“The Cb Cash Code Review” {$8122.44 Per Day or No Way?}

Welcome to the Cb Cash Code Review!

Name: Cb Cash Code

Website: www.thecbcashcode.com

Price: $37.00

Owners: George Patterson (this may be a fake name)

Best For: Beginners

SUMMARY: Cb Cash Code is a product that is claiming to teach you how to make money on Clickbank Marketplace.

Correct you can make money on Clickbank Marketplace but, will this product help you make $8,122.44 per day?

So, you’re probably wondering if you can make $8122.44 every day with 10 minutes per day? Let’s do the math. If you were to earn $8122.44 per day with 10 minutes in each day for 30 days, you would receive $243,673.20 every month just by working 5 hours each month.

The best part is you would be a millionaire by month 5, and within 12 months your total annual income would be $2,924,078.40. Amazing, right?

I’ll admit that would be nice but, something doesn’t sound right. Either CB Cash Code is misleading you big time or they are an outright scam. Either way, you’ll find out in this review. So, stay tuned!

Cb Cash Code Makes 8122.44

​What Is Cb Cash Code?

Cb Cash Code is a site that claims you can make insane amounts of money within 5 minutes and 14 clicks. Furthermore, after watching their sales video, they claim you’ll discover a secret that ordinary people are using to make money every day.

George the guy in the video he claims he has used methods like blogging, paid per click advertising, bitcoin and cryptocurrency, and he has even been conned into a pyramid scheme. Either way, those methods didn’t work out for him.

So if you’re skeptical about this make money online program, great!

Cb Cash Code And Crooks

You should be, because there are many scams online, with Gurus making a lot of money promoting products like this, in fact, it would be easy for me to promote the product to you and make a lot of money,

Instead, I rather uphold my integrity and expose what you can expect with products like this and save people from losing their hard-earned money.

Either way, this program gives off a lot of hype just like Ecom Cash Code and website ATM.

How Does It Work?

Cb Cash Code is a Clickbank product that will teach you how to make money with the Clickbank Marketplace. All the training is in PDF format; there isn’t any video training.

By the way, Clickbank is a free affiliate program that you can join. Save your money and watch YouTube videos for free especially, if you want to learn how to make money on Clickbank. However, I never suggest putting all your eggs in one basket.

What I Liked

#1. Make Money With Clickbank

Making money with Clickbank is a legit business model. However, it is not as easy as George makes it seem. Therefore, you will have to work more than 10 minutes per day. You’ll also won’t make $8k within one day. This amount of money per day takes serious work.

If it were that easy, I don’t know if anyone would return to work.

What I Didn’t Like

#1. Testimonies Are Paid

The statements aren’t real this lady right here claims she works no more than 10 minutes per day and is making $80,000.00 per month. Making $80k per month is possible.

​Althouhg this lady has a 5.0 star rating, she can be found on Fiverr.

Cb Cash Code Spokewoman -1Cb Cash Code Spokewoman

However, you will have to put in a tremendous amount of work, and in most cases, it will take years of learning and massive action.

Also, this guy right here he claims that Cb Cash Code made him so much money he purchased a new BMW i8. If you don’t know the investment for a BMW i8 is, a coupe cost was $148,495.00, and for a Roadster, it cost $164,295.00.

​This guy has a 4.3 rating on Fiverr. So, as you can see it is easy to hire different highly rated people to make a video of testimonies for you.

Male Spoke Person Cb Cash CodeMale Spoke Person Cb Cash Code -1

#2. Make $20,000 In Your 1st Week

According to George, you can make $20,000 in your first week with by using the Clickbank Cash Code, which is very misleading.

#3. To Sustain Long Term Success Start A Blog

Cb Cash Code doesn’t focus on starting a blog. Although Clickbank is a legit affiliate network, you don’t want to rely on one affiliate network for an income.

Starting a blog will help you create multiple streams of income especially if you’re considering internet marketing as a long term money solution. A blog will help you maintain long term success.

#4. Income Claims On Clickbank Master Account

Clickbank Master Account is typically used for linking more than one Clickbank account together. It also allows users to give their hired clerks the ability to perform customer service task, without having to access their sensitive information or account.

