What Is Virtual Bee? (The Smart Crowd) Working In The Clouds

I received this long list of work at home opportunities. When I got an application response from Lionbridge. Virtual Bee happens to be one of the names on the list. This had me wondering what the heck is Virtual Bee?

After doing some deep diving and digging. This is what I discovered. Apparently, if you were to type in Virtual Bee, Smart Crowdsource pops up instead. It appears that Virtual Bee is part of Smart Crowdsource. Smart Crowdsource is a division of Lionbridge Technologies, Inc.

Virtual Bee Use To Be Key For Cash

Before, I go into this review about Keys For Cash, re-branding themselves as Virtual Bee. I do want to inform you, that working in the data entry field from home. Does not pay much and task may not always be available. Now let’s get into the review and see what we learn about Virtual Bee, also formerly known as Key For Cash.

Virtual Bee Formerly Known As Key For Cash

Virtual Bee which was also known as Key For Cash. Somewhere along the way, Key For Cash re-branded themselves as Virtual Bee.

However, as of today, it is no longer, even called Virtual Bee. The re-branded name of Virtual Bee is The Smart Crowd. Either way, it is a legit way to perform data entry from home.

Unfortunately, it also is one of the few companies that offer legit data entry work from home jobs. The hardcore truth is. There are not too many data entry jobs available online.

Virtual Bee/The Smart Crowd Is Global

The best part about this opportunity is, it is offered globally. For any international work from home job seekers. You can jump right over there to Smart Crowdsource and apply as well.

Of course, for every position, there are certain requirements that you must meet. Once you sign up, to the platform and select a job opportunity. The requirements will be displayed for you.


Signing up to the platform is super simple by the way. All you’ll need to do is fill out their short introduction form. After filling out the introduction form. You will receive an email. The email should be a confirmation email. Click the link to validate your confirmation. Lastly, you’ll be able to tell The Smart Crowd a little bit about yourself and skills.

What Are The Minimum Requirements?

The minimum requirements that I have found are. You must be 18 years of age. You’ll need access to a computer and high-speed internet.

Virtual Bee/The Smart Crowd Work Schedule

At Virtual Bee/The Smart Crowd you will be working for yourself, as an independent contractor. If you have been online for a while. You already know that being an independent contractor works their own set hours. You’ll log in and log out when you please.

The Smart Crowd is a group of people that enjoy working in the Cloud. Meaning, they work when they please. Day or Night, Weekend or Holiday, at home or while you travel. It does not matter.

With that being said, a data entry position is usually not a work at home full-time job. Work is not always available, in most cases. It is more like an easy way to make extra money.

Joining Virtual Bee/The Smart Crowd

It is important to know that after being accepted to The Smart Crowd team. You will have to remain in the same country of residence. In other words, you can’t move to a different country during your participation and expect to still be part of The Smart Crowd.

You’ll also need to take an evaluation. The placement evaluation determines your talent. After The Smart Crowd determines your talent. They will consider work for you, accordingly. Score as high as you can on your evaluation. This will increase your chances of task and work.

What Will You Be Paid?

According to The Smart Crowd website, they offer competitive rates, in some instances. The rates are set to each individual country. They pay directly to your bank account. Further, details will be provided to you during your recruitment process.

I did do further digging to find the pay rate. The pay is not visibly disclosed but, from my research, I found that you may be paid per 1000 keystrokes. It appears as if you would be paid $0.20 cents to $0.80 cents per keystroke.

Are There Any Fees To Become A Member?

No, there are no fees for you to sign up as a member.

Is Virtual Bee Legit?

I have actually applied at Lionbridge myself, which is a division of The Smart Crowd. So, yes Virtual Bee is actually legit. If you decide to join please keep in mind, it won’t be a big income. The hours are usually not full-time hours.

Data Entry is an easy way to make extra money. Of course, you can always add on other adventures to cover the hours that you miss out on. As, long as it does not have a conflict with Virtual Bee.

If you would like to make more than just an extra income. Potentially, firing all your bosses. Be sure to check out my #1 recommendation. It’s how I work from home “Being the Boss.”

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Well, that is all from me about the Virtual Bee. Now known as The Smart Crowd. Now, it is your turn. Have you ever worked for the Virtual Bee?

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