What is the CB Passive Income About?

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CB Passive Income Review

Name: CB Passive Income

Website: www.cbpassiveincome.com

Price: $47/month, $97/ one-time fee, $1trial for 14 days then $97one-time fee

Owners: Patric Chan

Overall Rank: 68 out of 100

CB Passive Income Overview

You probably arrived at this post because you are curious about CB passive income. And, if you are new online or struggling with internet marketing you will want to read this review all the way through. This may be a long post so, stay with me.

CB passive income is a ClickBank product that was created by Patric Chan. Mr. Chan is the author of several books. One that he mentions in his sales video is the best-selling author book called, “WakeUp Millionaire”.

What Does the “CB” Stand For in Passive Income?

I’m glad you asked, the “CB” stands for ClickBank. ClickBank is a private internet retailer. In fact, it is supposed to be one of the most trusted private retailers online. They sell online digital products globally and these products were created by entrepreneurs, in every niche market.

I have purchased products, from ClickBank, myself. And, although there are legit companies and products within the ClickBank marketplace. This does not mean I would recommend all products available within this marketplace.

CB Passive Income 4.0

There are several CB passive income products. Today, we will talk about the most updated and latest, which is called “CB passive income 4.0”. Over the past few years, this product has been continuously updated. So, that is a great thing but, how great? And is it worth your time to get involved with this CB passive income product?

I don’t know you’ll have to be the judge of that. After watching the sales pitch of Mr. Chan. I’ve tried signing up to the free training that CB passive income offered by entering my email address on his landing page. Unfortunately, I still have not received the free training that I was promised. I woke up bright and early the next morning looking for the training, it still never arrived. Of course, I did not overlook checking my inbox and spam folder as I was using Yahoo email. And, nope it still was not there.

Automated Chat-Support

I then, realized that there was a so-called chat support right there on the sales page. Isn’t that awesome! So, what did I do? I started chatting. Come to find out it wasn’t even a real representative, it was an automated response. A robot. As you can only imagine that was frustrating and left me with no help.

I was then given the option by the automated chat response, to ask a question. Only after it sent me many automated responses. So, I took advantage of the opportunity and I asked this automated chat support, “What is the difference between the $47 per month option and the $97 one time fee option?” The chat response kindly informed me to leave my email, and they will get back to me within 24 hours. It has been past 24 hours, and I am still waiting for their response.

This definitely isn’t a good look when you’re trying to promote a product to me and I can’t even get access to my free training through email nor can I get a real response.

Newbies Have No Credibility

So, needless to say, I decided to investigate this product by doing my research and this is what I found. During the sales pitch, one statement that stood out to me is Mr, Chan states that newbies do not have the credibility on the internet. Okay so, this may be true.

Of course, whenever you first start out with any line of work. You’ll never have the credibility up front. It is no different from being the new Realtor, Car Salesman or Woman, Daycare provider, HR Administrator…etc.

Truth is everyone had to start out somewhere. Your credibility will build up over-time. Chan also goes on to say it is hard to command attention from visitors and subscribers when your new online, which may be true as well but, it is not as hard as Mr. Chan makes it seem.

Like I said regardless of what new task you take on, everyone has to start out as a newbie, including Mr. Chan himself was once new.

What is the CB Passive Income About?

Mr. Chan is giving you the opportunity to clone his entire internet business with his done for you email marketing system. Patric claims that you won’t have to set up any emails, learn copywriting, or select any products, which is true but, with this method you won’t get far as a newbie, if you do not know what you are doing. And, I’ll discuss that later in this review.

Mr. Chan also says that he will give, build, and handle all the technicalities for you to his secret web page? This is a red flag to me. What is so secretive about this web page of his. I’ve noticed that when something is tricky about a product, the person presenting the product, always pumps their credibility up. As, if they did not have enough credibility in the first place. They never tell you in detail about the product and something is always mysteriously left out.

In most cases, you’ll never find the mysteriously missing piece of information until you’ve bought into the product.

Secret Webpage

Like, in this case, the website is a “secret web page”. Why would web page be so secret if it is going to be shared with others. And, Mr. Chan constantly lets you know in his introduction that if you are a newbie with no credibility, it will be hard in the internet marketing niche.

So, because you are a newbie he has built up his credibility and is willing to help you out. Let’s stop here, I understand that these statements do not make this a bad product but, this is what they call “marketing hype.”

Mr. Chan is playing on the emotions of a complete newbie online. Making the individual feel as this is the only way to make money online if you are a newbie. He also makes it seem like if you don’t buy into this product. You will get overwhelmed with writing emails, selecting products, or coming up with quality content.

Don’t get me wrong you may be able to generate some income along the way with this product. You may also learn a small-scale of information but, there are some concerns with this product.

Done For You Email Marketing System

With Patric’s done for you email marketing system, Patric will do everything for you. He will set all the landing pages, all the email campaigns are set up for you, and guess what? You don’t even have to select any products.

