What Is Ecom Cash Code? Truth Exposed!

Welcome to the Ecom Cash Code Review!

Name: Ecom Cash Code

Website: easycashcode.com or ezcashcode.com

Price: $18

Owners: Reginald Stinson

Best For: Not a newbie

SUMMARY: An educational internet marketing platform that is supposed to teach you how to make money online, through different strategies successfully.

Overall Rating:

Not recommended for a newbie, and you’ll find out why in this review.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, in which I will get a small commission if you were to click and make a purchase. Please read my disclosure for further info.

Ecom Cash Code Overview

As I was making my rounds within my #1 training community, I came across this system. A member that I was introducing myself to was curious and concerned about this product. She wanted to know if the Ecom Cash Code was a scam or not?

Well, I have never heard anything about the Ecom Cash Code program before, so I decided to go and do some research as I was using my handy tool Jaaxy. I found that over 1000 people per month are still searching for this system.

So, what do I do? I go to investigate it further so, that I can make sure it’s not a scam.

Ecom Cash Code Review

Ecom Cash Code Red Flags

Immediately, when I first viewed the sales page, I was thrown off. The first red flag I noticed is the over-hyped claim, of making $500 daily on complete auto-pilot. Of course, earning $500 a day on auto-pilot would be a dream for most but, is it that easy to do.

The second red flag was that the actors seemed to be rehearsed. Indeed, they probably came from Fiverr. They go on and on, how the Ecom Cash Code has changed their lives. I mean I don’t know maybe this system has changed their lives but, from what I am seeing, I don’t know how.

Furthermore, one of the actors might have made a mistake because; he calls the system UOP. Later, I discovered that UOP is the LLC listed on the Ecom Cash Code affiliate agreement page. UOP stands for Unit of Prosperity. It was just a false alarm; he didn’t make a mistake. UOP and Ecom Cash Code are all the same.

The third alert, I found that the Ecom Cash Code has changed its domain name a couple of times. Plus, the price of this system has been reduced several times as well. Previously the system was offered at $49.

Then I saw at one point it may have been for free after you signed up with your email address. Regardless, I don’t know what to think. What I do know? I do know right now the system is $18.

Anyhow, this system reminds me of a few previous reviews that I’ve written, such as the Easy 1 up or the $25 Dollar 1 Up System.

No Refunds At All With Ecom Cash Code

What do they all have in common? There is a strict no refund policy. In other words, you really should know for sure that your willing to risk $18.00 to try out this system because there will be no refunds.

Furthermore, this business is a peer to peer business model. Meaning you will pay the person that invited you to the system, and the cycle repeats.

While I am talking about paying the person that invited you, I must also add that each team sponsor will have different payment options available. Some sponsors may only take PayPal only while other sponsors take all forms of payment.

This also means that Ecom Cash Code, can’t be held responsible for funds that they have never collected. I hope you never because any issues with your sponsor because, if you ever have a problem with transactions, commissions, and so on, you will need to deal with the person that invited you to the system. That’s a little risky if you were to ask for my opinion.

What Does The BBB Say?

Anyhow, according to the BBB Ecom Cash Code has an “A” rating, which doesn’t make sense to me after they had one complaint that was never resolved.

Anyhow, there have been no complaints in the lasts 12 months.

However, in the last three years, there was a complaint which was not resolved according to the BBB website. It had to deal with an Ecom Cash Code member who joined the system. Started promoting it and invited 36 referrals.

Well, he wasn’t paid his commissions that he rightfully earned by inviting 36 referrals. So, according to his comment, he felt scammed. The amount in dispute was $683. Read the comment here.

I later found that companies can pay the BBB money to defend their reviews. So, now I’m thinking can the BBB be even trusted? It is said that positive rating can be purchased, while companies who can’t pay for higher rating fees, tend to end up with lower letter grades. Check out what ABC news had to say.

What Is Ecom Cash Code?

Ecom Cash Code is an educational product that teaches you about internet marketing but, are the strategies that are taught valid? After reviewing this product, I have learned that this system is a huge sales funnel.

Meaning, you will pay more than $18.00 to promote this entire system. The $18.00 is a front end cost. However, it will not pay for the additional cost of your autoresponder, hosting, paid traffic, and other training strategies.

At the moment the page builder and landing pages were a one time fee of $97 but, the owner Reginald Stinson mentioned that it will not stay that price forever.

