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Hi, there La’Kisha, here…How are ya? And nice to meet you!

A Little About Me…

I am a proud wife of a disabled veteran and a stay at home mother of many. I am also the Founder of Online Money No Scams site. I started my online adventure in the early part of 2017. real-affiliate

When I first started out online, I had no idea that affiliate programs or products existed, let alone making a full-time income from them was possible. I started Online Money No Scams to help aspiring entrepreneurs understand that making a full-time income from home online is possible.

All you need to is determination and a hard working drive.

The Beginning Of My Online Adventure…

After graduating from college with a couple of degrees, one in Computer Programming and the other in Software Engineering. I could never find a job that would hire me without having prior experience.

Well, of course, a newly graduated college student does not have any experience right out the door. Needless, to say I did not find the career of my dreams.

I would find myself constantly looking for ways to make an extra income because as stated earlier, I was a stay at home mother of many and married to a disabled veteran who is medically retired. So, income was limited and there were no yearly raises.

Fast forward….One day I woke up and said this is enough, something has got to work. I went online and googled how to make money from home and found many opportunities.

To make a long story short, I joined my first online opportunity and was completely lost and confused not knowing what to do because, I did not completely understand affiliate marketing.

I didn’t even realize that I had got involved with affiliate marketing. I had no clue on what affiliate marketing was but, it kept me interested in learning more. So, I stuck it out and  I am glad I did because internet marketing can be a lucrative business.

Why Did I Keep Going?

I saw others succeeding so I knew it could work for me. I paid for many different affiliate products and ended up with little to no information to help me succeed and I have lost thousands of dollars in doing so, but I kept going.

Something kept telling me to keep going, because, let’s face it no business owner opens up shop and instantly becomes a Millionaire. Everyone has or had to start from somewhere. Ya know the saying, you have to crawl before you walk. Well, the same thing with business.

After a few months of struggling, I almost gave up and actually I just completely stopped working on my business, period. Then one day, I got back up and rolled up my sleeves and said there has to be a way.

That is when I came to the knowledge of my #1 recommendation, which was completely free to join. After losing out on so much money, I felt some relief so, Free is why I joined!.

My #1 recommendation has taught me well and this is why Online Money No Scams is even possible. This could not be possible without the training I received from them.

Why Do I Want To Help You?

Well, I want to help you because, let’s face it, one of the main issues that most people have is not having enough income to live the life of their dreams. The average person is taught to go to school for 12 years of their life, then off to college and in most cases, end up with a student loan debt that you now must make payments on.

By the time you retire, if you are even able to see retirement, you never can enjoy life as you would like to. I know, I was there until I came into the reality of affiliate programs.

So, I share opportunities for Online Money No Scams to help you and many others control your own time, freedom, and live on your own terms. Start living the life of your dreams!

I am an honest person so, I must tell you that the affiliate products that I share are not a “get rich scheme”, they do require you to work hard, dedicate your time, and build a strong foundation for your business to succeed.

The Mission Of Online Money No Scams

Online Money No Scamsgoal is to help you and many others realize that there is a possibility of making a fulltime income right from your laptop no matter where you are and who you are.

Like the name clearly states, Online Money No Scams, shares Online Money No Scams, meaning I am up front and honest with my opinions, investigations or experiences with the product.  There a lot of scams out there so, I help you avoid the heartache and pain of losing money on a so-called product that is not real or a waste of money and time.

Online Money No Scams keeps it real. All programs have been verified.

This site is for aspiring or struggling entrepreneurs, successful entrepreneurs, bloggers, people who would like to fire their boss, become their own boss, and start your own home-based business.

Questions Or Concerns?

Feel free to visit this site at any time because I am always updating the site content. Live the laptop lifestyle with me, connect with me, or ask me for help. You can also offer your own insights.

Until We Meet Again…

Thank you, for stopping by and reading about La’Kisha and Online Money No Scams. I hope to see you around the web. To your success and see you at the top. Have an Awesome day!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out. 😃


I wish you all the best and Stay Awesome! 😃


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4 thoughts on “About La’Kisha…”
  1. OMG! This is a fabulous site. I learn SaleHoo from you. Your site is beautiful. How long r u in Affiliate so far? You have many posts I am going to walk thro’ them all asap. R u in SaleHoo and others as a member? Do you think I have to join salehoo to help My WA. Thanks 4 ur comments at my post.

    Be in touch!


    1. Hi Ngain, I have been an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate for almost three months now. I work hard producing an article. I try and write one every 2 to 3 days, sometimes, it is not always possible but, I do try my best keeping all my readers up to date.

      SaleHoo, I am an affiliate of SaleHoo but, I do not participate in drop shipping. I actually prefer affiliate marketing. For me it is a lot easier because, I do not have to handle any products, money, or sales. No, you don’t have to join SaleHoo, that is really your choice. I had to join SaleHoo, to dive into the review for my readers. And, you are absolutely welcome. I hope I answered all your questions, have a nice day!

  2. Hi Kisha,

    Nice meeting u at the community. I just joined WA not even a month now. I was very poor in English because I was a Science Graduate but I don’t know how powerful is my passion here that it polishes my writing skills like this. Your site is overall very beautiful and perfectly build. I am going to follow your footstep, O.K.?

    1. Hi, Shngain, thank you for stopping by! I really appreciate your kind words. Writing does that to you and brings out your inner passions, so awesome job in finding your passion in writing. It is a great business to be in. And, of course you can follow my footsteps. I am very happy that you enjoy my site. It really means a lot to me. Shngain, have an awesome day!

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