What is Google Sniper About? Not What I Expected!

I’ve heard so much about Google Sniper before, so what is Google Sniper About? In this review we will cover what I’ve discovered.

Name: Google Sniper 3.0

Website: www.gsniper.com

Price: $47.00 per month/ $187/ $97

Owners: George Brown

What Is Google Sniper About?

I’ll warn you now! This post will be a thorough review of “What Google Sniper 3.0 is about?

So, grab yourself a drink and something to snack on, because, by now, you’re probably well aware of all the systems promising you a push button. The successful business owner that has made millions tells you all you need is a laptop and an internet connection. The more you research, the more you find yourself longing for sound strategies that work.

Who Is The Owner?

George Brown is the creator of Google Sniper 3.0. He stresses that you can make money for free by using this product. Whether it be 5, 6, or 7 figures a year. It is all supposed to be done entirely for free with his strategies. George does not put any hype on how much money you will make, but he does admit that he is not able to legally promise you what you can make.

I can tell you that it is impossible for anyone, to tell you how much money you will make online.

Mr. Brown makes promises that the money you do make with this system will all be made with free strategies.

We will determine that later in this review.
George claims there is no need for paid traffic and it only takes a few minutes to a few hours to set up his real sound system.

…Oh and if you don’t like selling!

No, worries….

… George says that with his sound strategies there will be no selling.

The system does most of it for you.

What Is Google Sniper About 3.0

Does George Have The Secret Source?

He claims to have the secret source and avoids contact with almost all competition. He also claims to go after the low hanging fruit. Which most people do not know. Anyhow, George was correct when he states to go after the low hanging fruit.

Moreover, after the system is set up, it’s supposed to keep running for you while spitting out money month after month.

The whole idea behind creating this Google Sniper 3.0 system, was to not rely on paid advertising and expensive website building tools that holds most entrepreneurs and networks back.

With this program, you are supposed to be able to scale up to a 5 figure income completely free. You won’t need any software or additional training.

All you need is a computer or laptop and an internet connection.

From my experience, this is a far-fetched statement. You’ll need more than just training, a computer &  an internet connection. You’ll also need a supportive community.

Mr. Brown, proudly says If you can use google, like check your email. Then you can use this system.

You’ll have the ability to go into any market or niche and make money in just about any one of them.

The idea is to make money in any untapped niche. So, let’s have a look at the system and see what all the hype is about.

What Is Google Sniper 3.0?

In a nutshell, Google Sniper is an online training platform, that will teach you how to make money with Mr. Browns “Sniper Sites” through affiliate marketing. What are his sniper sites? Mr. Brown sniper sites are niche websites.

He teaches to create a website, find a specific audience for that sniper site. Sign up with ClickBank and select a product so that you can get your sniper site ranked into google by keyword research (SEO). So then, of course, the idea is to earn money eventually.

Niche sites and using keyword research is nothing new. It has been around for years, way before Google Sniper. Google Sniper also has been known to have outdated information when it comes to keyword research. Since Google is changing its algorithm constantly, some strategies he teaches can get you penalized by Google. Other than that George does have the right idea.

Although at one point Google Sniper was really on point or popular, the video training that is provided in this program today teaches you that you can get a new website ranked which is entirely false. Well, let me slow down, you can if you know exactly to the “T” what you’re doing. You’ll need to know and learn SEO.

Anyhow, back then you may have been able to get a website ranked blank without putting any work into it but, not today. Google ranks websites by quality content, not by empty sites. So, there must be content on the website for it even to get listed.

Good and Valuable:

60-day money back, no questions asked
Training & Webinar Coaching sessions done by video and text.
At the time of this post, there are no other upsells within the course
108-page e-book
Some information still can be valuable
One on one support
Monthly webinars
Bi-weekly Sniper X Q&A coaching webinars
Training manuals

The Good And The Bad

The Bad and Ugly

Google is always changing their algorithm, and the course is not being updated properly
Keyword research video course is outdated
During the purchase process, they have upsold and down sells
Immediately asked to pay $47
Not only is it $47 a month there are upsells.
Before emailing support, you must make sure you went through all training videos and set up at least one campaign before attempting to email support.
This is not a push-button system, and you’ll have to put in work
Making money online is not as easy as it is presented in the presentation video
Not for newbies in my opinion
You’ll have to pay for your hosting which is an additional $4.95 per month

Navigation was all over the place. I had to click here and there to follow the training

Who Is Google Sniper 3.0 For?