In other words, the income claims George is showing you are from him promoting many Clickbank products. He is not only using CB Cash Code, as a money maker. He is promoting many other products.

He may also own his own products, that would increase his income drastically as well especially if people were to buy his product.

ClickBank Master Account Cb Cash Code

Anyhow, there are some great money online programs, and there are some that need to be avoided. They promise you riches and make up lies telling you no work has to be done.

So, since people tend to buy into get-rich-quick scheme, these are the products that you can make money off of.

Either way, George is selling you a dream. When you buy this product, you’ll need further training. Promoting Clickbank products does works, but, you’ll need to learn how to promote the products properly.

Anyhow, as a beginner, you won’t need a Clickbank Master Account. Because you haven’t created products to promote and there is no reason to have multiple Clickbank accounts in your beginning stages.

Is Cb Cash Code A Scam?

​It’s not a scam, and you will receive training from the product. However, the insane income claims are very misleading.

Making $8122.44 per day will take a lot of work, learning, and lots of time. It is a very unrealistic income in the beginning stages of affiliate marketing.

It’s possible but it’s not as simple as they are making it seem.


  • ​60 Day Money Back Guaranteed
  • Initial Cost Is Affordable


  • ​Insane Income Claims
  • ​Up-sells
  • ​No Video Training
  • ​Community Support Doesn’t Exist

​​Who is Cb Cash Code For?

Although, I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone because, you won’t learn everything by this training alone. It’s basic Clickbank information.

However, it is for anyone who wants to make money online with Clickbank. I wrote an article on how you can make money on Clickbank for free. Anyhow, learning to make money on Clickbank is also found on YouTube for free.

Support, Tools & Training

The training and support are not that great. You won’t have a community to ask for help. There is not a Facebook Group for Cb Cash Code, and all the training is done in PDF format.

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The Cb Cash Code Review

Up-sells Or Down-sells

For $37.00, you’ll get four ebooks.

The CB Cash Code Main Guide

​(41 page PDF)- This PDF is an introduction to Affiliate marketing, Clickbank, and how to pick products.

ClickBank Cash Pro 

​(50 page PDF) With this PDF training, you’ll learn a little about driving traffic and SEO.

However, learning to drive traffic and implementing SEO is a skill that takes more time to learn than a PDF.

I know this because I drive traffic to my website for completely free by using SEO. It is indeed a skill that you have to learn properly. In other words, I don’t pay for traffic.

ClickBank Book Plus

(19 PDF) – teaches you about Facebook marketing.

ClickBank Cash Code Secret Method (15 page PDF) This training teaches you on how to find your target audience and building your personal branding.

CB ClickBank Cash Code Bonus Video Series

In this bonus, you are sent over to a website called Sprout Videos. I’m not sure what the purpose is; however, it appears to be a way to market videos.

If you join this company, you’ll pay $24.99 per month for the lowest package.

The Upgrades Seem To Be Focused On Making More Money.

$197 – Double My Profits

If you decline you may receive a discount, this is how most offers online work when it comes to the make money online niche.

$147 – Clickbank Book Plus

​This training is supposed to help you make more money than initially mentioned by using Facebook.

The Cb Cash Code Conclusion

Well by now, you should understand how CB Cash Code works. Here is a little recap, it’s a product where you’ll get training on how to make money with Clickbank. Therefore, your training is delivered to you through 4 PDF eBooks.

In some cases, you may learn a thing or two because you’re a beginner, but as you can see, there are upgrades. So, this is a sign that you won’t learn everything within this program.

Wherever upgrades are offered, this means that some information or important key is left out, which causes you to go and spend more money or time looking for the answers.

It’s your choice if you want to purchase the Cb Cash Code. However, if you’re tired of losing money online, then I would suggest that you learn how to make money with blogging. It will definitely help you create your own empire, and save you lots of money.

I learned how to start a blog with Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a community that will teach you how to build a blog, drive traffic, and make money from any affiliate network or program.

Either way, I wish you the best.

