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What is a SEO Friendly Website

In a previous article, I mentioned that you need to have an SEO friendly website. Today I will discuss and explain in the best way possible on, what is a SEO friendly website. If you missed the last article about Understanding SEO for beginners, you can always read that at a later time. Let’s get down to business…How To SEO Your Website For Free

When building a website you’ll always want to make sure you are implementing the proper SEO techniques. SEO techniques done properly can help you generate traffic. Make the wrong move and it can hurt your website when you are trying to generate traffic.

An SEO friendly website can actually help your business grow but, how? That is what I am going to try and answer for you today. If you arrived at this post today, you have probably heard of the terms SEO friendly sites before but, you never knew what it really meant and how it could affect you.

What does it mean by SEO friendly Websites?

When building a website, applying the proper SEO method is important to your websites long-term success. Or your website may never be seen. If your site is never seen within the search engine, this means that traffic will be almost non-existent. No traffic means no conversions or leads, which equals no revenue.

Furthermore, when not applying the proper SEO method, the search engine bots are sent out to crawl your site. When they crawl your site, they may not be able to understand what your site is about. If the search engine bots do not understand what your site is about, then this can cause your site, post, or page to be set to the back of billions and billions of other sites. So, this is the reason why, we aim to for applying the right SEO methods.

Bots Crawl your Site

When the bots are crawling your site, they are reading and trying to understand what your site is about. After consuming your site information, your site will be stored in their enormous database of billions and billions of files.

When a person like you or me makes a search query in one of the search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Your site may just be one of many sites that the search engine recommends to the searcher. Now, wouldn’t that be nice?How To SEO A Website Design

Truth is most people today, rely on Google for pretty much everything. They search for instructions on how to do things, they look for products or reviews.

They even search for ways to solve problems. Google itself has billions of users. In fact, there are 40,000 search queries done every second of the day according to

Applying the proper SEO techniques you could rank into and generate free traffic. What does this mean? Free traffic, means visitors, conversions or leads, which equals revenue.

Here are a few basics concepts that you need to apply when building out your site.

Congruent and Descriptive Titles

The most important SEO technique is to have congruent and descriptive titles. The titles to your post, page, and home pages of your site should all make sense with your article content.

For example, if I were to go and make a search query for home based business opportunities – 10 things you should know.

There is no way, I should arrive at this post and the article is talking about something else like “what I should know in a brick and mortar business”. So, the title to your post or pages must be congruent. This will help your visitors stay on your page longer. The relevance is what your visitors will be looking for.

Meta Titles and Descriptions

You’ll also want to set your meta title and description to be congruent with your post. When someone makes a search query. They will see your meta title and description right there in the search engine. If you keep everything congruent then, it will resonate with the searchers query. I have provided an example below.Meta Title And Meta Description

A meta description is a snippet, that will summarize the content on your web page. When optimizing a web page it is the best practice to use your meta title and description for SEO. Whether this really plays a role in ranking or not. It is still a good idea to use it because this is what will show in the search engines.

Formatted URLs

Your URL to your post or page should be properly formatted and match the title to your post or page. It is also important to know that this link to your post or page is called a “permalink”. The permalink leads someone directly to that particular post or page. I have provided an example of this below.


Website Speed

Let’s face it no one likes to sit around waiting for a site page to load. If it takes to long for your site to load, your visitors will leave immediately. The most important part is not even the search engines like to deal with slow loading pages. When your website or pages of your website is loading slow, this will cause your rankings to go down and worst case scenario it will be harder to even get ranked.

Here are some places where you can test the speed of your site….

The one I use the most is the Google page speed test. When building your site you will also want to ensure that your site is mobile friendly. How do you do this? You’ll need to pick a responsive theme for PC, MAC, tablets, and mobile. The search engines will consider this in your site ranking so, choose your themes wisely.

With a fast loading site you will have an upper advantage in site rankings over the sites that are not loading as fast. In return, this could boost your engagement, traffic, sales, and revenue.

Quality Content

The content on your site must be unique and provide value to the visitors. What does this mean? Your site must be written in your own words, not copied and pasted from elsewhere.