This product is supposed to be for anyone who is serious about creating an online home based business. The truth is, internet marketing takes skills. If you have no idea about internet marketing, then I would strongly suggest that you stay away from this program. Some techniques taught worked back in the days but, they no longer work today.

However, if you are an experienced internet marketer, then you may find some value because with your current experience you know how to determine which techniques are out-of-date.

I did find a few things in the course that was valuable.

Like how to determine what products to promote in Clickbank, how to code an image on the sidebar of my website. He discloses a few sites that you may find useful, like socialmarker.com and ping-o-matic but, this information probably could have also been found for free just like you just learned here.

Google Sniper 3.0 Tools & Training

25 Step by Step training videos of George coaching you along the way.
A 108-page e-book – PDF that teaches how to make money online
GS 3.0 Process Map
Bulletproof additional training – PDF 59 pages of branding, uncovering a niche & ways to get social media likes
Bulletproof checklist
Overall some of the information in the manual was helpful.

Google Sniper 3.0 Support

Ahhh! Support yes there is support by submitting a support ticket. This can take 24 hours before you receive a response. So, if you can’t wait that long. You can always go to the FAQs section and see if your question was answered by someone else there.

Another form of support that is offered within the GS 3.0 is bi-weekly live webinars where George will help answer any questions regarding your sniper sites or any other technical issues that you may be experiencing.

Other than that there is no 24/7 community, no Facebook group, or forum. Also, if you are new to online marketing or even struggling with online marketing, you will need a population of like-minded people to help you properly grow your business.

===> To learn affiliate and internet marketing while getting 24/7 community support read more here <===

Google Sniper 3.0 Price

In the Google Sniper presentation video, Brown makes it seem like you’ll pay just a one time fee of $47. This is a trick! It is not a one time fee, in small print, you’ll see that the price will need to be made on a monthly basis.

You can see the small print here.

GS 3.0 is $47 to get started with the ability to remain a lifetime member. Of course, you’ll only stay a lifetime member if you, continue to pay the $47.00 per month.

Brown feels that the fee is worth you paying because of the valued information you’ll receive. It also helps upkeep the system, and it filters out those people that are serious and believe in George Brown.

Although this is a tiny investment, George will send your joining fee back if at any time you are not satisfied in the next 60 days. Just send him an email. It seems like this is outdated information. I tried looking for his email, and there was no option to send an email to him or anyone else.

You Can’t Cancel By Email

The correct steps of canceling your account are to go through Clickbank themselves. Follow these steps to complete cancellation.

log in to www.Cickbank.com
Click on “Look up your order.”
Enter the email address that you used to sign up with GS 3.0 then enter your order number, last 4 of your payment method, or your zip code. Then click “Go.”
Click on “Get Support
Select “refund request.
Select why the reason for cancellation and enter a comment to be sent to the vendor.
Wait for the vendor to respond, and this can take 3-5 business days for the refund to be processed but, I assure you if you do it in the right time frame, you’ll get your refund back.

What Happens After You Sign Up?

After I signed up, I was immediately greeted by George in a video presentation. He claims to teach you what to do, by basically doing no work. This is a major red flag. You’ll always have to do the job when it comes to building an online business to see results.

I also was offered an immediate upgrade three times before, and I couldn’t even get to the Sniper training. I would not say I like programs that continually offer upgrades when I am initially signing up. Jeez…can we get to know each other first!

Brown claims that I would never be able to take part in this frankly insane opportunity again if I did not act right then and there. The first upgrade that was offered was $187.00. The access you would get with this instant upgrade would be for the Elite Sniper Training.

Supposedly it will help you make a lot more money from your Sniper Campaigns with real coaching and assistance to get all your questions answered.

If You Decide To Buy The Sniper Elite Pack, You’ll Receive:

Traffic Ultimatum – this comes with hundreds of step by step tutorials, training maps and more.

Empire Module – this will teach you the power of outsourcing for Google Sniper. If you want to make it to six figures, you’ll need this empire module.

