What Is Prize Rebel? $1192 Paid Today

Welcome to Prize Rebel Review!

Name: Prize Rebel

Website: www.prizerebel.com

Owners:  Unknown

Best For: Anyone who enjoys completing task and earning either cash or gift cards.

Type: GPT site

Newbie Friendly:  Yes

Cost: Free To Join

SUMMARY: ​Prize Rebel is a survey platform that has over 8 million members since 2007. The impressive part is Prize Rebel claims to have paid out 17 million dollars.


If you’re not located in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, or Australia, then the good news is you can still earn rewards from Prize Rebel.  However, you will not be able to make points, like the other members. Instead, you’ll earn rewards by participating in the offer walls, inviting referrals, and daily tasks.


If you’re under 18 years old, please get your parents permission before signing up to any survey website.

Affiliate Disclosure: ​ This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info.

Overall Rating: 90%

I would recommend this site to those that have time to take the surveys. There are many ways to earn on this site. However, I would never replace my household income for this platform.

Prize Rebel Overview

You’re probably here because you’re wondering what Prize Rebel is and how it can benefit you? Worry no longer, and you’ll learn all about Prize Rebel in this review so, stay tuned.

Assuming you’re aware that Prize Rebel is a GPT site, better understood as a “Get Paid To.” In short, it’s a site where you can make money online, by signing up for free, completing surveys or task, and earning points, that are then redeemed for either cash or gift cards.

Anyhow, Prize Rebel is an impressive site; it reminds me of Swagbucks; they both have many different ways to earn rewards. Regardless, if you qualify or not for each survey, there will always be an opportunity to receive points in different ways.

What Is Prize Rebel?

Prize Rebel is open to many people, as stated earlier if you’re not located in the US, UK, CA, or AU, you still can join. However, you will not be able to earn points. And, yes, although, you’re not making points you will still be able to reap the rewards, pretty cool, right?

Nonetheless, it’s a platform that will allow you to earn top name brand rewards, at absolutely no cost to you. If you would like, watch this quick walk-through video about Prize Rebel and how it works.

Is Prize Rebel A Scam?

No, Prize Rebel is not a scam. Here is there Facebook fan page that boasts over 160k fans, along with their Twitter account, that has over 2k followers. Plus, they’ve been around since 2007 and one of the companies, that they do business with is a company that I have mentioned before, in the work from home jobs section.

The company name is Appen. By the way, Appen is a popular company that hires people remotely. Anyhow, when I was completing the task for Appen, it then reminded me of another company called Amazon MTurk, they do something similar. Except they do not complete surveys, you will be completing nothing but tasks with that company.


  • ​It’s free to join.
  • ​There are many ways to earn rewards and cash
  • It’s not a scam.


  • ​I wouldn’t replace my daytime income.
  • You will not be able to retire.
  • This can get time-consuming.
  • You may not qualify for all surveys.

Who Is Prize Rebel For?

​One feature that I do like about Prize Rebel is they don’t have you repeat your information more than once, because, it’s saved. However, when you are transferred to their third-party surveys, you may be asked to repeat some parts of your information, which can be annoying to me.

How Are You Paid?

There are plenty of ways to be paid, and I will list them here. By the way, if you enjoy survey sites like Prize Rebel, you’ll also want to check out Swagbucks, they operate the same.

