What Is SendOwl? And How They Can Help Increase Your Product Sales

Name: SendOwl

Website: www.sendowl.com

Price: $9/month to $39/month

Owner: George Palmer


SendOwl Overview

George Palmer created SendOwl during his free time back in, 2010 with just $50.00. After realizing there wasn’t an easy or reliable way of selling digital products, directly from his website.

Palmer’s immediate goal was to have a powerful but easy to use, platform that also offered great customer service simultaneously.

Fast forward to today, as a 4-hour work week advocate. Palmer is pretty happy with his outcome. In fact, if you would like, you can read all about George Palmer’s story right from his blog.

Not only does SendOwl do all the boring stuff for you. It will help you sell your digital products. While integrating a payment processor. More importantly, it provides a streamlined checkout and secure product delivery or your customers.

In fact, all the tools are given to you. According to SendOwl, mobile accounts now account for 50.3% of all of your eCommerce traffic. By utilizing SendOwls impressive features such as 1-click up-sell and mobile optimized checkout. Consequently, this helps you boost your business revenue.

What Is SendOwl? And How They Can Help Increase Your Product Sales...SendOwl Has You Covered

I first learned about SendOwl through Angela from Stray Curls. She is a very creative blogger, who has and promotes several products. To give you an idea of what is possible just check out her products that she in facts, sells and promotes through SendOwl.

In addition, to this, she also has an affiliate program that you can join, which was made possible for her by SendOwl. I know because I am one of her affiliates. And, SendOwl does send me notifications about any weekly sales or revenues that were made.

Here are some examples of products that were created by Angela: blogging planner, blogging bundle, Creative Workbook, and an eBook. Just imagine being able to promote your own product and have affiliates happily go out and promote them right along with you.

The Good and Valuable

  • Automates a laborious manual process.
  • Offers better security than if you were manually delivering files.
  • Better user experience. By giving buyers access to their goods immediately.
  • Allows buyers to connect with your mailing list.
  • There is an up-sell capability in the checkout flow.
  • It lets you run an affiliate program to increase your sales.
  • Rescue orders with cart abandonment.
  • Run promotions with discount codes which are fully traceable.
  • Encourage your customers to gift products to a friend or family member.
  • Allow your customer to choose their pricing. This is a perfect feature, in the case that the customer wants to pay you more.
  • The ability to sell memberships
  • Subscription Sells – whether you want to charge a recurring fee for a product. Or just a recurring fee for newly released products. Your decision.
  • Drip functionality, instead of releasing your product all at once. You can release it over a number of days, weeks, months, or years. Hence, keep your customers hooked and coming back for more.
  • Ability to sell your products from anywhere: Social media, email, your blog, your website, or anywhere you would like.
  • No transaction fee accessed. Just a flat monthly rate.

The Good And The Bad

The Bad and Ugly

  • SendOwl will not work unless you have a product. Or the plans to create a product.
  • The storage space may cause you to have to upgrade monthly packages.
  • The minimum package does not allow up-sells, video streaming, PDF stamping, or subscriptions.
  • I could not find a number for customer support. The only option I found was the help center and an email that sellers and buyers can contact SendOwl from.
  • Each package has a different amount of bandwidth available.
  • For larger files such as video streaming/audio streaming. If you sell high-quality items there may be an excess bandwidth fee. At any rate, it is best to contact SendOwl for further details and support regarding your concerns.
  • Your payment gateway may charge you a transaction fee each time you receive a payment.
  • When I received my product from a Seller at SendOwl. My product came as a zip file. And only could be downloaded 4 times. I’m not sure if this was just a preference of the seller or what.

AutoResponders That SendOwl Connects With

A product with no mailing list will be a challenge to sale. You can automatically add your buyers to your mailing list. By connecting to one of the following emailing autoresponders.

Who is SendOwl For?

Although SendOwl offers great solutions and services, it’s not for everyone. In order to see any type of benefit from SendOwl, it’s best that you have a product to sell and ready to share with others.

If that is you, then great! SendOwl may be for you.

On the other hand, if you’re still in the process of coming up with a product, SendOwl may be for you in the future.

At least they’re a company, that you can keep in mind for the near future when you’re ready to launch your product.

Above all, if you do not have a website or a blog. SendOwl will definitely not work for you. Especially, If you have an idea that you want to bring into reality. You must first start by creating

 . Or you could try a Sales funnel-like Russell Brunson recommends over at ClickFunnels.

More importantly, SendOwl guarantees you that you will fit right in if you’re a Solopreneur, Internet Marketer, Small Business, or a High Volume Seller.

Currently, SendOwl has an offer for you. Try SendOwl FREE for 30 days. No Credit card Required. And see it’s the right e-Commerce platform for you.