Comments Or Questions?

Have you used Cb Cash Code? Did you have success with it? ​Leave your comments below. I would love to hear from you.

6 thoughts on ““The Cb Cash Code Review” {$8122.44 Per Day or No Way?}”

  1. Great review! I didn’t cb Cash Code before but I used the Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is no doubt the real deal when it comes to affiliate marketing. They have the best training program with 24/7 customer support. They will teach you how to build a website from scratch and how to succeed online.

    • Thanks, for the comment.

       It’s always great to hear from you.  Cb Cash Code is another make money online program and although, you never heard of it before. I am certainly glad that you were able to find this article and read through what they have to offer.

      Anyhow, it sounds like you really enjoy Wealthy Affiliate. Having 24/7 community support is an awesome feature. There are many programs that don’t offer too much support. For example, CB Cash Code, at this moment they don’t have a Facebook Group, community or any sort of help that you could receive right away.

      I rather have community support myself, than join a program that has no support. It’s a horrible feeling to have when you start a project such as a home-based business, and then suddenly you’re lost. Anyhow, it sounds like your content with Wealthy Affiliate and I am glad to hear that.

  2. Thanks for warning us about this scam Kisha,

    I admit I was pretty curious on CB Cash Code, their marketing really plays with your needs, but I felt like something felt off when he mentioned that we can earn $8k a day. It does sound tempting but, I kept having this feeling like it might be too good to be true – Glad to know it is!

    I totally didn’t know about the Fiverr testimonials, the least they could do is get real people. Guess you just helped me dodge a bullet, phew! Hope other beginners come across your review and save their time of better things. 

    • I am so glad to hear that this article has helped you dodge a bullet. CB Cash Code does sound really enticing but unfortunately making money online doesn’t work that way. To make $8k a day, it’s certainly possible. However, that level of the game takes a lot of learning, skill, and investment.

      Fiverr, yes, they offer all kinds of services and hiring a video spoke person is one of the options.

      I also agree with you Riaz, if the system, is doing well.  I would rather see real testimonies from real members, whether they are making a lot or a little money. Instead Cb Cash Code has hired people to give testimonies that have never dealt with the program at all.

  3. Thank you Kisha for unveiling and foiling this scam for most of us…It’s nice of you to have gone through all the aspects of “Cb Cash Code” and shed light to most of them. I’ve personally heard something click in my mind when I read the simple calculations you’ve made…becoming a millionnaire in 5 months by working 10 minutes a day is UNLIKELY. I’ve also appreciated the effort put to follow that paid testimony speaker…you located her at Fiverr, and I can read in the background  her Fiverr profile picture: she admits to be anyone spokesperson with natural background….this resonates well with her speaking and testifying for Cb Cash Code!

    Thank you again for sharing this thorough and especially very helpful post.

    By the way, is there any sufficient proof that Wealthy Affiliate is still legit?

    Looking forward to reading from you again

    • Hi Oscar,

      I’m glad that you found The Cb Cash Code Review helpful and you’re right, I think it’s highly impossible to become a millionaire within 5 months unless you have prior experience.  

      Most make money online products do hire people from Fiverr for their testimonies because it’s easy to get a paid spokesperson and they don’t cost a lot. 

      Regardless, I’m glad that you’re doing your research on these programs before you decide to invest. I believe that’s very important to do because there are many scammers online and they seem to gain more speed daily.

      Anyhow, Wealthy Affiliate is legit, I recommend them over anyone else. I did write an entire review over the platform, and of course, I can tell you until I’m blue in the face that they are highly recommended over anyone else but, I know you still need or want more proof.

      So, this income proof list was put together by one of our Wealthy Affiliate members, check it out and see what you think. 

      Either way, they are legit! 

      You wouldn’t have arrived at this post if they weren’t. Everything you see on this website (onlinemoneynoscams.com), I learned from Wealthy Affiliate. 

      By the way, you can also see for yourself, if the community is legit, just by getting started.

      Besides, there is no risk, you won’t even need a credit card. From there you can decide for yourself if you like the training and community or not.  I hope this helps.


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