What Is Traffic Ivy About? Not The Best Option

Welcome to the Traffic Ivy Review!

Name: Traffic Ivy

Website:  www.trafficivy.com

Price:  $19.97 and Up-sells

Owners:  Cindy Donovan

Best For:  Geared towards newbies

SUMMARY: Traffic Ivy is supposed to be a beginner friendly way to see real laser targeted traffic results without learning how to drive traffic yourself, or risking your money in paid traffic.


Traffic Ivory Overview

In a nutshell, Traffic Ivy is a traffic exchange network, claiming that once you join, you’ll receive high-quality traffic to your opt-in pages, blogs, offers, eCom Stores, Videos, and social media.  

What I mean by this is on the Traffic Ivy platform you’re merely exchanging traffic with other people who have also joined this viral traffic network.

In short, you share their content, and they share yours. According to Traffic Ivy sales page, you’re supposed to get laser targeted traffic to your content, which should be shared by real people.

Regardless, according to Cindy, you could have the chance of top social media marketers sharing your content, with laser targeted traffic and receive top-shelf back-links.

Top shelf-back-links, is when big brands or very well known marketers link to your content from their webpage. Back-links are supposed to help with your website rankings.

Above all, Traffic Ivy website does have a very professional look.



Is Traffic Ivy A Scam?

No, it’s not a scam!  I found that Cindy Donovan has been an online marketer for a little over 12 years. She also has a website called “wildfireconcept.com” which holds every product that she has ever created.

Furthermore, Cindy is a course creator that focuses on helping beginners start and become more equipped when it comes to making money online. If you would like to check her out here is Cindy on courses, they’re featured on the Udemy platform.  

Anyhow, sites like these can’t guarantee that the traffic you’ll receive is a targeted audience. Therefore, this may not work out as you plan.

Traffic Ivy May Not Work

Why would I want to share other people’s links on my profile? The answer is easy; I wouldn’t share other people’s links with my followers because it wouldn’t be good for my followers or me.  

Besides, I usually don’t share products on any of my social accounts. I do share my blog post but, not affiliate links.

For one, it’s spam, and for two, a lot of the products that other members are sharing come from Clickbank.  Most of the Clickbank products that I have used and reviewed, in my opinion, aren’t of good value.

Exactly How Does This Work?

The idea behind Traffic Ivy is that you have to share your content with the community. Once someone else comes across your content, they will share your content for you with their followers. 

Hence, for this to work smoothly, the member that shares your content must have a following, and as a beginner, you may not have an audience, which means the person sharing the content won’t have a following either.

Anyhow, the way you get someone on the platform to share your content is you will have to offer them your points, and vice versa.

If someone wants you to share their content, then they will offer you points so that you can share their content. Once you have shared their content, you will then qualify for more points, which means someone else can now share your content again.

Hence this is where the point system comes in. To also clarify further, it’s a; you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch your back type of deal.     

Anyhow, there are three simple steps that you’ll need to take to get the process going. 
  • Step 1: Connect your social media accounts. You can also connect your websites to this viral traffic network.
  • Step 2: Collect Points for sharing to the community. The idea is to share relevant content.
  • Step 3: Use your points on targeted traffic for your content and or offers. 

After you have shared someone else’s content, then the community can rate your traffic. The better your traffic is, the higher your community traffic rating will go.

The Problems I See With Traffic Ivy

There are a few concerns with Traffic Ivy. 

#1. Your Niche May Not Be In The Community –

Your niche isn’t guaranteed to be in this online community. If your niche isn’t in the community you may not get people sharing or buying your products.

For example, I share product reviews to help beginners make a more informed decision when purchasing make money online products. I also share, which is in my opinion, one of the best affiliate marketing training platforms in the industry.

So, if I were to go and share someone else affiliate links in another niche like home and garden on my social media, what would happen is, most likely nothing. The link that I shared may get clicks but, no one looking for a product review about affiliate marketing would purchase sheds. Make sense?

#2. Not SEO friendly

Plus, the blog post articles that the members want you to share are about 400 words long filled with affiliate links. Furthermore, a short article, won’t add any value to your readers, followers, or audience. Plus, Google doesn’t like your blog articles to be filled with affiliate links.

On top of that, a 400-word article will not get ranked into the search engines, and it could ruin your blogging career. Especially, if you were continually adding the short articles from Traffic Ivy to your blog.

#3. Laser Targeted Traffic-

According to this viral traffic network, the traffic is targeted. Sure, you may get clicks, shares, and traffic but, it may not add any value to your audience, and you most likely won’t see any results.

Why? Without targeted traffic, this will all be for nothing. Targeted traffic will give you results, while non-targeted traffic, will be traffic with no results.

Traffic Ivy

Who is Traffic Ivy For?

According to Traffic Ivy, this product is for Bloggers, eCommerce, YouTube marketer, Affiliate and Internet Marketers, or anyone who wants to make money online.

I am afraid I have to disagree, I wouldn’t recommend this product, because, it’s nothing that I would connect my blog too.

Traffic Ivy Up-sells

  • 2000 Traffic points for @19.97 one-time payment
  • 5000 Traffic points for $47.00 one-time fee
  • 10,000 Traffic Points for $97.00 one time payment

As mentioned in my last article 12-Minute Affiliate, traffic is the lifeline of your business. In other words, you need to have consistent traffic all year long. With that in mind Traffic, Ivy does offer you a few options, and they are as follows.

Gold Upgrade is $27 per month or $197 per year. 

  • 5,000 Points per month
  • Add up to 50 more Asset such as social accounts and blogs
  • 2x Point Boost
  • 1-Hour traffic
  • Premium Skype support via live text chat. 

Platinum Upgrade is $47 per month or $397 per year.

  • 10,000 points per month
  • Add unlimited Assets
  • 2x Point Boost
  • 1-Hour Traffic Access
  • Premium Skype Support via live text chat…

If you’re not sure about the Traffic Ivy network, you’ll get a down-sell offer for a 7-Day free trial.

Drive Laser Targeted With Traffic Ivy

My Final Opinion Of Traffic Ivy

Overall, you should have a better idea on Traffic Ivy. It’s a legit community, and sure you may get clicks, shares, and traffic. The problem is, it may not be targeted traffic, without targeted traffic, you won’t make any sales. 

On the other hand, you may get lucky enough, to get a few good targeted buyers but, there is no guarantee. The reason why this system is geared towards newbies is that a beginner has no idea how making money online really works.

Most of the time, when someone guarantees you quick, easy, and guaranteed results with making money online, it’s best to beware. Usually, they’re lying. There are no quick, easy, and guaranteed results of making money online.

The bottom line is, I can’t recommend this product, as mentioned earlier. In my opinion, this almost seems like a waste of time. Plus, the article sharing that they encourage you to do, would ruin your SEO efforts, which is how I drive targeted traffic to my site.

Anyhow, there other legit ways to drive targeted traffic to your offers. It may take a little work, but, at least you could rest assured your traffic is  targeted. Without targeted traffic, you won’t see any results, even if the whole community shared your promotions within Traffic Ivy.

Here’s an alternative that will teach you to drive laser targeted traffic, it’s the same way I learned to drive traffic to my site. It takes a bit longer. However, all my traffic is completely free.

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