What Is 25 Dollar 1UP? | And Should (You) Join?

Welcome to my review about the $25 Dollar 1UP system.

You’re probably wondering what is 25 Dollar 1Up? And Should You Join?

How it works? And should you join?

In this review, you’ll learn all the above. I also share my personal experience. From there you can make a more informed decision for yourself.

$25 Dollar 1Up Overview

Name: $25 Dollar 1Up

Website: www.25dollar1up.com

Price: $25 + $10 hosting fee | $100 + $10 hosting fee | $250 + $35 override fee | $500 + $60 override fee |$1000 + $110 override fee

Plus if you join the suggested affiliate programs, you’ll need $49.90 per month & or | $34.95 per month. More on pricing later in the review.

Owners: TJ Holloway

Do I recommend $25 Dollar 1Up? No not at all.

Summary: $25 Dollar 1Up is a digital training course. It’s supposed to walk you through building an independent business.

Since there’s a fair amount of people searching for this system right now. Plus, several people have asked me if I would join.

I’ve decided to take a deeper look into the program.

Which means I did join at the $25.00 level and paid a $10.00 hosting fee.

My Payment To 25 Dollar 1Up

Read the review to find out what I discovered.

But, first let’s get this out of the way.

What Is 25 Dollar 1Up?

It’s a training course created by a guy named TJ Holloway. You’ll hear most people refer to it as a digital training course. Which simply means a course that’s delivered online.

Anyhow the course teaches you how to market current and future products online. 

The idea of the training is to help you and anyone who joins you- know exactly what to do when building an online business.

So, that means you don’t have to hold your team members hands. Because, with this coures their given the steps.

What Is 25 Dollar !Up And Should You Join

Who Is TJ Holloway?

For some reason, TJ doesn’t openly say that he’s the owner of 25 Dollar 1Up. Regardless!

After doing some digging, I learned that he’s the original creator.

I can safely say that he’s a real person too.

In the past, he was successful at many programs.

He’s created this system to help new online marketers get started. And paving away for you to make money online.

You know without having to worry about monthly recurring charges.

Because, let’s face it they do suck…

How Does $25 Dollar 1UP Work?

The question we’ve all been waiting for, $25 Dollar 1Up how does it work? 

From my experience, as you know I did have technical issues, with the software itself.

But, In the next few paragraphs, I’ll explain how $25.00 Dollar 1Up works. 

There’s 5 levels to join. 

  • Gold Level
  • Platinum Level
  • Diamond Level
  • Enterprise Level

You’ll decide what level you can comfortably join at.

After you’ve decided. You’ll pay the fee to join. Once that’s done, you’re supposed to get immediate access.

Each training level offers different course material. 

If you don’t pay for the highest level possible. You can cause yourself to lost a lot of money. 

And, as you can see with the image below. Each step is a level.

25 Dollar 1Up Different Training Levels

I’ll explain why. 

Courses like this are made this affordable to not only help people take action. But, it’s also away to keep you paying for more products.

So, they’re purposely created this way, and trustfully this is how funnels work. It’s a way to make more money. 

The reason why you’ll lose money is because this system has passups, and overrides set in place. 

Meaning, if you’re not positioned at a high level. You’ll lose all commissions above whatever package you didn’t purchase. 

For example, let’s say you join at the Gold level which is $25.00. It’s the basic level. 

And, if any of your team members purchase Platinum, Diamond, Enterprise, Or Elite. You will only get a $25.00 commission, and pass up the rest.

The remaining commission will go to your sponsor or to anyone who has purchased the higher packages.

Either way, the owner himself. Encourages you to position yourself at the highest level.

I, on the other hand, do don’t recommend you go all in unless, you are absolutely serious.

Should You Join 25 Dollar 1Up?

Since, I only had access to the training for a split second. I didn’t get to go through the training like I would’ve liked. Remember, my account was mysteriously locked out.

And I didn’t regain access until the next day. I’m not sure what happened there but, it tells me that this program has some sort of glitch.

When it comes to money I don’t play.

Anyhow, for $35.00, I do think you can learn from the material that’s given. Especially, if your a beginner. However, I don’t think it’s detailed enough.

