What Is 7 Minute Daily Profits? Doesn’t Look Good!

Welcome to the 7-Minute Daily Profits Review!

Name: 7-Minute Daily Profits

Website: www.7minsdailyprofits.online

Price: $9 for server fee

Owners: Vince Howard

Best For: No one

SUMMARY: 7 minute​ profits is a software that is supposed to help you make pre-made affiliate marketing websites, while it makes money for you one autopilot.

7-Minute Daily Profits Overview

Would you like to generate $500 per day online just like clockwork? How would you like to make $703.18 within 6 hours right after joining this system? Amazing right?

The best part is this software has claimed to be easy to use, and you basically don’t need to do much… Get this…you’ll work…. only 7 minutes a day!

Indeed this is a dream come true. I mean who wouldn’t want to work just 7 minutes a day and be able to make $500.00. I have been working in the wrong field. Moreover, I think everyone would like to know about this opportunity.

7 Minute Daily Profits Earn 500 A Day

Wait.… Is this a scam or legit?

Today, I came across this system, plus, I noticed people are still searching for it. I can admit I was pretty skeptical about all the excited and promising instant riches that this program is claiming.

So, I’ve decided to due to some further research to find out what is going on.

What Is 7-Minute Daily Profits?

I knew this system was outlandish when I first watched the sales video. I mean the landing page has a big brave statement saying that you can make up to $500.00 today!

Today! Yes, you read that right!

Meaning, if you were to go and join this system, the owner Vince Howard is making courageous claims that you can make money today.

Making that amount of money online is possible, however, where the sales page is being misleading is you won’t make it today, and you definitely can’t make it within 7 minutes. Plus, this guy in the photo below, claims he made money within hours.

Earn Within 6 Hours 7 Mintues Daily Profits

Especially, if you’re new to the online space, and not to mention if you’re not willing to invest in paid traffic, it’s just not possible.

On top of that Vince, is claiming that he has the secret to making money online and no one else has it. This secret of his is just hype. By now, you should notice a pattern, all these internet marketing Gurus, they all claim to have the secret.

Well, if they had the secret why doesn’t it work. I’ll tell you why because, there is NO SECRET. I don’t mean to seem pushy, or a Debby downer but, trust me I’m not misleading you. I want you to understand that these are all lies. There is no secret to making money online.

It takes is the will to succeed, time, learning, and the drive.

It’s embarrassing to admit that I have lost a lot of money online looking for that same secret that these Gurus are talking about, only to find that at the end of the day, there is no secret. I didn’t even realize that until I joined this community. Then, and only then is when I realized the truth; there is no secret.

This product has nothing to do with forex, paid surveys, MLM’s, pyramid scheme, or dropshipping. Instead, it claims to help you pay off debt, live the luxury lifestyle, and of course, make money online. The sales video is about 20 minutes long, and it seemed like I was never going to understand what the product indeed was.

What he did proudly claim was that the 7 minutes daily profit is supposed to be the easiest and fastest way to generate money online within 7 minutes a day.

Pay Off Debt With 7 Minute Daily Profits

How is that possible you ask? Great question according to Vince this is possible because, you don’t need to to create a product, nor do you need one. You won’t need to know how to use a computer, nor do you need to be a software designer.

All you need to know about is how to use a mouse. Admittedly, this Vince guy is funny but, no worries Vince says he isn’t insane. He’s only trying to help as many people as he can achieve financial freedom.

Moreover, although, Vince is claiming to help as many people as he possibly can, later in the sales video he pulls the scarcity tactic which many marketers do. They make you feel like you have only so many days, minutes, or hours to get the product that they’re offering.

Anyhow, here is another testimony where a lady claims to have made $85k one year and then another $200k the next. These are false claims.

Lots Of Money Made With 7 Minutes Daily Profits

Is 7-Minute Daily Profits A Scam?

​Although Vince Howard told a great story, in fact, it was almost like listening to a storybook. Indeed, it was fascinating to hear! You’ll soon learn that products like this, they all have similar stories.

Anyhow, Vince claimed that he had been featured on the news, Huffington Post, and Forbes. I couldn’t find any resources connecting him and the mentioned companies.

Regardless, Vince doesn’t show his face anywhere on his sales page so; I wouldn’t even know who he was if I had found him to be truthful.

