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Name: National Consumer Panel

Website: www.join.ncponline.com

Price: FREE to Join

Owners: Joint adventure between Nielsen and IRI

National Consumer Panel Overview

Looking for ways to earn extra money? The program, I will discuss today, won’t make you extra money per se; but, you can earn and redeem points. The points that you earn can be redeemed into an exclusive gift catalog, plus you could have the potential to be entered into many sweepstakes, that will give you an opportunity to receive cash prizes or pre-paid gift cards.

With that being said, depending on your income goals, National Consumer Panel might be an excellent opportunity.

So, let’s get right into it. What is National Consumer Panel?

I’m glad you asked.

National consumer panel is a company that has been in business for over 27 years. They are a joint venture of Nielsen and IRI a company, these two companies have experience in gathering opinions and shopping data, from consumers like you and me.

The shopping data that is collected, helps retailers and manufacturers make more informed decisions on, how to improve their market, and it helps determine what future products they should consider developing.

So, National Consumer Panel appreciates and rewards their members for their input and efforts. After all, without the NCP panelist and other company’s that participate in studies like this, the enhancement of products, services, and shopping experiences probably would improve at a slower rate.

Scan Everything You Buy To Get The Most Out Of National Consumer Panel

How Does It Work?

It’s simple, I’m sure you or someone in your household goes shopping for groceries, household items, gets gas, pays for snacks while your out, or maybe you’ve decided to take the family out to dinner.

Regardless, it’s that simple, all you have to do, is continue your traditional daily routine, however, on the day you or anyone in your household decides to purchase an item; it doesn’t matter what item, it can be big or small. All you have to do is scan the barcode with your NCP mobile app or with their handheld device.

The best part about NCP is you can scan everything and anything that has purchased, since becoming a member within your home. So, if you’re accepted into the National Consumer Panel, may receive the handheld scanner. If you don’t receive the scanner, you need to download the mobile app. At any rate, I’m sure NCP will let you know which method is best for you.

Okay, so how does it work? When you make a purchase, you scan the barcodes of your items, then you’ll share that data with NCP. Once NCP receives the data and processes everything, you will earn points that can be redeemed for gifts, sweepstakes, and many more prizes.

Sounds, simple right? Well, it is simple, but it also can be time-consuming, especially, if you don’t plan accordingly. Plus, to become a panelist, NCP must be accepting or recruiting new household members in your area. If not you’ll get a message as I did.

What Is National Consumer Panel? A Place That Recruits Members To Earn And Shop.

Unlike American Consumer Opinion, NCP has to be recruiting in your area. If they aren’t recruiting in your area, then it could be possible that they have already met their quota in that area.

No worries, NCP says to check back within 3 months you may find an open spot.

Anyhow, to be considered you’ll need to click the Join Now button, and fill out your demographics. NCP will then review your submission; they’ll also be the ones to determine if you qualify or not.

One thing, I didn’t like, was the immediate denial or the long wait process to find out if or when you can start. I guess that’s why I prefer Swagbucks, with them, you can sign up and start earning rewards immediately.

What Is National Consumer Panel? A To Shop And Earn But, So Is Swagbucks!

How Are You Paid?

I want to make this very clear; you will not get paid as a panelist participant. However, you will earn rewards that you can redeem into prizes.

The Good And Valuable

  • You may receive a scanner depending on your household.
  • It’s free to join.
  • Someone in your house has to shop anyways, so, it wouldn’t hurt to earn extra rewards.
  • You’ll be able to voice your opinion.
  • The ability to impact future service and products.
  • According to their website, the rewards did look pretty cool.

The Good And The Bad

The Bad And Ugly

  • You could be selected right away, or you could be waiting for months.
  • For some, this could be time-consuming.
  • They may not be recruiting in your area.
  • You don’t get paid but, you do earn rewards.

Who Is National Consumer Panel For?

This opportunity is for anyone who loves to shop and doesn’t mind earning rewards by scanning the items that you have purchased. NCP is more than just a survey company; their primary goal is to collect data, on consumers shopping and spending habits, so, that they can determine how to improve on future products.

National Consumer Panel Tools & Training

As stated earlier, you may receive a handheld scanning device. If you’re not one of the lucky ones, then you’ll download the mobile phone app.

Regardless, there are several things you should keep in mind, after becoming a National Consumer Panelist.

  1. Accuracy is important.
  2. Scan anything and everything that you or any other household member, has purchased, this includes big, small, and online purchases. The key here is to scan everything.
  3. If you used a coupon or had a deal on a product, NCP needs to know.
  4. If an item you purchased doesn’t have the barcode, you can always refer to the NCP barcode reference booklet, and scan the item from there. Or, you can refer to the NCP mobile app, where you can get the non-barcoded item and scan it from there.
  5. Consistency is essential, all purchasing information should be transferred every week to NCP.
  6. Always check in frequently at the ncponline.com website. This site is for all approved National Consumer Panelist.
  7. It’s important to respond to all the surveys by the due date.
  8. Keep NCP email safe within your email inbox. Besides, you don’t want to miss out on any future announcements or opportunities.
  9. Always, keep NCP in the loop so that your membership stays current. So, if you go on vacation, get sick, or you’re just not able to participate for a certain period, just let NCP know, that way they will continue sending you sweepstakes and points.
  10. Any equipment on app issues, contact NCP directly. You don’t want to receive non-compliance message from them.

National Consumer Panel Support

NCP has plenty of support, you can call them by phone which is 1-800-962-6700, you’ll need to always have your member ID ready. Or you can shoot them an email at, support@ncponline.com.

When you send an email make sure you input your topic into the subject line, this will ensure you have a faster response.

The panel support center is open Monday through Friday from 11 am to 8 pm ET.

National Consumer Panel Price

Just like i-say and mysurvey.com, National Consumer Panel is free to join.

My Final Opinion Of National Consumer Panel

In my opinion, this can be a fun and rewarding opportunity. However, with the National Consumer Panel, you could be waiting months if you’re not accepted into the program right away. If you like to express your opinions and earn rewards for it, check out, Swagbucks. I have written a full review on them.

In fact, when I’m not looking for different ways to make money online, I go and take a survey or two on Swagbucks. It’s just a way to kill time, and earn rewards.

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National Consumer Panel At A Glance…

Name: National Consumer Panel

Website: www.join.ncponline.com

Price: FREE to Join

Owners: Joint adventure between Nielsen and IRI


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