For example, there’s training about what is affiliate marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing Training Witin 25 Dollar 1Up

25 Dollar 1Up, did answer the question within 314 words.

So, I noticed they didn’t reveal how to actually make affiliate marketing work. At least not in great detail. I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for a little over a year now, and I still learn new things to this day.

Anyhow, this would explain why some members require newbies to purchase the high level packages. That way you can get additional training, tools, and resources.

Because, the basic level just won’t cut it.

Do see where I’m going with this? The course is created to make you eventually upgrade fully. So, if you don’t have plans to invest fully, $25 Dollar 1Up may be a waste of time.

Is $25 dollar 1Up A Scam?

Although, I had a few technical issues, I don’t believe $25 Dollar 1Up is a scam. I see so many marketers showing payment proof. So, apparently someone is getting paid.

What almost makes it seem scammy is marketers encouraging people to come in at the higher levels. And, if you don’t it almost seems like they don’t want to deal with you.

Nonetheless, it’s legit.

My First & Last Experience With $25 Dollar 1Up

This post was written a while back. So, I’ve never recommended 25 Dollar 1Up in the first place. The main reason was due to the member-to-member business model.

Since I’ve had several people ask me in the past about $25 Dollar 1Up.

decided to join and give this review a  more and in depth look.

Anyhow, I decided to join 25 Dollar 1Up, with a lady. I won’t reveal her real name but, her sponsor name was (nomore).

25 Dollar 1Up Login After Paying

She doesn’t even know what happened.

After joining, I expected to see my sponsor listed as (nomore) the lady.

To my surprise, that was not the case!

Instead, I saw TJ Holloway, as my sponsor. At the moment, I thought it was no big deal. Maybe, the lady I joined decided to stop promoting the system.

I don’t know with marketing this stuff happens. 

So, I carried on.

Not even, a second later. I was asked for payment. I sent in the two transactions. One for $10.00 and the other $25.00.

Right after paying for the program. I got access and then was mysteriously locked out of my account. It wasn’t until the next day that I regained access.

It could’ve been that I tested my own affiliate links but, who knows what truly happened. By the way, I tested my own affiliate link to make sure they were working properly.

And, to my surprise, my own affiliate link showed not me but, a different sponsor.

What this means to you is. If your affiliate links don’t work properly. And are redirected to someone else’s sign up page, you’ll loss commissions.

$25 Dollar 1Up Complaints

It appears that not only did I have a few technical issues. Plus, no support.

I later discovered that an ex-member of 25 Dollar 1 Up has decided not to promote the program either. After promoting it for a year, he’s also experienced many issues that haven’t been resolved.

One of them is no explanation for loss of commissions.

You’re hear reading this post to make money.

Not lose it.

Another complaint that not only pertains to 25 Dollar 1Up but, all member to member sites. If you use PayPal as your payment processor, I don’t recommend using them long.

PayPal has been known to shut accounts down, even if you create an invoice.

One payment processor that I’ve heard great things about is ORU. They provide live chat, travel discounts, Health RX benefits, and many more features. The best part is you can receive global payments.

$25 Dollar 1Up Training

Anyhow, the Gold member training, that I got access to was short.

You’ll get:

  • Training videos, that seem to be no longer than 15 minutes.
  • And the rest were like PDF training.

If you’ve heard of Easy 1 Up. The two systems are supposed to be similar.

But, according to members that have been with both systems. They claim $25 Dollar 1Up is better.

Should you join? If you were to ask for my opinion. The answer would be no.

It’s like a marketing loop. Where you won’t learn the steps you need unless, you can truly invest. And, if you are able to invest. It’s too risky.

Especially, if you invest on the high levels because, there’s no refund.

Let’s use my experience. For some mysterious reason my account was locked out for 24 hours. The next day I regained access. I would’ve been highly upset if I had no access to my pending commissions.

Therefore, if you join $25 Dollar 1Up I wouldn’t risk any money that you can’t lose.

How Does 25 Dollar 1Up Work

$25 Dollar 1 Up Compensation Plan

A quick break down on how the $25 Dollar 1Up compensation plan works. It’s a pay you first compensation plan.

Since we’ve already covered how pass-up works. It’s important for you to know that the system also has over rides too. 

No matter what level you join. All levels require that your second sale get passed up to the persona above you. 