He then goes on to tell you that you’ll never have to sell anything to anyone. Just sit back and let Chan do all the work. The system is, a completely done for you system. Patric even provides you with your affiliate link.

The only thing you would have to worry about is sending traffic to the offer. Sounds, cool right! Of course, it does.

I have purchased several affiliate products in the past. Patric Chan is one product that I would have purchased in the past when I didn’t know any better. Why? Because everything is done for you? All I have to do is send traffic. Who doesn’t want that?

Everyone would love this opportunity, I am sure of it, especially if they can just sit back, do no work, send traffic and make money. That is a killer deal.

Build a Brand for Yourself

I’ll let you know the truth about why this won’t get you far, especially if you don’t know what you are doing. If Mr. Chan is doing everything for you, for one you’ll never be able to build a brand for yourself. Most, people usually do business with the person they know, like, or trust. If Chan is doing all the work, your referrals or customer may never get to know, like, or trust you.

Don’t Want to Build a Brand

Well, lets just say you don’t care about building a brand for yourself. Truth is, I didn’t really care about building a brand for myself either, at first. I just wanted to make some money online. Okay, well that’s fine. You’ll just be building Patric Chan brand even more, which is not a problem.

The problem is, it’s the way he has the system structured. And, building a brand for yourself, can help you build up a very stable future. You’ll be able to go in any direction, that you choose.

How Does CB Passive Income Work?

Chan’s secret web page is not even a website, it is a landing page. A landing page is also called a “squeeze page or capture page”. It’s the same terminology. With this secret web page, you’ll share the site with others. Offer those people the same CB passive income license software (which is his done for you email marketing system).

Once they sign up or opt into the landing page, he or she will become a lead or a referral. After becoming a referral, Chan will send out the automated emails, to try to convince the newly acquired lead or referral to buy into this same software that was presented to you.

Keep in mind that, because he is doing all the work for you. This comes with an attachment. An attachment that most marketers will not tell you. Not only will he promote the system to your referrals, he will also promote any other products that he chooses to as well.

Sometimes, what happens is, the newly acquired lead then becomes overwhelmed and confused with all the emails and promotions coming through their inbox. And, eventually, most of them never open the email.

What is the CB Passive Income License Program?

CB passive income license program is just another name for “CB passive income 4.0”. If you never made money online, it is far too easy to overlook the fact that, promoting a landing page requires one very important thing. Now, this is a secret that Mr. Chan did not let out the bag during his sales video.

He actually left this secret out. You’ll need traffic. Traffic is when you get a set of eyeballs on what you have to offer. Not, the vehicle or the highway type of traffic, but, traffic on the internet is getting your offer in front of people.

How Will You Get Traffic?

To get this offer in front of other people, you’ll have to either invest in paid traffic. Share it on social media with followers, friends, and family. Or you can drive traffic from your very own website by search engine optimization (SEO), which is FREE.

The difference is, paid traffic, can cost you a ton of money. And, I stress that! It really can cost you a lot of money, if you do not know how to market with paid traffic. Paid traffic is an additional skill that must be learned properly. In order to profit from it. With paid traffic, you’ll need money, training, and skills.

SEO requires your very own website, time, skills, and training. If you have the will to learn SEO, you can promote absolutely any product on the internet. The sky is truly the limit.

I Have Experience with Paid and SEO Traffic

Paid traffic cost me an arm and a leg, especially when I had no clue on how it truly worked. When I first started online with paid traffic. I literally spent $1140.00 in paid traffic alone. Did I get any results at the time? No, I kept listening to the scamming Gurus.

And as a result, kept losing my money. In fact, I did not make anything back. I was completely upside down. It wasn’t until later on, in my journey that I learned I was taught completely the wrong.

Don’t get me wrong paid traffic will allow you to scale your business. You can scale the business faster with paid traffic. The only problem is you’ll have to be willing to invest the money to do so. And, that is where the unknown paid traffic expenses come in. More importantly, you’ll need to learn how to drive paid traffic.

SEO is something that I still learn on a daily basis. It isn’t rocket science nor, is it as hard as most Gurus make it seem. I would say the hardest part of SEO is it requires my time and the will to learn it. In my opinion, utilizing my time to learn and understand SEO sure beats losing my money.

In fact, after experiencing both, I enjoy the SEO method because it generates free traffic on a daily basis. The best part is I did not have to shell out a single penny. All is required of me, is to trade my time.

Even on days, I do not publish an article, update my site, or share my site on social media. I still get visitors. My site just sits on the internet like a virtual building and gets visitors. I think that’s the beauty of learning proper SEO.

On the other hand, when I run paid traffic, I generate traffic as long as my AD is funded. Once the funds run out so, does the ad, which means no traffic (visitors).

No traffic means no visitors, no visitors, means no revenue.