SendOwl Training

Yes, SendOwl does offer a few training videos. And a lot of article trainings. After looking over the training. I believe it will be sufficient to get you up and running successfully. On the other hand, keep in mind that SendOwl does provide a good amount of tools to help you be successful.

To name a few, there is an option of internal and external invoice service.

  • Options to integrate Shopify.
  • Customize your check out pages.
  • Adding a redirect to your product.
  • Do you want to video or audio stream? If so, you’ll have that option.

SendOwl Support

Sendowl, doesn’t have a customer support number displayed on their website. Nor their Facebook business page. In addition, to this, I didn’t see community support either. However, SendOwl does provide a lot of support through their help center.

What Is SendOwl? And How They Can Help Increase Your Product Sales Hold Your Horses

One pretty cool feature that I was really impressed with was, SendOwl does not pay your taxes. However, they do keep records of them. So, you know how much you will have to pay.

NOTE: More importantly, the tax record will only work once you have the tax rule setup.What Is SendOwl? And How They Can Help Increase Your Product Sales...Taxes Are Calculated

What about blocking fraudulent buyers? Is this a feature that you would like? If so, SendOwl has you covered. You will have the ability to block certain buyers from purchasing your product. Buyers can be blocked by their country of residence, email, or IP address.

New Fraud Alert What Is SendOwl? And How They Can Help Increase Your Product Sales

If you don’t want illegal sharing of your PDF’s. No worries SendOwl protects your products by stamping them with the name and email address of your customer.

Protect Your Digital Product What Is SendOwl? And How They Can Help Increase Your Product Sales

At any rate, that is not all SendOwl does. There are many features that SendOwl offers which could potentially benefit you and your business. I would suggest you go over to SendOwl and check out what else they have to offer.

SendOwl Price

There are 4 different pricing packages for the SendOwl product.

  • Basic Account – $9.00 per month
  • Standard Account – $15.00 per month
  • Premium Account – $24.00 per month
  • Business Account – $39.00 per month

NOTE: You’re billed 30 days in advance. Meaning, once your 30-day free trial has ended. You will receive a bill. This also applies, if you were to enter payment information before the trial ends.

Blue Host $3.95

My Final Opinion of SendOwl

If you’re looking for an e-commerce platform where you can sell your digital products. From what I can tell, SendOwl would be a beneficial account to have. In addition, to this, It is an added benefit to have the affiliate program along with it. Consequently, helping you sell even more products.

Above all, their pricing is not bad at all due to the return on investment that you could potentially make. The only downside I see with SendOwl is I couldn’t find a customer support number. However, there is a help center and a contact us page.

Nonetheless, that does not mean you will not receive a customer support number once you have joined SendOwl. If you find that SendOwl is not for you. Keep in mind that you can upgrade, downgrade and cancel at any point. If you want to check out, SendOwl, click here and it will take you directly to their site.

By the way, if you haven’t even started your website. And would like to make money online by promoting other people’s products. You can always look into affiliate marketing which is the same way that I learned to make my first dollar online.

I highly recommend you checking out Wealthy Affiliate and learning what they are all about. It may help you get your website started on the right track. If not that, is fine.

You can always look into building your own successful blog without any training or community support. If you choose to take that route.

Regardless, I do wish you the best in any route you choose to take.

Now, it’s your turn.

Have you ever used SendOwl? How do you like it? The good, the bad and the ugly… I would like to know…

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2 thoughts on “What Is SendOwl? And How They Can Help Increase Your Product Sales”

  1. Kisha, thank you, once again, for sharing this very useful information. Until now, I hadn’t heard of SendOwl and for an entrepreneur that has products to sell, it sounds like an awesome tool to use. You have certainly identified the good, bad and ugly for us as readers which I always find helpful.

    I clicked on their site and watched the two short videos. Using SendOwl looks very easy to use! Within a matter of a couple of minutes you can upload or pay for a product. It just doesn’t get any easier than that! Thank you for sharing those helpful videos.

    You said you are an affiliate of theirs. What is the criteria for becoming an affiliate? How quickly were you approved?

    Once again, thank you for sharing this useful information. It is greatly appreciated.

    Have an awesome day.


    • Hi Yvette, I am so glad to hear that you found this article useful. Yes, I am an affiliate of SendOwl. The criteria for becoming an affiliate is to have a SendOwl account which is free to create, while you won’t be able to sell or create your own products. You’ll still be able to share this awesome opportunity with others.

      On the other hand, if you’re a paying SendOwl customer, you’ll automatically become an affiliate.

      Anyhow, I was instantly approved for the SendOwl affiliate program, It did not take long, all I had to do was fill out their short form and agree to their terms and conditions. So, in short, there was no wait time. I hope this has answered all of your concerns.

      Thank you for stopping by…


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