At any rate, in my opinion, the pass ups and the overrides are particularly the same.

An override is when you’re not positioned at a high level. If someone joins you and they purchase a higher package. You’ll lose out on all commissions. Except for the level that you come in at.

By the way, let’s go over the levels so that you can understand how the $25 dollar 1Up compensation plan really works.

Gold Level, Which Is $25 One Time Fee + $10 Hosting Fee

Meaning if you enroll at the $25.00 level. 

$25.00 is the highest commission that you can make for all members that join underneath you. 

Whenever you get your second sale, you’ll pass that up. All commissions for $25.00 are yours to keep. 

  • Over 100 pre-written ads, follow up messages, and ads are provided.
  • A cheat sheet for the Facebook group.
  • You’ll get mindset training.
  • Tutorials are step by step.

Platinum Level Package Is $100 One Time + $10 Hosting Fee

You’ll pay $100 one time fee, plus a one time hosting fee. If you position yourself at this level, you’ll earn commissions on this level. 

All commissions are one-time.

  • Video courses over Facebook marketing, YouTube and Instagram.
  • Add up to 12 banner ads, that you can promote to your downline.
  • You can also add your 3rd party autoresponder.
  • Brand yourself, with 1 video to your downline.
  • There is a Diamond Level which is $250 + $25 software fee
  • You’ll get all the Gold and Platinum levels.
  • List building 101 course
  • A digital marketing lifestyle course is provided
  • 10k Blueprint and Teespring video course
  • The ability to add your own sales video, and you can create a bridge page.
  • The last level is the Enterprise Level which is $500 + 50 software fee
  • All levels are included in this package, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.
  • A video course on how to close high ticket sales.
  • Learn to systematize your online business.
  • A course on modern-day video marketing.
  • You’ll get a video on how to create your own product.
  • There are a growth mindset video course and the power of execution.
  • Also, on this level, you can add up to 12 sales videos in your back office.

Diamond Level Which Is $250 One Time + $25 Software Fee

With the diamond level, you’ll pay the $250 one time. Plus, a one time hosting fee of $10.00. And a $35.0.0 override fee.

This qualifies you for commissions on the Gold level of $25.00. And the Diamond level of $100.00. Again, all commissions are one time. 

  • You’ll get all the Gold and Platinum levels.
  • List building 101 course
  • A digital marketing lifestyle course is provided
  • 10k Blueprint and Teespring video course
  • The ability to add your own sales video, and you can create a bridge page.
  • The last level is the Enterprise Level which is $500 + 50 software fee
  • All levels are included in this package, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.
  • A video course on how to close high ticket sales.
  • Learn to systemize your online business.
  • A course on modern-day video marketing.
  • You’ll get a video on how to create your own product.
  • There are a growth mindset video course and the power of execution.
  • Also, on this level, you can add up to 12 sales videos in your back office.

Enterprise Level Which is $500 one time + A $60 override Fee

At this level you’ll pay $500.00. An one time $60 override fee.

On this level you’ll qualify for Gold, Platinum, and Diamond commissions. 

  • All levels are included in this package, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.
  • A video course on how to close high ticket sales.
  • Learn to systematize your online business.
  • A course on modern-day video marketing.
  • You’ll get a video on how to create your own product.
  • There are a growth mindset video course and the power of execution.
  • Also, on this level, you can add up to 12 sales videos in your back office.

Update: A new membership has been added to the program.

Elite Membership $1000 one time fee + $110 override fee.

You’ll pay $1000 one time fee + a one time $110 override fee. Your commissions will be for all levels. Again, it’s not a recurring commission. 

You’ll get all Gold, Platinum, Diamond, And Enterprises features.

  • Blog Creator
  • Drag and Drop Web Page Builder
  • SMS Autoreponder
  • SMS Broadcaster
  • Elite Video Training
  • Landing Page Wizard
  • Ability to create customized funnels so that you can share them.
  • WordPress Training Videos
  • Landing Page Wizard Training Videos

$25 Dollar 1Up FAQ’s

I get questions regarding this system all the time. so, I thought it would be easier if I just laid them all out right here in this section.

Is $25 Dollar 1Up A MLM?