Duplicate Content

Another, thing I should point out about this product, is with this landing page, the content will be duplicated. Meaning everyone else that signs up for the product will have the same exact landing page, they’ll get the same exact emails and the same exact offers.

Sometimes, duplicated landing pages can become very saturated, that is why they always need to be updated.

If you want to become successful online, regardless of what offer you promote. You’ll want to be creative and unique. Sometimes, you’ll have to step out of your comfort zone and make a few mistakes.

I repeatedly mention that internet marketing is a skill that has to be learned. You won’t be able to just grab an affiliate link and promote an offer and generate income instantly. It takes time, skills, and learning.

The Good and Valuable:

  • Lessons are reported to be short
  • The offer is attractive because it is a done for you system

The Bad and Ugly:

  • No control over your email list
  • Other products can be promoted to your list by Patric
  • There are upsells, downsells, and then upsells again
  • Customer support is shaky ( I am still waiting on a response)
  • I found no internal or external community
  • You can not choose any other product to promote
  • Training is limited
  • Monthly membership fee plus your paid traffic fees
  • Paid Traffic can be expensive when first starting online

Who is CB Passive Income For?

I noticed that within the sales video Patric kept saying that this product was for newbies. I personally do not recommend this product to a newbie. Of course there, are some training videos on the platform that you may learn from. I am sure you’ll still will be looking for answers in the end.

CB Passive Income Tools & Training

According to my findings, the training that is offered in the CB passive income is Video marketing (like YouTube), blog commenting, Solo Ads which is paid traffic.

It teaches you places that you can drive traffic from like Google plus, Twitter, and Classified Ads. Some other traffic methods that is taught is forum marketing, stumble upon, and squiddo.

The sales page also advises that you will get 3 special free bonuses are:

Digital Cover Creator Software – this allows you to make 3d book e-covers

Google Traffic Home Course – this is the SEO method, you’ll need a website

Email Assassin Home Course- you’ll get 14 module of email strategies.

CB Passive Income Support

There is no Facebook Group Community Support. Chat support, I am still waiting on their response, so I am not sure how supportive you want to consider that. And, I did not find anything about a community support which really surprised me.

I never realized how important and beneficial it is to join a platform that has a community until I joined Wealthy Affiliate, which in my opinion has the most supportive community, that I ever experienced.

A community of like-minded individuals trying to achieve the same goals as yourself really is, one of the best decisions you can make in your internet journey especially if you are new online or struggling.

CB Passive Income Price

There are upsells and downsells with this product. I was offered a $47/per month & a one-time fee of $97.00. I declined both. Then I was offered a $1.00 trial for 14 days, after that, I was advised I would be charged a one-time fee of $97.00.

Honestly, I have no idea what the CB passive Pro $97 one-time fee is. I tried asking customer support but, you already know how that went.

An automated system is unable to answer questions like this and I did not want to risk going any further with this product. I am also still waiting for an email response.

My Final Opinion of CB Passive Income

Don’t get me wrong, this is a legit offer. I love the idea of having a done for you system. Who wouldn’t? However, from what I experienced with these type of systems, there are always strings attached.

Like when the product owner sends out emails for you. They are not only sending out the email to your referrals for you. They are also promoting additional products to your referrals. Who gets those commissions?

Now, that is a risk you’ll take. They’ll claim you’ll get the commissions, however, most of the time you don’t even know when they are promoting other products to your referrals.

I recommend if building an email list is your desire to have control of your own list. I do not recommend CB passive income to newbies, which I know is totally opposite of what Patric is recommending.

Truth is, there is no done for you system, that will ever be complete. You won’t have control over your email list, you have no control over what product you can promote, and you will always have to generate paid traffic if you do not have your own website.

You’ll also need to learn the proper steps of internet marketing which, is a continuous learning process. And, more importantly, that bothers me about this product, is the support. There is no reliable support.

There are plenty of ways to get started in affiliate marketing without having to take a big risk. In fact, I got started for free. I did not have to enter my credit card information. And, although It was not a done for you system, I can say it was really worth getting started.

To get the most advanced affiliate and internet marketing training in the industry read this…

CB Passive Income at a Glance…

Name: CB Passive Income

Website: www.cbpassiveincome.com

Price: $47/month, $97/ one-time fee, $1trial for 14 days then $97one-time fee

Owners: Patric Chan

Overall Rank: 68 out of 100


Thank you for sticking around and reading my post. If you found this post helpful, do me a favor and share this post with your friends and family. Or just with anyone who can benefit from this.

I also would like to hear from you if you ever tried CB passive income 4.0? What was your experience with the support? Did you find it beneficial? And, why would you recommend the product to others?

Maybe this can help us understand the product more.

Welp folks! That is all from me today! If you have any questions or would like to leave a comment please do so below.

Stay positive, stay awesome, and never give up! As always have an awesome day!