Website ATM Review {Is It A Scam?}


Price: $47.00

Owners: Nick Harvey

Best For: No One

SUMMARY: Website ATM claims to be a push button system for anyone who doesn’t have time to run a business, or you haven’t made any money online.

​Welcome to the “Website ATM Review”

I assume your reading this review because you’ve come across this site, a site that has been floating around the web and sent through emails. Either way, they claim that you can make $500 a day, with a push-button system.

According to Website ATM, only 300 people were invited to the program. So, I assume that’s what you’re here for, right? I probably would’ve done the same thing, researched the product, before buying.

Website ATM Review Is It A Scam

Can You Make $500.00 Per Day?

Making $500.00 a day from home is possible. However, it certainly isn’t easy, like most Guru’s make it seem. They lead you to believe there’s a “push button everything done for you.” type of system.

Imagine waking up in the morning to hundreds of dollars daily. Not having to leave the house and skiing in a pool so big that you could jet ski in it.

Sounds, cool right?

I know it does. However, there’s nothing to get excited about just yet. In this review, I’ll go over what the system is so that you’re able to make a more informed decision for yourself.

What Is Website ATM?

​In short, this program is supposed to teach you how to make money with a website (blog). You won’t have to learn how the technical skills of building or developing graphics work because Nick has done all the hard work for you.

Before Nick found this push button system, he started as an accountant, and the job he had was sucking the life out of him.

He says he met this big hairy chested Russia man who eventually introduced him to internet marketing, and from there, he’s never looked back.

Regardless, according to Nick, he received the invite from the Russian guy through an email. It’s funny because, it’s the same way I received an invitation; though an email.

Anyhow, I began watching the sales video; and immediately, I recognized it. The voice of the guy who is supposed to be Nick Harvey is the same voice from a previous review called Cash Website Success.

It’s so close in likeness that all the way done to the video script, and the family members, everything lines up to the previous review that I’ve mentioned.

Website ATM Review

Anyhow, according to (W.ATM) they want to give you a gift. A gift that’s almost like having your own “virtual money making machine.” The best part is that you’ll be able to own it with no strings attached. Hence, this is why they call this program Website ATM.

Regardless, Mr. Harvey claims that making $500.000 a day is like having chump change. He thinks you should sign up to this system, and get your endless supply of money, today, like right now. As mentioned earlier, this is very similar to the Cash Website Success system. It sucks money right into your bank account.

All you have to do is push a button and kick back, while the money floods your bank account. Then somehow you’re mysteriously earning $500.00 per day. Needless, to say throughout the entire sales pitch, you’re lead to believe all you’ll be doing is pushing a button.

So after 16 clicks, the money will drop out of the sky and into your bank account. I know that sounds fantastic! I would be excited too. It would be great to see that day myself. Unfortunately, without applying working efforts, you can’t make big fat checks like Nick is implying.

5 Top Reasons Why I Don’t Think This Will Work

#1. It May Be Rehashed

I can’t confirm that it’s a rehashed program.

However, all the signs point to a rehashed program of cash website success.

The website address is almost the same. The actors, voice is practically the same, and even their support website address is the same. To me, it smells the same. Rehashed!

#2. Not Credit Card Worthy

I wouldn’t put my credit card on the check out page, and I don’t recommend you to either.

For one, there is no contact information. No customer support number, nor is there an email address to contact the company.

If something goes wrong with the payment processing during checkout, who would you call or contact?

Furthermore, the checkout page also reminds me of the previous review (CWS).

Then on top of that if you were to read the Policy page. It states that you’ll have a 3-day trial. After that, you’ll be charged a monthly subscription with no refund options available.

When you checkout, only a one time fee of $47.00 appears on the page. So, what are they talking about a 3-day trial?

Even so, what is the pricing after the 3-day trial? It appears that you may be facing up-sells once you sign up.

Website ATM Review - 1

Furthermore, if you were to join this program, on your credit card statement, you should see a charge from Easy Cash On Demand, which is another system that dates back to 2011.

Anyhow, the Easy Cash On Demand is no longer a system. It seems like it’s the code name that is used for your credit card charges.

Either way, many people have complained about the Easy Cash On Demand.