When I hear the word sponsor. It automatically reminds me of an MLM. To my knowledge it’s not an MLM because you’re not paid on multi levels. But, you are building a downline, which is usually words associated with an MLM.

Is $25 Dollar 1Up A pyramid scheme?

Pyramid schemes are illegal. Usually, they don’t last long either. $25.00 hasn’t been around for long but, as far as I can tell it’s not a pyramid scheme. 

How Long Has 25 Dollar 1Up Been Around?

$25 Dollar 1Up hasn’t been around long. It launched on July 1, 2108. The best part is, 25 Dollar 1Up is global.

When and How Do You Get Paid With 25 Dollar 1Up?

I want to clear some confusion up here. I see many marketers say that $25 Dollar 1Up gives you instant commissions. 

I’ve also learned that it all depends on what payment processor that’s being used.

For example, if using Stripe. It can take 48 hours before you receive commissions. 

On the other hand, if a payment process is used that pays out immediately. 

As long as you can make a sale. 

You’ll get paid on a daily basis. It’s a one time payment too. 

The money doesn’t go to the company. It will go directly to you as the member. Hence, the reason why it’s called a member to member business model. 

25 Dollar 1Up Earn Big Or No Way

How Much Can You Make With 25 Dollar 1Up?

Of course, it all depends on if you’re able to make sales. 

Whatever level you position yourself at, you’ll get paid 100% on your first sale. Nothing for the second sale. It’s passed up.

Once you get to your third sale, you will get 100% of your commissions from there and beyond. It’s no passing up sales after this sale has been accomplished.

Nonetheless, the process will repeat for all the people that you invite into the system.

By the way, the compensation plan is called the reverse 1UP plan, which is the process, I explained above.

How Can You Get A Refund From 25 Dollar 1Up?

Unfortunately, there’s a strict “No refund policy”. If you don’t receive your course material, like me. Then the best thing you can do is call your credit card company, and dispute the charge.

The Pros of 25 Dollar 1Up

  • It’s affordable to get involved.
  • It may work for you but, there’s no promises.
  • If you share this opportunity with enough people, it may work out.

The Cons Of 25 Dollar 1Up

  • The $25 level may not get you too far.
  • You’ll need to join someone that knows what they’re doing and is willing to help you. Especially if you’re a beginner.
  • Extra training will cost you more.
  • You’ll need to know how to market.
  • There’s  no refunds.
  • I have seen complaints from people that are new to the online marketing space, and they didn’t get the support that they thought they would.
  • Many beginners still haven’t made a dime with the program.
  • You’ll need to learn how to build a team.
  • If you’re not positioned properly you could lose out on many commissions. Especially if the people you invite join at a higher level.
  • As time goes on, you’ll need more training. So, this means you’ll be upgrading eventually.
  • You could get locked out of your account and lose all your money because the support sucks.

Who Is $25 Dollar 1Up For?

I don’t recommend this program to a beginner. 

The people that see the most success in systems like this are people who already know what their doing. 

Unless you join a great team or sponsor, that’s hold heartedly willing to help you get to where you need to be; you may struggle with an opportunity like this.

The problem with many online marketers is they do a lot of marketing hype to get you into the system. 

And once you’re in. Most but not all, but, most… are nowhere to be found.

Another point I want to bring up is if you’re not able to invest in this system, think about all the commissions, you’ll be passing up. 

With a system like this, it’s best to be positioned at its highest level. Or you’ll lose out on a lot. 

$25 Dollar 1Up Tools & Training

Each level offers different training and tools. For example, the Gold level ($25). Does not offer the autoresponder, landing pages, blog, or sponsor page. 

You’re supposed to get access to a private Facebook community. And, some sponsors offer additional training. Plus, many tools at higher levels. Such as Platinum, Diamond, Enterprise, And Elite.

Additional Income Streams Cost?

The additional streams of income were shocking to say the least. Since I’ve written this review, they have changed. So, scroll to the updated section.

$25 Dollar 1Up is like a sales funnel. Almost like My Online Startup

Anyhow, I guess I’m used to affiliate marketing where you do not have to pay any monthly fees to promote other people’s products.

In the case of $25 Dollar 1 Up, what they call affiliate marketing.

It’s not affiliate marketing. Instead, it seems like they’re more focused on getting people to join as many business opportunities as they can.

