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Hey there Rock Star,

How are ya?

​I’m La’Kisha, a.k.a “Kisha,” the owner of this website.

​I’m also a wife, mother of many, and person who loves to learn and help others.

​Anyhow, you’re probably wondering what led me to blogging. Well, it’s a long story and I know most people are up for stories​.

So, here we go.

​I haven’t worked in over 9 years but, when I did have my last job. I went to work, and received a call from a manager telling me that they didn’t ​need me to return.

I asked “Why?” and her response was, “I’m sorry La’kisha I don’t know because, you were a great worker.”

​Talk about being shocked.

I was totally floored and ever since then I refused to work for someone else again.

​Then I Became A Stay At Home Mom

​After ​becom​ing a stay home ​mom. I took on other task.

I earned my degree online.

  • ​Associates in Computer Science ​
  • Bachelors in Software Engineering

After that I home-schooled my children for two years.

Once my children returned to school, I had nothing else to do but, look for different ways to ​save money. It’s was almost an obsession.

​As I was learning ​the different ways to save money, I ​came across different ways to earn money online.

​What Did I Discover?

I discovered ​during my online journey as a beginner.

  • It was horrible.
  • There were so many lies​.
  •  Hidden fees​.
  • Most products, leave you dazed and confused.
  • Plus, there was barely any support.
  • ​Making money online takes time.

​The Beginning Of My Online Journey

​First I joined Motor Club of America, thinking it was a job. I mean the guy who wrote up the job ad, even interviewed me and asked for a resume.

Needless, to say it wasn’t a job. ​

So, after struggling for a few months and investing a few hundred dollars here and there trying to make ​MCA work.

I jumped ship.

Then, I joined, MOBE!

​MOBE was breathtaking indeed.

Although, the FTC shut them down​. It​’s because, of MOBE that I learned internet marketing ​was very lucrative.

While at MOBE I received one-on-one 7-figure coachin. So, the coaching itself, ha​s taught me a lot.

​Needless to say, I lost about $3000 to MOBE.

Either way, I’m glad they were shut down because, I can remember all the times, that they were pressuring me ​to pay​ $60,000.00 for their last level of ​​positioning.

By the way, it was an MLM.

​​Therefore, ​I don’t recommend MLM or pyramid scheme companies. Especially, if the investment is too high.

So, I as you can tell I had no choice but to keep moving along. ​

Then I joined Four Percent.

Four Percent which is an okay place to be​. However, there were some things, that didn’t​ sit well with me.

Don’t get me wrong Vick puts out a ton of value, that could actually help you but, sometimes, he is just all over the place, so for a beginner, it was tough to understand how this make money online thing worked.

Besides, the Four Percent group was costing me about $200.00 + dollars per month. Plus, there was always something new that Vick wanted us to invest in.

​So, I jumped ship.

​Suddenly there were many members leaving the Four Percent group. So, one o​f the members invited me to Super Affiliate Network, they said it was better. They said it would help me out more​ etc…etc..etc..

So, I then​ Joined Super Affiliate Network

After, I joined SAN, I immediately recognized the training method was was the same structure that MOBE had. ​So, I immediately backed out of that program and jumped shipped. again.

I got tired of ​shelling out money​. Even more​, frustrated that this makng money online thing might now work.

​I knew This Worked But How?

. ​

Anyhow, I never gave up and highly encourage you not to either.

Regardless, ​I knew making money online worked but, how and why wasn’t it working for me?

I went back to searching all day and all nigh​t. Until, I came across a community that I had never heard of before.

​Here’s the kicker, there weren’t any negative reviews about this community.​

So, of course I was skeptical and I definitely didn’t want to lose too much more money.

​To make a long story short, I took my chances and I am so glad that I​ did.

Today, this community is my #1 recommendation.

More importanly, I truly believe in their training, support, and community. ​

​By the way, here’s my profile if you want to learn more about me.