4 VIP Coaching Sessions – this coaching session is held in webinar format, twice a month for the next two months.

After I declined the $187.00 upgrade, I was then offered a discount of $100.00 off which brings the product to $97.00. I also refused that offer so, that I could immediately get to the training.

When I thought I would get access to the Sniper training, I was wrong. I was now sitting in front of a third video advising me that I would be missing out on a great opportunity so, listen up clearly.

In the third video presentation, I was offered a Bonus: And we all like bonuses don’t we. This bonus was the offer to “Copy Brown” Case Study. He shows you all the steps he took to become successful. It is a step by step video course with nothing left out.

Although Mr. Brown does admit that this course is not for everyone, it is for the experienced internet marketer. To access this bonus, the cost is $97.00.

Training Access Finally, After All The Up-Sells

When I finally got access to the training… Mr. Brown then says in his presentation that the program that I got access to could be called Google Sniper 3.0 because it has been through many versions over the years and completely updated and fresh. The problem here is, I did sign up with Google Sniper 3.0. So, his video presentation is outdated!

My Final Opinion Of Google Sniper 3.0

First of all, I do want you to know that this is a legit company. So it is safe to try out if you chose to do so. Although, I wouldn’t recommend you to do that because, in my opinion, it’s a waste of time and money. Anyhow, you’ll get immediate access to the program right after you have listened to all the upsells.

Since this program came out, Google has updated its Google Panda and Penguin. Google Panda is updated continuously. It is a filter that is designed to penalize poor website content from ranking into google.

Google Penguin works in real time and looks for spammy links, and its objective is to downrank those sites with manipulative links. So, in essence, it would be hard to get free traffic when the source you’re using is outdated.

What does this mean to you? No traffic, No money. It’s as simple as that!

There are programs that you can get started with for free, that will teach you proper affiliate and internet marketing.

There are also advanced keyword tools that will help you make your competitors wonder what you are doing. So some you can take on a test drive for free.

Is Google Sniper 3.0 Effective?

To make this short and sweet Google Sniper teaches some effective techniques while other techniques that are taught in the course will shoot you in the foot. This is pointless! A waste of time and it will be tough for a newbie to distinguish what is right and what is wrong.

I also noticed that the training right from the beginning it is not a complete training platform for a newcomer. As I mentioned earlier, you’ll need a proper and comprehensive training, useful tools, and a community that supports you to succeed.

Not Recommended

In conclusion, I would not recommend anyone new online to start with a program that has no community support, no proper tools, and outdated information. GS 3.0 does not offer any of this for a newbie.

Most importantly I cannot stress this enough. Succeeding online without being surrounded by like-minded people, that can support you while getting your important issues answered, can be hard. You’ll need to be shown the proper steps to succeed, and know what tools to use. It would be best if you didn’t hit a roadblock.

Again, if you know a little about internet marketing hey, you may find value in this program. Who knows! I don’t think you would but, I could be wrong. If you try out the program. I would like to know your experience.

Phew! Finally got through this post. If you are serious about starting an online business, I recommend you to check out my #1 get started for a free recommendation. It is the same way that I started to see some success online.

PRODUCT_NAME at a Glance…

Name: Google Sniper 3.0

Website: www.gsniper.com

Price: $47.00 per month/ $187/ $97

Owners: George Brown

VERDICT: NOT RECOMMENDED…… Proceed with caution! You’ve been Warned!...

Thank you, for stopping by and reading this post. If you have used GS 3.0 what was your experience with it today? Does it still work for you?  I would love to know. If you have any comments or questions please leave them below. I would be glad to help you out! ?

Until next time…


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  1. Hey very nice and well put together article! I’m also with wealthy affiliate working on my own site and I did like some of your strategies! I also don’t like all those upsells them company’s do, it took me forever to find something like wealthy affiliate to get me the training I needed and to get to work! Keep up the good work!

    • Hi, Justin I agree that the up sells can be a problem, especially, when an individual is just signing up. Wealthy Affiliate has taught me a lot as it did you. I would highly encourage any who is looking into building a home based business or maybe, even struggling as an entrepreneur to sign up with them. It is absolutely free to get started. Thank you, for stopping by & taking the time to read my post! Have an awesome day!?

