What Is A Work From Home Job? And Are They Legit?

The question you may have is What Is A Work From Home Job? And Are They Legit?

In short, yes work from home jobs are legit but, there are times when you want to watch out for signs of a scam.

Do you want to work at home but, don’t understand the whole concept?

Although this question may seem like common sense, it’s clearly not.

Sometimes, advertisements are displayed on social media, in the newspaper, or on the internet and that advertisement isn’t clear.

This leaves people confused. Today, you will no longer be confused. A work from home job can be any work related position, that does not require you to be in a corporate office. Instead of showing up at the office. You’ll have the pleasure of working directly from the comfort of your own home. Work From Home jobs still requires the normal job application.

What Is A Work From Home Job?

Like the phrase states, it is literally where you’re working from home.

Just like any other brick and mortar opportunity. If you’re going to dive into this types of opportunity. You will need to understand the difference between being an employee. And being an independent contractor.

Employee vs. Independent Contractor

This is a common confusion. It’s an employee vs. independent contractor.

Are they the same?

No, in fact, they’re two different things.

One is an employee.  While the other would be self-employed.

To become an independent contractor from home, you’ll be considered self-employed and not an employee.

With that being said let’s discuss what the difference is.

What Is A Work From Home Employee?

As a work from home employee, you will be considered an actual employee of the company that you are applying for.

A work at home employee is usually required to work a set amount of hours.  Adhere to company rules and policies.  Plus complete the normal new hire package, which will include a W-4 or W-2 form.

It should also include an I-9 form which usually has to be notarized.

Do You Have To Provide Equipment?

As a work from home employee, most of the time you will be required to provide your own equipment.  Such as:

  • computer
  • high-speed internet
  • a phone line
  • webcam
  • and or a headset

In other cases, the employer will provide this equipment for you. Or they may offer a reimbursement allowance to help cover your monthly expenses.

Each company has different rules and requirements.

PRO TIP: The requirements and rules are usually listed on the job posting.

Working from home as an employee also requires a quiet workplace and professionalism.


Communication is handled in different ways. Usually, everything is done online.  This will include:

  • Team meetings,
  • One-on-one discussions
  • Training
  • Performance-Based Reviews

PRO TIP: All of this will be discussed when you’re hired.

In short working at home as an employee would be the same as if you were working in a local office.

The only difference is

  • Equipment may not be provided.
  • You still can make a full-time income.
  • Support is not immediately accessible

What Does The Employer Provide In Most Cases?

Most employers when working from home as an employee will pay for your background checks, training, and or drug test if it is applicable.

Being an employee can benefit you, if you prefer to have a more structured environment because, as mentioned earlier there is a set schedule.

In addition to this, you have structured rules to go by, health, dental, 401k, and any other benefits are provided to you and your family if you choose to sign up for them.

More importantly, each and every pay period your monthly income statements are prepared for you. And your taxes are automatically deducted.

Interview Process For Work At Home Employees

Most interviews are held online by different software’s, such as Skype, HireVue, and many more.

Once you have been given the opportunity to accept an interview with the company, they will notify you of your next steps.

If you’re located near a corporate office. Your interview may be held in person.

PRO TIP: Usually the employer will disclose this information.

What Is A Work At Home Independent Contractor?

Unlike an employee, you will provide your personal services, to a business, entity or a corporation under certain terms and conditions, which are usually discussed at the time of contracting.

Independent contractors do not fill out W-4 or W-2 forms, instead, a W-9 form or 1099 form is required.

As an independent contractor, you are not considered an employee of any particular company.

What this means, is? You are not employed. Nor is it a job.

You will be considered self-employed.

A job application is required just like any other jobs but, you’re not considered an employee.

You may even be required to submit your resumes or any other requested documents.

PRO TIP: You can read more information about Independent Contractors at Wikipedia.com    

What Does This Mean?

When filling out either a W-9 or 1099 form, keep in mind that you are considered self-employed.

Why is this important to know? You will have to calculate your own taxes at the end of the year.

Taxes are not deducted from your paycheck each and every month.

 WARNING: I am not, a Tax Advisor. Nor an Attorney so, I can not go into details on how to handle your taxes.

I would suggest that you speak with your nearest Tax office or a CPA.

However, it is suggested to set some money to the side so, that you are prepared for Uncle Sam when it comes to filing your taxes at the beginning of each year.

PRO TIP: If you are concerned about how taxes work, see what the IRS has to say themselves about Independent contractors and employees.

What Does An Independent Contractor Do?

Independent contractors can provide almost any services such as customer service, virtual assistance, tech support, administrative assistance, and the list goes on.

They usually set their own hours and choose the opportunities that fit their needs.

Of course, the services you provide as an Independent contractor has to be acceptable, in order to keep the gig.

Are Benefits Provided?

Keep in mind you’re not considered an employee. The normal benefits that we are all used to receiving from our employers will not be provided. Nor are your taxes taken out.

However, you will receive a set pay rate in most cases. The beauty of being self-employed is you will be working for yourself.

Interview Process For Independent Contractors

Being an independent contractor, the interview process is different for each opportunity.

I have seen companies not require an interview at all.

While other companies just required a background check.

I’ve also seen companies that want you to take a test or write an essay on why they should consider you and your services before they offer you the contracting opportunity.

With this being said the interview process as an independent contractor is totally different than becoming an employee.

What Equipment Is Provided?

In most cases, the independent contractor funds his or her own background check, drug test (if required), and funds their own training.

You will also have to provide all and any equipment, that helps you get the job done, which can include keeping track of your own expenses and time? Unless, a system is provided for you, by the company.

Why Do You Pay For Your Own Materials?

Because you are an independent self-employed individual.

Being an independent contractor is almost like owning your own home based business but, it’s not the same.

There is still a difference between an independent contractor and an independent home-based business owner.

I won’t go into details here, because it is a totally different subject and it will make this article pretty long.

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