#3. The Claims Are Nothing But Lies

96% of the information presented in the sales video was nothing but wild claims.

You can’t make $500.00 without applying efforts.

You won’t get your first website visitor within a minute. Even the website visitor takes time to gain.

Nick also claims that he will allow only 300 people within the program because he can’t handle more than 300. Anything after 300 is staff will become overwhelmed

The bottom line is Nick is lying, and he knows he is, he makes hundreds of thousands of dollars by getting people who are after fast money to join. In other words, money will not be sucked into your bank account automatically.

Website ATM Review - 2

#4. Done For You System Doesn’t Work

There isn’t a such thing as a magical push button system. If there were we all would be trying to make money the same way. I know I would.

No one, in history, would ever experience financial stress. Maybe these senseless Gurus would stop scamming people, and life would be a lot better.

Anyhow, the truth is you won’t be making $7,545 within 15 days. It’s not possible.

Website ATM Review - 3

I have experience with building websites; in fact, I did push a few buttons here and there. It took less than 30 minutes to have the site up and running.

However, nothing was done. There was no content, no traffic, no images, nothing. Content still has to be created.

You still need to get traffic, and since the website is done for you, you don’t have control over SEO.

Without having control over SEO, you won’t get free traffic, which means you’ll have to strive for paid traffic or to promote consistently on social media.

This is the only way to keep eyeballs on your website, which isn’t the best way to stay in business.

#5. Paid Actors

According to the story that Nick Harvey tells. It’s the same life story that Willy Hancock said. So apparently, they have the same wife name, life, job, and kids names.

Website ATM Review - 5Website ATM Review - 4

They even had the same dreams, and now they’ve created the same system. Amazing, right?

No, it’s not, because, it’s all a lie.

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  • ​Nothing.


  • ​Really Nothing
  • ​Don’t Trust The Refund Policy

​When Did Nick Tell The Truth? Rarely…

I must admit Nick mentioned that you need a website, that was truthful. Do yourself a favor and avoid Nick’s program.

Take his advice; don’t listen to the Guru’s that tells you, you don’t need a website because you do.

Every time someone is selling something to you, how are they selling it? Most likely selling it from a website?

When you view business cards, what’s on it? Most of the time, a website. To even start affiliate marketing with Amazon, you need a website.

The point is, starting a website, isn’t hard, and it shouldn’t feel scary. However, maintaining it and learning all the many techniques that come along with building a website can be more work than Nick leads you to believe.

How You Can Start A Legit Website?

There are many ways you start.

You can always find a hosting company. Some like Bluehost, while others like myself prefer Siterubix.

Then you’ll need to ​​choose a domain name but, before you choose a domain name, you may want to find a niche.

By the way, I recommend you read, all about “How To Choose A Domain Domain” ​​here.

​After you ​have chosen you’re domain name, you’ll set up the website, and begin creating content.

Anyhow, the way you make money with ​your site is by applying to affiliate programs and ad networks.

Here’s the downside; it sounds a lot easier than done.

The best part is, there is a way you can start a website, and get the proper training, live interactive support 24/7/365, and you’ll have the tools you’ll need to sustain long term success.

Isn’t that what you’re after, long term success? Well, you need a website.

Either way, It’s the same way, I learned to build a website, and the first way I learned to make money online through affiliate marketing. All other programs didn’t work out.

​My Final Opinion Of Website ATM

The bottom line is, I don’t recommend Website ATM. In my opinion, there are too many red flags to proceed. I Would avoid this at all cost.

What you choose to do is still your choice. In any case I’ve laid out the signs, and now you can decide if you want to go this route or not.

If you rather not risk losing money, or even being scammed. I recommend that you check out the training, that I’ve suggested to you, it’s no risk, so, put your credit card away. You can get try before you buy.

Either way, I wish you the best..

Comments Or Questions

What are your thoughts or experience with this program? Have you tried Website ATM? Would you recommend others to join this program, if so, why?

10 thoughts on “Website ATM Review {Is It A Scam?}”

  1. Yikes, another of those get rich quick scams I’ve always been dreading on the Web. I feel sympathy to all those who fell prey to these anonymous scammers because I know the feeling myself. Thankfully, there’s a common pattern I’ve noticed with all these hypey biz opp programs.

