What is My Super Affiliate Mentor About?

Name: My Super Affiliate Mentor

Website: www.mysuperaffiliatementor.com

Price: $37.00 per month| thereafter too many upsells to keep up with |when I joined I think the finally up-sell would have gone up to $60k or so…

Owners: Misha Wilson

My Super Affiliate Mentor Overview

So, you want to know what my super affiliate mentor is about. Well, you certainly arrived at the right place. This product actually came to me through an email. An email that I never gave permission too. I can only assume because I recently purchased the product profit with Alex, that this is the reason why I ‘m receiving information regarding my super affiliate mentor. My Super Affiliate Mentor Review

Anyhow, when I clicked on the link within my email, inbox, I was really surprised to discover what was in front of my eyes. It couldn’t be! This was the same product that I joined a while back, canceled, and asked for a refund.

The difference now, the product is listed under a slightly different new company or domain name. Previously, when I joined this company, it was called “Super Affiliate Network”. Now today, I can only assume they have changed the name up a little bit or at least the domain name has been changed because the program is now being called “ My Super Affiliate Mentor.

What Is My Super Affiliate Mentor?

Today I have decided to do a review on my super affiliate mentor and let you know what it has in store for you. This program was created by Misha Wilson. Mr. Wilson was an affiliate marketer who became very successful along the way. Now, Misha wants to help others like you, reach the same success that he has created for himself.My Super Affiliate Mentor Sold A Great Dream

I must admit that when I was first introduced to the super affiliate network, Misha inspired me with his stories, promises, and experiences. That soon changed after, I joined the program and, realized what I had gotten myself into.

The biggest turnoff to me was, when I initially signed up for the yearly membership, I was upsold to in 5 different ways. I declined all 5 offers.

At any rate, after I started my training, there were even more upsells. Not to mention that Misha and the crew emailed me more than 3 times within a day, every day, which I still get emails from this program to this day.

My Super Affiliate Mentor

Anyhow, Misha’s new sales video page goes into brief details telling you how he struggled with life events and making ends meet. Okay, this is a very believable story, many people face a situation like this.

My super affiliate mentor sales page has this big bold claim that says make an easy $100,000 today before it slips away forever.

Wow! That’s a lot of money but, it’s also a very big income claim to make. Regardless, right, now this sales page is trying to create a sense of urgency in you. In other words what they’re telling you, is if you don’t sign up now, you will be broke forever. This is not true, you can sign up with this program anytime and still be able to generate the same amount that you would’ve initially!My Super Affiliate Mentor Are You Crazy

After signing up you’re supposed to receive over $3,500 of bonuses, which Misha claims that it will add a chunk of change to your bank account. I also should mention that these bonuses are supposed to be given to you at no cost.

The only caveat that Misha has for you is you’re going to have to take the first step. Meaning you’ll have to take action by signing up, listen to his entire video, which is 25-minute video. In addition to this, Misha doesn’t want you to click away or he claims you may lose out on a great opportunity.

Regardless, the bonuses I that I was supposed to receive was 1-on-1 coaching, which went totally left field because they had me assigned to two different coaches. And, neither one of them knew who was my actual coach.  I then asked the person who shared the opportunity to me and he had no clue himself. Needless, to say it was a very stressful time.  The second bonus was access to Misha’s done for your emails.

Watch Out For Outlandish Claims

Mr. Wilson goes on to make even more outlandish claims, saying that you can work 30 minutes in a day and make more money than you can by working a full-time J.O.B. This statement is being taken overboard. Don’t get me wrong you can generate some hefty commissions online.

And, yes you could get lucky one day and just work a short period of time and generate that hefty commission, which could potentially be more than you make at any day job. However, it doesn’t work as simple as the sales video is making it seem. Generating income online does take time, skills, training, and the right mindset.

Online Gurus Make it Seem Easy

These online gurus make it seem so easy and simple to make money online. They make it seem like you do a little bit work here and there. Maybe you can for 30 minutes and that is it! Most people are falsely delivering this message. The cold truth is, you will have to work. And, work hard!

In fact, you’ll literally be working more than 30 minutes a day. There is no doubt about that! Actually, I am not even sure why Misha says it so simply because one of the women on the Sales video, I have personally talked to her via Facebook chat. In fact, she is a 6-figure earner and has worked her bottom off. With that being, said you will put in work to make an online business succeed.

How Does My Super Affiliate Mentor Work?