Google does not like duplicate content. Neither does any other search engine. You also must provide quality information, by informing your visitors, educating them, and giving them a solution on what they are looking for.

I am sure by now, if you have been online for at least two months, you have heard the saying SEO SEO SEO“Content is King”. What exactly do they mean? Well, it means that when your content is of quality, it will have people coming back for more. The content must be relevant to what the searcher is looking for. Provide solutions. And, stand out from all your competitors.

Everyone has a different voice, and each person will have a different message but, in general, you will want your content to stand out.

Be original, be opinionated, and most of all be you. No, one else can be you or reproduce you. Always make sure your content is easy to read, do your best in organizing your content on your website. When first starting out, this is not always easy but, you will learn as time goes on.

Relevant Images

Truth is the search engines cannot see an image. Providing an image within your content is more for your readers. People love to see images but, does the search engine love them?

No, the search engine cannot see the images at all. Only the readers can. So, in order for the search engines to crawl your images, you’ll have to provide proper ALT text and file names within the image description. Usually, you will use keywords to do so. I use the Jaaxy keyword research tool. Jaaxy Keyword Research

An image can also take up a lot of space on your WordPress website so, it is important to optimize them.

An image that is not optimized can really cause your site to slow down. Just the other day, I had to spend over 10 hours optimizing all my images on my site. Unfortunately, I have to say that was a long day resizing all my images!

Images also help your readers understand what you are referring to, it makes the text easier to read. And, sometimes it will keep your readers entertained. So, although, the search engines can’t see the image physically, they can still read the image from the text that you place into the image.

Post and Page Structures

Each post or page that you write should have some kind of structure.

You’ll want to have Captivating titles. I understand not always can you come up with captivating titles but, do your best. Also, you want to use header tags. The header tags will be used for your titles in each subject for your post. Writing a list can help with the structure as well. Like if you are informing others on certain items that they’ll need put it in a list format.

The length of your content can also play a role. Of course, some will agree while others disagree. It is recommended to write a post with at least 1500 words or more. If you have less than 1,500 words you’ll want to make sure that the content you are writing is truly of quality. How To Seo Website

While building your website out, link your post to the other pages on your website. This is called “internal linking”. Keep the internal linking relevant to the subject you are talking about. Internal linking can help with your SEO as well.

A Website Thrives on Engagement

Last but, not least a website blog thrives on engagement. Whether you are receiving comments from others, updating an old post, or regularly publishing a new post. You should keep your blog alive by regularly updating it in some form or fashion.

When first starting out, it is perfectly normal, to feel overwhelmed especially, if this is your first rodeo in building a site. Everyone’s posting schedule will vary. You can publish daily, every 2 to 3 days, or even weekly. It is strictly dependent on you. You’re the boss of your website.

Although regularly engagement is vital. It is more important at first to learn how to write readable and informative content before you stress over how much content you are publishing.

Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

Before, I go into my final opinion on SEO websites. I want to share a video that is within the community that I learned all of this from. It’s called Wealthy Affiliate, they are the most advanced comprehensive affiliate marketing training platform.

Here is a free video training on how to SEO your website for free.

How to SEO Your Website For Free.

My final thoughts on What is a SEO Friendly Website

I never knew how important it was to build an SEO friendly website. If you want to generate FREE traffic for the long term of your business. This is a technique that you will definitely have to dive deeper into.

When, first learning SEO is not easy but, it also is not rocket science. If I can learn it, so can you. Truth is, nothing is ever easy when you first start out. As time goes on, just like riding your first bike. You had to learn how to balance yourself and then eventually you were a pro rider. Of course, it got easier as time went on. It is the same with SEO.

Having an SEO friendly website does take time to learn but, in the end. Generating free traffic is worth it to me. SEO friendly sites generate traffic 24/7, for free. In my opinion, It is the best way to get traffic for the life of your business.

If you don’t have a website and would like to get started with one, check out my #1 recommendation. It is totally free to get started. You will learn everything you need to know in order to succeed online…you’ll also be given two free websites to start off with…

Until next time…

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