Anyhow, the strategies that are taught with this program are outdated and may not work today. Nevertheless, there was indeed about 13 hours of training available in the Ecom Cash Code back office.

Is the Ecom Cash Code system, easy? No, it’s not monopoly money. It does take work, in fact, at the bottom of the Ecom Cash Code Sales Video it states that the income claims are not to be served as a guarantee of income. It is designed to give you an idea of what’s possible of if you work your butt off.

Regardless, any money made online will take work and learning.

Anyhow, keep reading….


  • Income Claim Hype
  • You don’t have control over the SEO.
  • The training is not solid for a beginner.
  • Makes it seems easy to make money online.

Ecom Cash Code FAQ’s

As I was researching the Ecom Cash Code, I’ve seen a few common questions that were asked by people who were interested in joining this system. So, I wanted to go over them here.

Question #1 – How is traffic generated to this system?

Answer #1

You’ll generate traffic to this system by either paid ads or sharing your referral link on social media. These traffic methods do work; however, they have different outcomes.

For example, paid ads, you’ll need income to start the campaigns furthermore, if you have never run a paid campaign before, you could lose hundreds to thousands of dollars on paid ads. Hence, to run traffic, you’ll need to know what you’re doing with paid ads.

Another example, with social media marketing, you’ll need to have established social media accounts. Plus, you’ll have to interact with your following, build trust, and then hope for the best.

My Suggestion For Question #1

First of all, after learning different ways to make money online, this is a system that I wouldn’t get involved with; I prefer affiliate marketing.

With affiliate marketing I don’t have to pay for ads, nor do I have to use social media marketing. All I need to do is learn SEO.

Regardless, if this is a system that you can’t resist, I would suggest that you learn SEO and marketing it with a blog. Learning to market from a blog would set you up for long term success.

Would you like to learn how to start a blog? Read this tutorial.

Web Hosting

Question #2 – Do you have to Recruit others to make money?

Answer #2

Yes, with most online money programs, you will have to recruit people to make some sort of action. Whether it’s to buy the product you’re discussing. Or if it’s recruiting them to join the product.

Usually, with systems like this, you have to recruit people. Meaning, you have to either put money into ads. Or you’re going to have to be that person that is always showing up in my social media inboxes.

My suggestion for question #2

Regardless, with this product, you’ll be recruiting others to the Ecom Cash Code opportunity. The person that joins the company with you will also invest in the Ecom Cash Code training. Then the cycle repeats itself.

If you don’t like recruiting people and still prefer to join this program, I would suggest that you learn SEO.

Why do you need to learn SEO? Because it will get the product in front of other people eyeballs. I have a tutorial on how you can start a blog. Plus you may want to read over this tutorial on how to prepare your site for the search engines.

Anyhow, another reason, I like affiliate marketing is because I’m not a recruiter. I would not say I love chasing people. I don’t want to feel like I am bothering others, and I prefer to share information and not sell information.

Who is Ecom Cash Code For?

I don’t recommend this product to anyone. I wouldn’t sign up for it myself so, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else. I mean an experienced marketer might find some use in this product because they already know what they’re doing.

However, a newbie may join this program and be more confused than they were from the beginning.

The problem is, with the Ecom Cash Code, it’s a funnel with many up-sells, which I will discuss further in the next few paragraphs.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with a sales funnel. That’s just the way business goes today. Even when you go to McDonald’s, they’re always up-selling you on more products. Such as do you want to add a drink or fries with that. Or would you like to upgrade your drinks and fries?

The point is there is nothing wrong with a sales funnel. However, when you are new to the internet, this can cause huge confusion.

The part I don’t like is, when you’re buying into too many products, at once, you’ll never be able to focus and learn genuinely. If you can never focus, you may never make money.

You May End Up FrustratedSaveSaveSave

Ecom Cash Code Tools & Training

As promised earlier here is an overview of the training videos that you would get access to.

  • Advertising in Facebook Groups
  • How to Join FB Groups
  • How To Quickly Post to FB Groups
  • How To get immediate traffic to your business
  • How to advertise in FB groups.
  • How to join FB groups using FB group
  • Learn the attributes of a 6-figure earner and how to become one.
  • Learn how to post high converting ads on Craiglist and generate leads.
  • A replay of the marketing mastermind.
  • Traffic strategies webinar replay part 1 & 2
  • Q&A session with leaders.