This program is like a similar digital program that I reviewed in the past called Aspire Digital Altitude. How it works is you sign up, go through the different levels of affiliate and internet marketing education within the platform.

Each level will cost you a certain fee. In the case of my super affiliate mentor. The cost could range from $37 per month all the way up to $60k. The $37 per month is for the basic membership and then from there, everything will increase.

After joining, you’ll promote this same digital product to others by email marketing, social media, or solo ads.  More importantly, if you have never done solo ads before, this can be a real costly expense. Especially, if you don’t learn the proper techniques of PPC.

In addition to this, Misha claims there will be no 5-year plan, no huge Investments, no confusing cash flow Reports, which this is the half-truth. The truth is there is no 5-year plan nor, will there be a cash flow report to keep track of but, there is an investment within this program.

I didn’t go all the way through the program but, I do know from being a member of another high ticket commission program called Mobe, that in order for you to get these $1k to $5500 commissions, you’ll have to pay into the product.

So, if you want $5500 commission your investment into this business will be around $11k. If you have the capital to do this, then my super affiliate mentor program could work out for you. If you’re just starting out with little capital I do not recommend to start with a program like this.

The Good and Valuable:

  • 1-on-1 coaching
  • Video training with a question that must be submitted in order to unlock your next step
  • Training is well organized
  • Basic training is low cost

The Bad and Ugly:

  • Paid traffic method, you’ll need funds for this plus your member fees
  • Facebook Group is the only community, make sure you do not get banned from Facebook
  • Each level of coaching cost can get pricey
  • Outlandish claims, this requires some work just like anything else

Who is My Super Affiliate Mentor For?

Well, if you were to ever come across the product, it is said that my super affiliate Mentor is meant for anybody. I personally do not recommend it to anyone especially for newbies that don’t have the funds to invest. As each level is completed you’ll have to invest in the digital product in order to receive the higher commissions.

My Super Affiliate Mentor Tools & Training

Indeed, there are tools and training, which are video modular’s, Facebook live webinars conducted by Zoom or you can join right from Facebook itself. And, you’ll have the option of the inner circle monthly subscription which is another up-sell.

My Super Affiliate Mentor Support

The support that you get with my super affiliate mentor is a Facebook Community page. You’ll also have a sponsor and a team. Some sponsor has Facebook groups set up and their personal team bonuses. In addition, you’ll get basic 1-on-1 coaching via Skype. And, of course, there is always email support.

My Super Affiliate Mentor Price

Above all there are numerous upsells so, many upsell it was hard to tell how much total you’ll pay in the end.   I did list the basic pricing below and this is just for the monthly membership. It doesn’t include investing in the high ticket digital commission packages, nor any upsells that are presented in between time.

  • Basic Membership without the $1 trial: $37 per month, if you are lucky to find this offer.
  • Basic Membership with a $1 trial: This trial lasts for 30-days. After the 30-day trial is over you’ll pay $47 per month.
  • One time offer membership: $97 one time fee, plus the monthly basic membership fee. This offer is if you would like to get the exact business model system of Misha’s.
  • Yearly membership $297: At the time of this post there were different payment options.
  • Option #1– your payment can be made in 2 payments of $175. Option # 2 -your payment could be made with 3 payments of $133. Or of course, final option. You can pay the entire amount of $297.00 at one time. This is due yearly.
  • Lifetime membership $497: This option allows you to become a lifetime member and not have to worry about the yearly membership.

My Final Opinion of My Super Affiliate Mentor

My super affiliate mentor is a legit business, this is one of those programs that I wouldn’t recommend to a newbie.

I would only recommend this product for people who have knowledge of internet marketing. Plus the money to invest, time, and the patients. Then this product could definitely work out for you. Other than that I would stay away from this.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t recommend this product to those that are not ready to invest and you’re new to internet marketing. Plus there is a huge investment that you will have to face when starting with my super affiliate network, that is why I don’t recommend you to waste your money on something, you have no knowledge of.

I definitely know a better way to get started with your online journey and it is absolutely free, to get started.


My Super Affiliate Mentor at a Glance…

Name: My Super Affiliate Mentor

Website: www.mysuperaffiliatementor.com

Price: $37.00 per month| thereafter too many upsells to keep up with |when I joined I think the finally up-sell would have gone up to $60k or so…

Owners: Misha Wilson


Welp that is all from me folks! Thank you for taking the time to read this post.


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