In return, you’ll make tons of commissions.

At least that’s the idea. But, all this does is cause confusion for most. 

Anyhow, their additional streams of income are as follows. 

Sign up to Builderall, promote it and make a sale. Builderall is $49.99 per month.

You’ll earn a 100% commission on your direct sales with their affiliate program for the first month. Then 30% commission is given for any sale after that.

You can also join Myecon which is $34.95 per month. The fees for My Econ don’t start deducting until 30 days after your enrollment. Paying the monthly fee is what makes you eligible to promote this affiliate program.

Either way, you’re not required to join the additional lines of income. But, remember, if you don’t and your down-line does, you’ll miss out on many commissions.

Update Feb 2020: Old Income Streams Removed & New Ones Added

LeadsFlow – Delivers leads 24/7 to your capture page. Plus, helps you build a solid residual income of instant payments of $50. It will also cost you $50 per month.

Enagic – Inside of $25 Dollar 1Up, this business opportunity is listed as Hydrate Your Hustle. Anyhow, it’s a high ticket commission opportunity, which will cost you anywhere from $1980 to $4980.00 + shipping. The commission you’ll earn on these products are not clear.

$25 Dollar 1Up Support

From my experience there isn’t much support. At least not on the Gold level. But, according to the training videos, the support that you can get is within your back-office. 

Click on support, or your sponsor tab. And you should have access to your sponsor, the one who invited you to the system.

$25 Dollar 1Up Price

We’ve already covered the cost of this program during the compensation plan.

But, I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss anything. 

Once you join the $25 Dollar 1UP system there’s a strict NO REFUND policy. 

Meaning you won’t get a refund no matter how unsatisfied you are. So don’t join unless you’re sure and confident about the program.

My Final Opinion of $25 Dollar 1Up

By now you should understand what the $25 Dollar 1UP system is and if you should join or not.

If you read this entire review, thank you for reading this far. 

As I stated earlier if you decide to join, you’ll need to sign-up with someone who’s willing to answer any of your questions along the way.

Either way, you’ve probably already guessed it. I don’t recommend $25 Dollar 1Up and if we’re on the same page I’m sure you can understand why.

I can’t even stress this enough.

Most of the internet marketers that I saw hyping this system up have been in the game for a long time. I’m talking about 8, 10 years!

They have a following all ready. And their following will buy anything that they promote. 

Keep in mind there’s many ways to start an online business. Plus get training. If you’re interested in a program that has been around for 15 years.

They provide excellent support. And teaches beginners how to make money not instantly but, consistently. 

Then click the button below. 

8 thoughts on “What Is 25 Dollar 1UP? | And Should (You) Join?”

    • Hi Jen,

      You have asked a great question, and to answer you.

      I would have to say “No, I wouldn’t join 25 1Up or Easy 1Up. They both work similar.

      I have several reasons why I choose not to join 25 1Up and I’ll list them out for you below.

      Don’t get me wrong, 25 1up does have decent training, that could help you learn to market the 25 1up training platform and any other business that you get involved with.

      Anyhow, the reasons why I choose not to join is:

      I myself don’t like the idea of handling other people’s payment information.

      As a member of 25 1Up you will be held responsible for accepting or rejecting payments from anyone who joins you in 25 1Up system. So, if anything goes wrong you’ll have to deal with complaints or anything that comes up. Plus, I’ve heard many members say that their PayPal accounts were frozen or shut down when receiving their commissions from 25 1Up. Therefore, I don’t agree with personally handling other people’s payment information, and it’s just a personal opinion of mine, that’s all.

      Another issue I have with the program is all members are given a replicated site, which means, every member has the same exact site. If you want to stand out with this program or any program that gives you a replicated sites you’ll need to invest in further tools,. Such as a landing page software. Most marketers won’t tell you this until after you have joined.

      Then to get the full benefit of the program you must pay for each level of education. I was with a company called MOBE. They were in business for 5 years and was shutdown by the FTC(the government). Anyhow, people lost a lot of money, including myself and some lost their lives.

      So, ever since then I stay clear away from business models like this,but it’s hard to say who the FTC will shut down next though. I;m not saying they will be shut down, but it is something that makes me concerned. Anyhow, so far 25 1Up has been going strong almost 2 years.