  2. Hello and thanks for sharing this very detailed post. The downside to this is that the bad and the ugly seems to outweigh the good. I guess for the more experience some part of this program may benefit.

    • Hi, Norman! You’re absolutely right. The bad and ugly does out weigh the good that is why I do not encourage newcomers to try this out. I myself, did not find any value in the program but, I have read other GS 3.0 member reviews where they did find value. So, I guess at the end of the day. It is just the preference of the person. Thank you, for stopping by! Have an awesome day! ?

  3. Thanks for the useful information…

    I heard of Google Sniper a couple years ago but was always hesitant to actually pull the trigger on the investment side; I’m certainly glad I didn’t it really sounds like with all the upsells, that there may even be more hidden fees associated with joining (that’s what I would be afraid of id I joined)

    Just curious, were you able to make any money using the system?


    • Hi Mike thank you for stopping by. No, I did not make any money with this program. When I first started online, I would have never been able to determine what was right or wrong with Google Sniper 3.0 so, I simply signed up with the system to give my visitors a thorough review on what to expect if they were considering the program. After, I saw that some of the techniques in the program were outdated. I cancelled my membership. And, I definitely do not recommend anyone to attempt this course. A lot of the information in there can be found for free online or just by going to YouTube. Thank you, for stopping by! Have an awesome day…?

  4. Great article here! Thank you for sharing. I’m just getting up and rolling with building a website after learning with Wealthy Affiliate. I got scammed prior to finding WA, so now I’m super cautious, but LOVE what I’ve learned and all the potential I now have. This is great!

    • Thank you! Yes, there are a lot of different scams online. It’s good to hear that you are learning in Wealthy Affiliate. I, myself, have learned a lot as well. Thank you, for stopping by, Shelli!?

  5. Hi Kisha, and thanks so much for the thorough review. I hadn’t heard of this one yet but I’m glad you gave me the heads up. It’s so frustrating when people make money off unsuspecting beginners who are honestly wanting to succeed.

    • Hi Suzanne, I am glad that you found the review helpful. I never heard of it before either. And when I came across it I decided to review it. I am so, glad that I did because, it is not a program that I would recommend. Especially for newcomers. I want to see everyone succeed so, I try my best to make my reviews thorough. And expose what the program really offers. Thank you for stopping by! Have an awesome day! ?

  6. This is by far the best google sniper review I’ve read so far. Thank you so much for this comprehensive and detailed honest review. I have read other reviews which are saying the similar things you are saying on the article. but I really enjoyed yours. I am wondering if anyone made grood amount of money using this system.

    • Thank you, Hong! I am glad you liked my review. I tried really digging deep to find out if any money was made, with the system by others. Unfortunately, it was hard to tell. I found nothing but, what I did find that is not a program that I recommend. Thank you, for stopping by! Have an awesome day. ?

  7. Hey awesome post. See I would have never figured that this program wasn’t any good for beginners. I wonder why it’s even advertised like that then? Lol kind of unfortunate.

    • Hi Jasmere, Yes it is unfortunate. I was shocked myself that it was still available on the market. I could only assume that it is still offered because, people are still buying the program. It is hard to say. Only time will tell. Thanks for stopping by!?

  8. Hi Kisha! Thanks for putting out the res flag. This is a new name to me, and from your review this is definitely a NO, NO go.
    Had a similar exprience with one called MOBE, $49 front end and then you were hit with huge upsells . Some of these come with goods & bads, though the bads outweigh the goods. Not ideal for those starting out. Newbies need to be kept aware of the potential dangers out there.

    • Hi Jon, I am glad you were able to read this post before the “Google Sniper 3.0” came across your way. I have heard of MOBE, actually I was one of them that purchased into MOBE. Then I realized that it had some great points but, the bad point is that it is not ideal for some one starting out. And, yes very experience with up-sells along the way.

      Google Sniper 3.0 is also something that I would not recommend to anyone, especially if you are starting out. A strong foundation in marketing must be built to succeed online. Without a strong foundation, everything can go done hill. That is why, I strongly encourage a newbie online to start out with Wealthy Affiliate Much Success to you in 2018 and beyond! Have an awesome day! ?


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