    They all instill in you “greed”, which is a highly misleading emotion that could put you in the wrong path. In other words, if you wish to avoid scams, then stop desiring riches. I’m afraid that’s the only way to stay safe on the Internet. If something’s too good to be true, better avoid it all along.

    Thanks Kisha for warning people with the help of your Website ATM review.

    • Hi Dominic,
      You got it.
      Everything you mentioned it hit the nail right on the spot.
      It’s sad that these unknown people hide behind the scenes to scam others. They’re usually after people who are looking for fast money. It’s just like you said, “when you stop desiring the riches.” You’ll be much safer on the world wide web.
      Unfortunately, most people think that making money online is some kind of get rich scheme, when it’s not.
      Anyhow, you’re welcome, I do my best in warning people not only about the Website ATM review, but I update this blog regularly with product reviews. Have an awesome day!

  2. I know there are tons of programs set to take advantage of people. I have even had my identity stolen once and that was horrible. Is there a certain investigative strategy you use to gain truth in the lies or recommended list of programs to stay away from or look into? Is there a way to have success without an IT degrees?

    • Hi,

      Absolutely, there are many programs, that take advantage of people and their hard-earned money, which is a shame.

      Anyhow, I’m sorry to hear that your identity was stolen. I hope everything is recovering well.

      I’ve been scammed several times before. I also have reviewed many programs. So, I already know the signs of programs that should be cautioned or avoided at all cost.

      I have written a few posts on how to determine if a company should be avoided. The strategy that I use is, I try the product myself, or I do in-depth research. I find out what others are saying about the program and I know from experience the signs.

      Check out how to prevent online scams and 7 ways to spot a scam. These posts may help you when you’re looking for future online making money opportunities.

      As of now, I don’t have a list of programs to stay away from but, this could be a future project, that I may work on. So, thanks for asking that.

      Above all, there is a way to success without an IT degree. You don’t need a degree to start a website. You don’t need experience or tech skills; you’ll learn all of this as you go.

      If you would like, check out my post about Wealthy Affiliate, it’s a 100% percent comprehensive step by step training. I learned how to build a website there, and this is how I learned to make my first commissions online, and you can do the same.

      Besides, there is no risk, it’s free to check it out. You don’t need a credit card. So, you can put it away. I and an entire community of 1.4 million entrepreneurs will be there supporting you along the way. If you need anything, visit my Wealthy Affiliate profile

  3. Tried to order and waited 35 min.never connected.First of all I asked that if it it legit let me get through and if not let me have a problem with it, guess it not then read your review. Thanks

    • Hi Kathy,

      Thank you, for leaving a comment about Website ATM and you’re welcome. I apologize you had a struggle with this company. To answer your question, I came across this company in my email, and from what I discovered it didn’t seem legit at all. So, this is one reason why I didn’t recommend it.

      I wish you were able to read this review before you had to go through all of that hassle.

      Unfortunately, these types of companies are everywhere, in your email, on social media, it’s hard to keep up with them all. So, just be careful with these make money online programs.

      The best way to know if a company is recommend in the future is to research it before you decide to join. I had to learn this the hard way and it made not only lose time but, money. So, now I help others in the best way possible.

      On a positive note though is, I’m glad that the order didn’t go through. They can’t be trusted.

      If you’re interested in building websites and making money with them, there is a community that will help you do this, and they are called Wealthy Affiliate. I’m a member there, and the community will teach you, step by step on how to make money with a website.

      By the way, this website you see (, I give Wealthy Affiliate all the credit. I had no idea how to make money online or even how to build a website, so, they are highly recommended.

      If you would like to read the full review about community, check out my Wealthy Affiliate review here.

      Anyhow, I want to thank you for stopping by! I wish you all the best and continued success…If you ever need help or have questions let me know. Have an awesome day!

    • You’re welcome Bernadette, I enjoy reading comments like yours! It’s good to hear that you were able to read this review and avoid the confusion. Everyone isn’t as lucky as you are…So, I’m happy to hear that the review has helped.


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