Vince claims to have been an ordinary truck driver living in a one-room apartment with his wife, Lisa. See Lisa had to work two jobs. Day and night.

Vince was getting frustrated and looking for ways to make more money, so he decided to make money online. After searching for countless hours. Vince found Victor who had a unique way of making money online. Vince was instantly hooked.

Anyhow, this Victor guy, he also had testimonies and income claims. So, Vince was tired of living paycheck to paycheck, he then decided to join this limited time offer with Victor was offering.

To make a long story short. Victor testimonies and incomes claims must have been false because Vince was scammed out of $10k. His families last dollars. Can you believe that he has lost all of his families money?

I can only assume that is why Vince has turned around and is guaranteeing that you will make 5x your investment within 7 minutes; this is another red flag.

There is no possible way to ensure how much money anyone can make online. Or offline, it’s just not possible to guarantee anything. Besides, 5x your investment would be a return on investment of $45.00.


  • ​The low front end cost.
  • ​Vince told a great story.

  • It’s not a scam.


  • ​Scarcity tactics only a few slots left.
  • ​Most likely won’t work.
  • ​False testimonies.
  • ​False income claims.
  • ​It’s not free as Vince mentioned.

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​Who is 7-Minute Daily Profits for?

Although 7 minutes profits claim that this software isn’t recommended for people who get excited about sitting in rush hour, or who don’t believe making money online is possible, and you want to work hard for someone else the rest of your life; I don’t recommend this software to anyone.

I honestly can’t tell you if you can make any money with this program. Also, I haven’t come across anyone claiming to make any money with the software.7

I take that back the only ones claiming to make money with the software are the people on the video sales page, which is probably actors hired from Fiverr.

The bottom line is I don’t recommend, it. It’s your final decision.

​7-Minute Daily Profits Tools & Training

​Free VIP training with Chris Luck which was about 90 minutes long. The exercise involved solo ad training, how to connect your landing page and the autoresponder Getresponse together, and how to create a squeeze page.

​7-Minute Daily Profits Price

​7 minute daily profits kept boasting throughout the sales video that this is a free system. I understand that to make money; you have to invest money. However, I didn’t expect to sign up for free and have to pull out my credit card. It didn’t happen like that, and this system isn’t free, so that was a lie.

Instead, 7 minutes daily profits cost $9.00, which wasn’t breaking the bank account but, here is the kicker. Once you join 7 minutes to profit you’re immediately hit with upsells.

If you’ve already bought into this system, thankfully, you’re covered by the Clickbank 60-day money back guaranteed.

This $9.00 is supposed to be for your server and to get access to the program. Anyhow, there were upsells, Profit booster for $147 and Commission Activator for $127.00.

​My Final Opinion of 7-Minute Daily Profits

By now you should understand what 7 minute daily profits are, I wouldn’t buy this product, so I definitely wouldn’t recommend it. Furthermore, in my opinion, the landing page is a bit salesy and borderline scammy.

There is no need to play with people lives and emotions but, the truth is that’s how these online make money programs work. They wouldn’t make money if they didn’t play off your emotions and life situations.

It seems like all these borderline scammy products do this, and I don’t endorse anything like that — besides, they are nothing but, shiny objects, which you should stop chasing.

They promise you all the riches without having to put in the work. Plus you’ll get the world, the luxury life, they show you all of those bogus income claims and deliver nothing in return. Most people are failing online because, of this misleading information. It’s just not right.

Anyhow, making money online is possible, and yes, you can make $500.00 a day online but, it takes a lot of time, knowledge, and hard work to get there. It doesn’t happen overnight, and that‘s why you don’t find too many entrepreneurs in life because everyone is programmed to the now money. Whatever, you decide is up to you, the bottom line is no, I wouldn’t buy this product and don’t recommend it.

Besides these systems don’t last long, and after researching the product on Clickbank and Jvzoo, this product is not active at this time. It has been taken down. However, sometimes these systems can return under different names so beware.

7 Minutes Daily Profits Has Been Removed

Above all, I must admit, that everything on the internet isn’t a scam. There are programs out there that work. That is the only reason; I’m always recommending my #1 recommendation which is Wealthy Affiliate. I owe all the credit to them; without this training, I would’ve probably still been falling for these borderline scams.

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