After reviewing so many products online, I have to say the training that is given for this product, is iffy. You may receive some value, out of the training and you may not.

Learning to market online cannot be covered within 13 hours. However, it may give you some information to allow you to get started, especially if you don’t have any knowledge of internet marketing.

On the other hand, I must admit that the training is incomplete and it could leave you all confused and not knowing what to do next especially if you are new online. Like I said you might learn a thing or two from this system but, you could get more frustrated than you were from the start.

In all honesty, it may be a waste of $18.00 because you will need further training to get a better idea of how to be successful online.

Ecom Cash Code Support

Whenever, starting an online business, you’ll always want to have some support. With Ecom Cash Code, you’re in luck; they do have help in their Ecom Cash Code Members Official Facebook Group.

I’ve noticed that Facebook groups work differently from the community that I get help from. Hey but, that is just my opinion.

Moving right along, another way to receive support is by getting in touch with your sponsor. Whenever you have to recruit others to a program, the person that invited you to the system is considered your sponsor. Your sponsor will usually help assist you with any questions or concerns.

Ecom Cash Code Price

I’ll admit the investment with Ecom Cash Code, is not sky-high, but, once you get into the system, there are other up-sells, that you will be enticed into buying. Keep in mind that you don’t have to invest any further if you choose not too.

For example, there will be an autoresponder investment. Of course, at some point in your business, you will want to invest in an autoresponder. As they say, the money is in the list. It takes at least seven contacts from you before a customer is willing to make a purchase.

Anyhow, what I’ve learned from buying many autoresponder products is, you should purchase a stand-alone autoresponder. A stand-alone autoresponder is like AweberGetresponse, Or Convertkit.

The autoresponder with Ecom Cash Code is not a stand-alone autoresponder. It is attached to the Ecom Cash Code business opportunity. Meaning it can not integrate with other services if you decided to get involved with other companies.

For example, I have an unlimited email list with mailing boss but, it is almost useless because it can only work with a Builder All account or I would need to purchase the plugin Zapier.

So with autoresponders like Aweber and GetResponse, two of the most popular autoresponders, they can integrate with almost any business, service, or product that you decide to join.

Don’t believe me! Read my experience about the SendShark Autoresponder.

By the way, did I mention when you join this product, you must pay the recruiting person directly? In other words, if you join. You will be paying the affiliate who invited you directly.

Equally-important you will also be responsible for taking payments from other people. Hence, which also means you will need to find a way to accept the fees that you will be taking from other people.

Try AWeber free for 30 days! – AWeber Communications

My Final Opinion Of Ecom Cash Code

Although, I can admit that the Ecom Cash Code isn’t a scam. Above all, you do get something for your money which is the training. There have also been reports of people making money with this system. However, I did discover that the people I came across that were making money have also been online for a while.

The best suggestion, I can give you, is not to join but, if you insist. I would suggest you join a team that’s willing to do further training. Now, what team is that? I have no idea because; I am not an Ecom Cash Code member.

I am a member of this training, which is a place where we learn not to chase people, we don’t handle money, nor do we deal with payments. This type of business model is called affiliate marketing.

With affiliate marketing, you can have multiple streams of income. Plus, start a business in any passion, hobby, or idea. I enjoy this business model over the peer to peer business model. After this review what business model would you prefer?

Let Me Ask You This:

Do you like to fish? Love pets? What about camping? Do you shop on Amazon and want to learn how to sell their products?

It doesn’t matter what direction you want to take. If you would like to check out how affiliate marketing works, see it for yourself. There is no risk. No credit card needed and you can join for $0. Click here to get started.

However, if you want to join the Ecom Cash Code, feel free to do so by going to their website. By the way, there are two websites for this system: eashcashcode.com or ezcashcode.com

The bottom line is, I don’t recommend a newbie to start their journey with the Ecom Cash Code. Are you a complete newbie online and would like to learn how to build a website online? If you answered yes, then try this website builder out.

It’ll teach you way more than the Ecom Cash Code. Above all, it’s free to get started and you’ll learn how to make money online selling Amazon, eBay, Clickbank, and any other products.

Your Turn

What business model do you prefer? Chime in, and let’s discuss this. Don’t forget to share this post. I wish you the best with your success.

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