I have been a proud member since 2017.

Without them none of this would be possible.

How do I know they work? Because, as you read above I have plenty of experience with many different programs.

True I spent a lot of money but, I also never made a dime.

When I joined this community, I followed their step by step training, took massive action, and worked hard.​ And on my 40 ish day as a member, I made my ​first commissions.

It was almost a weeks pay in one day. ​

​That is when I immediately became a believer.

Making money online, it works…​

​Life Happens

​Right after earning my first commissions. I had to stop​ for about 9 months​.

However, I never canceled my membership​.

Anyhow, I lost all my traffic to my website, all my earning, everything was gone.

​During my break, I realized that this community offered me so many tools, resources, and support, that I had to make it work.

So, I returned and put the work in again.

I immediately earned small commissions within my first 30 days.

​Therefore, this community proved to me once again that it truly worked.

​So, Why Do I Want To Help You?

I built this site because, I want to help others avoid what I had to go through.

​Instead of you having to figure out if a program is for you. I go and research ​home based business programs for you.

​I like to share what you get or can expect, and more importantly I expose the end cost. Why? Because, in my opinion, it’s only fair.

​I do, purchase many of these programs myself, and test them out.

In some cases, it’s just not safe for me to enter my credit card into a program that could possibly be a scam. So, I do in depth research to find the information for you.

​Either way, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision.

​What Do I Recommend?

Well, for one, I don’t recommend you giving up!

You also shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket.

In fact, if you’re tired of losing money to programs​.

​I would recommend that you start your own website.

I also recommend you that you get the proper training and learn how to make money online​. In this case, I would recommend the same affiliate marketing training, that has taught me to make my first dollar online.

Why? Because, it works!

​Comments Or Questions?

Well, thank you for stopping by learning all about me. If you ever have any questions please do let me know. Feel free to leave a comment below.

To your continued success. I wish you the ​best in all you do and more importantly all of the success.

6 thoughts on “About La’Kisha”

  1. OMG! This is a fabulous site. I learn SaleHoo from you. Your site is beautiful. How long r u in Affiliate so far? You have many posts I am going to walk thro’ them all asap. R u in SaleHoo and others as a member? Do you think I have to join salehoo to help My WA. Thanks 4 ur comments at my post.

    Be in touch!


    • Hi Ngain, I have been an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate for almost three months now. I work hard producing an article. I try and write one every 2 to 3 days, sometimes, it is not always possible but, I do try my best keeping all my readers up to date.

      SaleHoo, I am an affiliate of SaleHoo but, I do not participate in drop shipping. I actually prefer affiliate marketing. For me it is a lot easier because, I do not have to handle any products, money, or sales. No, you don’t have to join SaleHoo, that is really your choice. I had to join SaleHoo, to dive into the review for my readers. And, you are absolutely welcome. I hope I answered all your questions, have a nice day!

  2. Hi Kisha,

    Nice meeting u at the community. I just joined WA not even a month now. I was very poor in English because I was a Science Graduate but I don’t know how powerful is my passion here that it polishes my writing skills like this. Your site is overall very beautiful and perfectly build. I am going to follow your footstep, O.K.?

    • Hi, Shngain, thank you for stopping by! I really appreciate your kind words. Writing does that to you and brings out your inner passions, so awesome job in finding your passion in writing. It is a great business to be in. And, of course you can follow my footsteps. I am very happy that you enjoy my site. It really means a lot to me. Shngain, have an awesome day!

    • Thank you, Roy for all of your kind words.

      I built this site from scratch. Of course, with no coding involved but, when I first started off, I had no idea how to build sites.

      So, it did take a lot of learning and hard work to get it to look like this, you certainly wouldn’t have recognized it in its beginning staged. It wasn’t the most appealing thing to the eye.

      Anyhow, I guess we all have to start and learn somewhere. Thanks, for stopping by…I wish you a wonderful day…all the best and much success….


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