      I prefer affiliate marketing and earning money with a website.

      The website you are viewing right now, I learned to make money with it though one of the largest and well-known affiliate marketing platforms in the industry. It’s called Wealthy Affiliate.

      Anyhow, I enjoy writing helpful articles, and drive traffic to my site for free. Plus, I can join any brand name company that has an affiliate program for free.

      Not only can you join for free but you can have countless income streams for free. It sounds extreme, but it is possible.

      Also, with affiliate marketing, you don’t have to deal with customer complaints, handling money, nor do you have to create any products.

      Then on top of that with affiliate marketing, it’s numerous ways you can start but, a website is always recommend because, you’ll never have to worry about a company getting shut down.

      Why? because your website will always stand.

      Either way, although, affiliate marketing does takes time to learn, in my opinion, affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online. Especially , if you don’t want to have deal with someone’s payment information. I would probably say that is my biggest draw back with this program.

      I hope this helps…I wish you all the best and continued success…if you need anything else let me know…Have an amazing day ahead…

    • Hi, I am Anup From India. and I am doing a lot with this platform 25$1up by just spending 1–2 hours. I think its the best method of making passive income and enjoy my life, its true affiliate business with high commission than any other affiliate program and if you looking to make money online you should start this business now. if you want to see my earning proof Whatsapp me +919871187093

      • Anup, do you have a website, YouTube channel?

        How do we know that the Whatsapp number you provided isn’t a scam? I myself don’t trust Whatsapp. Nor do I trust the Cashapp which is one method that $25 Dollar uses to pay its member.

        I understand that you’re doing well with the $25 Dollar 1Up system and that is good for you but, I must admit my experience was the total opposite. And I didn’t even try to promote it. I seen too many red flags after joining the system. One example is when I tried testing out my referral link to make sure it was working. And, mysteriously some other members name shows up, which means I would have automatically lost commissions.

        Either way, I’m no hater I wish you the best and continued success. Have a great day…

  1. My dirty little secret for making an extra $125 per day.

    Here’s The Quickest…And…Easiest Way To Earn passive income

    The beauty of the system is what can be offered in the backoffice. Which you can offer many other resources as well from other products you are promoting. Coupled with a few product 25 dollar is amazing, but alone that when it is a little hazing.
    $10 hosting
    Instant Commissions

    Handling payments
    Spotty training


    • Thank you, Paco for your feedback. I’m glad you’re enjoying the 25 1 up system.

      The quickest way to passive income. Could you please elaborate for us? I’m sure others who see this message would like to know more.

      I understand that commissions are paid instantly but, that’s if a new member can get other people to join the program.

      Every time someone joins and pays, then that’s how instant commissions are made because the new member is paying you as the sponsor directly. However, in my opinion, that’s something that should be disclosed in more details. I also didn’t like the fact that additional income streams such as Builderall, or MyEcom is being promoted as if it’s free.

      I was a member of Builderall, so I know first hand that it’s not free. The many reasons, why I prefer affiliate marketing. You can promote as many products as you like without all the added cost but to each is his own.

      I guess the only thing that keeps the system from too much hassle is that there is no refund option but, that’s not to say that the new member can’t go directly to PayPal or their major credit card company and dispute the charge.

      I’ve seen where many members PayPal accounts were shutdown due to complaints about Fraud and so on. I’ve had my PayPal account for years and would be disappointed if that happened to me.

      Granted this probably happens from new members having buyers remorse. So, how does 25 1 up members handle the issues with the payments?

      Of course, due to the low front end cost the chances of people joining is likely but, lets be real here, there are still many members who struggle with making a decent income online. Some people don’t ever make a dime. One thing, I didn’t like about 25 1 up is as you mentioned the beauty of the system.

      True the system might glitter but, what glitters is not always gold. I think for some people it will be nothing but, an end loop. True training is provided and sold to others but, if the system were to go away, could you proceed without them?

      As I’m reading over your PROS and CONS I have a few questions for you. Do you keep the leads that you receive (from the 25 1 up unlimited autoresonder)especially, if you don’t purchase a third party autoresponder?

      Another thing, how is the payment processing going for you? Any issues?


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