful in this career. Working from home is so good and it can avoid wasting time in traffic. and about the part that you talked about transparency, I think it’s a skill for a teacher. I like being surrounded by people who have the same goal as mine, too.

    • Agreed! The person definitely has to be able to communicate not perfectly but, enough to get their point across because, apartment locating is a volume based business. So, talking with people will be a skill that the person needs. And yes, not having to leave the home is definitely a plus. This alone can save tons of money and time which most of us can appreciate. Thank you for your input, it was definitely great to see your comment. Have a wonderful day ahead!


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