Here are the 7 ways you can get paid

  1. Your Surveys – this should be explanatory, you’ll answer questions about a particular subject, and then you’ll earn points for it.  But, first, you’ll need to complete your profile. Once, your profile is complete; you’ll have an option to start taking surveys. According to Prize Rebel, this is the best way to get free points.
  2. Offer Walls – This is a way to earn points by engaging with different advertisers and brands. You can either sign up to separate trial offers or take surveys.
  3. Video Walls – The video wall is where all your videos are stored. In my opinion, this is the easiest way to earn points. Just select the video you want to watch. Open It up in a separate tab and let the video run.
  4. Tasks – the task tab has different jobs listed for you to complete. There will be many jobs available depending on your level. , and most rewards will not be received unless you finish the entire post. For example, I completed a task for Appen through the figure eight platform. Needless, to say, I didn’t do well with that task so, I gave up beside, I had 38 minutes to complete the take, which would have granted me 0.60 cents.
  5. Promo Codes – These are codes that are supposed to be found on Prize Rebel Facebook fan page or Twitter.  I seem to somehow miss out on these codes all the time so, I guess it would be best to check their social pages often if you are trying to participate in the promo code earnings.
  6. Win – The win section is where you can use your points to buy raffle tickets.
  7. Referral Program – The referral program, is where you’ll have the chance to spread the word. Invite others and earn a 15% bonus based on your referrals earnings.

Other ways, to increase your referrals, is share your referral code on social media, YouTube or start a blog like I did and create multiple streams of income. If you want to start a blog, you can check out this blue host tutorial, on how to start a blog, which will walk you through setting up your blog.

Or you can learn how you can get complete help, plus training by visiting my #1 recommendation.

Nonetheless, the great thing about Prize Rebel is you can cash out at 200 points. Unfortunately, it seems like it would take a long time to achieve that goal. It took me approximately 3 hours to earn 36 points. So, that equates to my valuable time, and yours; might I add, being exchanged for 0.36 cents.

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What Is Prize Rebel

​Prize Rebel Tips And Tricks

In the Prize Rebel account, you will see ​a quality score. This quality score is important​. You don’t want that score to drop because, ​it’ll affect you in many ways, and below you will find out how.

  1. ​It will be harder to raise the score again.
  2. You will not receive as many surveys as you would normally.
  3. Your response for any open-ended question matters​. They are check​ed.
  4. You shouldn’t reply with gibberish or an answer that doesn’t make sense.

Why does this matter? Well, because, according to Prize Rebel ​you’ll have unlimited ​opportunities.​ So, if you​’re not getting as many surveys as you can you​’ll never ​make a decent amount. ​

Prize Rebel Requirements

​According to Prize Rebel, almost anyone can sign up to this platform. Go here to read their FAQ’s if you need further information. Prize Rebel also requires you to be at least 13 years old. If you’re under 13, you need to have your parents consent to participate.

Prize Rebel Support

​The support that you will receive with Prize Rebel is either by using their FAQ’s section or submitting a help ticket.

​Prize Rebel Price

​This GPT site is free to join. All you ​​have to do is sign up. It takes 10 seconds, and start earning money or rewards online.

My Final Opinion Of Prize Rebel

Just like any other survey site, Prize Rebel works the same; it can be time-consuming but rewarding if you’re able to earn any rewards. And, it can only be rewarding, if you have the time to take these surveys.

In my case, I don’t like survey sites like this. They take too long and ​I’m impatient when it co​mes to things of this nature. Only because, I have bills to pay and lots of kids to feed. This is not going to cut it for me. ​Anyhow, when I do try sites out like this, it usually ends up wasting a lot of my time due to me not being qualified for most surveys. Then they have the nerve to not either credit me for my time or cre​dit me cents.

​Regardless, you could have great luck with sites like this but, I prefer sites like Paid Viewpoint. It’s fast and straight to the point. Anyhow, I would only recommend this site for side hustling because, it definitely will not replace your daytime income.

By the way, I would assume your here because you want to make extra money. If you’re good with earning small rewards, then Prize Rebel is for you.

On the other hand, if you came here and were excepting to earn a decent income, then I would suggest checking out my #1 recommendation. It takes a little more of your time to earn money but, at the same time, you won’t be working for cents.

Nonetheless, have you ever checked into affiliate marketing? It’s not as easy as taking surveys but, at the same time, it’s not as hard as it either. You can earn a full-time income and potentially quit your day job. It all depends on you.

What are your thoughts about this review?  Have you joined Prize Rebel? How do you like the platform? I would like to know, are you able to make a full-time income from this survey site?

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