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Price: Free

Owners: Daren Cotter

Category: Survey

Best For: People who like to take surveys and or would like to make extra money.

The Overview

Have you ever wanted to be able to make money by reading emails, taking surveys, and watching little videos? Well, just like InboxDollars, SendEarning has everything in one place, and you’re able to earn real cash. However, the question is, can you make a living out of this, and is it legit?

In this review, you will find out, if SendEarning is a worth your time, or a waste of time. More importantly, you’ll leave here knowing if the program is legit or not.

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In short, SendEarning is a platform that is owned and operated by, so, they are not a scam. They are a legit company that has been around for a decade.

If you ever signed up to InboxDollars, you’ll notice that SendEarnings website, emails, and offers looks almost identical to InboxDollars, and that is why. It’s because they are operated and owned by the same person.

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Now, That I got that out of the way, let’s get into the review…

How Can You Make Money From SendEarning?

There are several ways you can earn money from SendEarnings.

Paid Emails – Once you sign up to SendEarnings, you’ll have an option to get paid for every email, that you open up. Yes, you heard that right! All you have to do is click the confirmation link within your email. Open it up, and you’ll get paid.

I’ve noticed that with my account, I’m paid a penny for every email, that I open up, but, hey that’s more than what I would have gotten, without doing that simple task.

Complete Offers– There different offers you can sign up to and get paid for doing so. There are free offers that will pay you anywhere from $0.50 to $3.00 per suggestion. Then you have offers that require you to sign up and use a credit card, and those offers can pay you anywhere from $3.00 to $15.00 per offer. These offers would work out, primarily if it were a service that you planned to sign up with

To me, it works almost like the account I use called The only difference is instead of completing surveys and taking advantage of offers. I am buying things, that I need and receive a cash back bonus.

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Complete Surveys and Get Paid – You can complete surveys and get paid, by completing surveys in the peanut’s lab, which are surveys that are available daily. Alternatively, you can complete surveys from pre-qualified higher paying surveys section. From my experience, the surveys pay different amounts, and they expire at a particular time frame.

Play Games – you can get paid by signing up to pre-selected games, and [playing them.

Get Paid By Easy Cash – there are opportunities to make what they call easy cash. There is no credit card needed. All you have to do is complete any offers that they have available at that time.

Use SendEarning Search Engine – Just like InboxDollars, SendEarnings has it’s own search engine, and you can get paid to use it. From what I can tell, I was paid a penny for each qualified search. That’s more than what Google pays you.

Refer your friends or family – You can get paid to refer others. You’ll earn 10% of all qualified earnings.

Get paid to redeem coupons – If you love to clip, download, or use coupons, SendEarning is paying $0.10 for every coupon that you redeem. I love saving money, so I found this to be a great feature.

Groupon – If you’re a Groupon user, or want to become a Groupon user. Not only SendEarnings but, InboxDollars members have access to great deals, right from your accounts. In other words, not only would be saving with Groupon, you could earn money on top of your savings, you start to do your transactions from either account.

The Good And Valuable

  • It’s free to sign up
  • You will receive a couple of emails a day so that you can earn each day.
  • You can refer others to the platform and earn money.
  • Some tasks are simple.
  • You can get paid to open an email.
  • You can also get paid to perform a qualified search on their search engine.

The Good And The Bad

The Bad And Ugly

  • You can’t get access to the money you earn until you reach the $30.00 threshold.
  • Some task can be time-consuming.
  • You won’t make a full-time income with this.
  • To make money some offers require a credit card.

Who is For?

SendEarnings, if for anyone looking for quick ways to make a buck. This method is not for a person who is looking for a stable income, SendEarnings, will not change your life financially. Tools & Training

There are no tools or training that you need to use this platform. It reasonably self-explanatory, you sign up and start earning money. Support

There are FAQ’s sections, and there is a support center. So whenever you have questions, please do utilize their FAQ’s or support center for help. Price

As stated earlier, just like most survey sites, that has been reviewed on this website, SendEarnings, is free to join. You will never have to pay membership.


My Final Opinion of

In my opinion, SendEarnings can be a fun way to earn cash but, it’s not a way to change anyone’s life financially. To make serious money with SendEarnings, you’ll have to refer others, to the company.

I, don’t mind taking a survey here and there becuase, I like to see how things work, so, If you have the time to spare go for it. In no way, am I putting SendEarnings, down, because, they are a legit company.

Regardless, if you’re able to refer others to the company, then you may be able to make a decent amount. Keep in mind once, you reach $600 and above, just like any other legit company, SendEarnings, will report your earnings to the IRS, which means this is no free money.

You will be paying taxes on anything earned over $600.00. If you want to make a more substantial income online, I would suggest you check out affiliate marketing. It’s not a get rich quick scheme, but, it is a way, that can help you out financially, so, that you don’t have to look for these small earning sites. At A Glance…



Price: Free

Owners: Daren Cotter


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