Wealthy Affiliate Alternatives

You’ve probably read many different ways to avoid Wealthy Affiliate. Here are 3 extra ways to add to your list.

Assuming that feel like:

  • The Community is overwhelming?
  • Or you would rather create your own product?
  • It just has too much information.
  • Or you just want to try something different.

I’ve hand picked some other opportunities that I thought you might be interested in.

Method #1 – Blog Simple FrameWork Master WorkShop

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • How to story tell?
  • Build a community that loves hearing from you
  • How To Create Your Own Info product?

You’ll also learn the basics of affiliate marketing.

The reason why this course is different from Wealthy Affiliate is because, WA focuses on being an affiliate marketer. And selling other people’s products.

So, if your interested in selling your own information products. Coming up with a unqie brand and identifying who your raving community is, then this Free 45 minute Master Workshop might be what you’re looking for.

I’ve also wrote a full review over Blog Simple Framework. It’s a course that has helped me tremendously within my blogging journey. Hence, another reason why I recommend that you at least watch the Free workshop.

Either way, you’ll also learn

  • How to create landing pages that convert?
  • Create sales funnels that tell stories and convert
  • And so much more

Method #2- 12 Minute Affiliate

I’ve done a review over 12 minute affiliate, a while back and did not recommend this to a beginner. For a complete beginner, or a struggling marketing I still recommend Wealthy Affiliate. They aren’t prefect but, they are geared towards a complete beginner.

Back to the point, 12 minute affiliate isn’t a scam. If you like creating YouTube videos, posting on social media, or email your subscribers better than 12 minute affiliate could be for you.

This system is considered a done for you system. Truth is there is no such thing as a done for you system.

Sure some of the things will be set up for you. That can save you time but, even done for you systems still require your efforts.

Either way, if you have a small following and you’re willing to understand how marketing works, this system could work for you.

Check out this 18 minute training video with Devon. Currently you can try the system for $9.95. It’s a Clickbank product, therefore, Clickbank comes with a 60 day refund.

Method #3 – Blog Profit NetWork

Blog Profit Network is certainly underrated. Marcus has a YouTube channel as well. He’s always doing free training check it out.

Marcus teaches you how to fish. Instead of handing you the fish. He’ll teach you how to think like a business owner and not a consumer. Which is very important when you first start a business.

Whether it’s a blog or a ecommerce store.

Quite frankly, his website is ugly, outdated, and looks like a scam.

It also has a few broken links. But, Marcus does teach you a ton of information it’s ridiculous.

Either way, he’s been in the affiliate marketing industry for over 21 years.

According to Marcus, ugly sites make money too and I’m starting to believe him.

The difference with Blog Profit Network, and Welahty Affiliaate is, Blogprofitnetwork, has weekly live webinar calls, where Marcus answers EVERYONE’S questions. You know most webinars only allow a free questions but, not with Blog Profit Network.

On top of that, Marcus, will host his webinars like a school, or group of marketers studying together.

The bottom line is, without, a shadow of doubt you’ll learn something new from this expert. Most of the course material within this platform is at least an hour long. So, make sure you get a pen and notepad.

You’re going to need it.

If you’re willing to learn Marcus will teach you some tips and tricks that not many marketers will teach. And, yes they are all legit and legal.

Again, to be as transparent as I can be, the downside to Blog Profit Network is Marcus teaches building websites and he wants you to follow along using Bluehost.

No other hosting works if you want him to access and review your website. He also recommends NameCheap. I recommend them too.

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Secondly, he has some technical issues that needs to be fixed. Such as, there are links on his website that do not work.

On the other hand, his support team is great. If you ever have any problems with anything. Tina will personally assist you through blog profit networks email support. Marcus and his team is also available on his website through live chat if you catch him in time.

If you can look past all of the negatives, Marcus does teach you a ton.

Are you still looking for more Wealthy Affiliate Alternatives?

Thank you so much, guys! To your continued success and beyond…

What is the reason why you looking for a wealthy affiliate alternative?

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