Are you looking for a drop shipper Supplier? Beginners, intermediate or advanced e-commerce entrepreneurs who have no idea on how to find the right suppliers you need to read this article!

SaleHoo Review

Name: Salehoo


Price: $67/year

Owners: Simon Slade and Mark Ling

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SaleHoo Overview

Are you looking for a Drop-shipping Supplier? Well, you have come to the right place. Especially, if you are serious about becoming an online seller.

Today, I will discuss the SaleHoo Directory, they are well-known as the “one-stop-shop” for online sellers.

What Exactly is SaleHoo?

It’s a product sourcing directory of verified suppliers, to include drop shippers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and liquidators. Over 137,000 Amazon, eBay, and online store owners use them to research and source items for resale.

Why Should You Use Them?

Of course, finding suppliers can be done for free by just going to Google search engine. However, the problem with that is if your new to e-commerce you’ll want to know why this might not be a good option. Your suppliers are part of the lifeline to your business because they’re like business partners. If they screw up something, your business can take a pitfall. Finding a supplier can be time-consuming, and you may have to scroll through 100s of results just to find a decent one. Maybe even thousands who know, online business grow every day. SaleHoo Membership Will Ensure You Are Using Legit Vendors

On the other hand, having a directory membership like SaleHoo they can assist you with your online business. In addition to this, they will be able to help save you time and money.

Their directory consists of more than 8,000 legitimate suppliers and it’s growing every day. By using a directory like SaleHoo it will provide a safe route to you for finding suppliers to buy from. So, what’s in it for you? This can help save you

  • Money
  • Avoid Scams or Fake Suppliers
  • Time
  • And, from buying low-quality products
  • You’ll get excellent customer support
  • And you’ll receive excellent training, plus there is an active community of like-minded people.

Anyhow, most people want to start an online e-commerce business, but they don’t have the know how. They don’t know which products to sell and how to sell them. I know, I certainly didn’t know until I discovered “SaleHoo Webstore Directory

In addition to providing a safe route of finding a supplier, SaleHoo also provides education material to help you choose the right products to sell. Even, if you have no idea what to sell and how to sell them.

More Information About SaleHoo

This company is a New Zealand based organization that was founded in 2005 by Simone Slade and Mark Ling. It’s a wholesale directory, which connects individuals with over 1.6 million products and brands.

All the suppliers are hand-picked and security verified. The awesome part is they have an A+ with the better business bureau. Read for yourself about SaleHoo Better Business Bureau ratings.

Good and Valuable:

  • Seller review area where you can see what people are saying about the supplier
  • Use SaleHoo market research lab to discover profitable products
  • A+ on the BBB
  • Filters can be used to match the perfect supplier
  • If you don’t have money upfront? No problem, there are over 1000 suppliers who will drop-ship for you
  • No counterfeit goods. Only Name brand products
  • Filter out products where sales can be slow and profits slim
  • Ability to use the slider control to find products that sell more often than not
  • Excellent chat support – professional and fast responses
  • Unlimited One-on-One phone support
  • Community forum
  • Email support
  • SaleHoo directory is unlimited
  • 24/7 support and guidance
  • Free training on growing and starting your online business
  • 60-day money back guaranteed


Bad and Ugly:

Who is SaleHoo For?

This is suitable for anyone who wants to run an e-commerce business and you would like to have better access to suppliers. SaleHoo is for beginners, intermediate or advanced e-commerce entrepreneurs who have no idea on how to find the right suppliers and you don’t know which products you should sell. SaleHoo also specializes in connecting you with brand named suppliers at the lowest price they can find.

SaleHoo Tools & Training

The tools and training that will be provided to you are smart seller training with guides that will help you avoid common traps and maximize your earnings.

You’ll Also Get:

  • The SaleHoo safe supplier directory
  • There is a market research lab available to you as a SaleHoo member, which will teach you which products are hot, and how best you can promote them.

Inside Of The Market Research Lab, You’ll Find The Following:

  • Products that have a high sell rate and low competition
  • The best time and day to end your listings
  • Valuable data on specific brands and models, including average sales price
  • Suppliers can be found for you from the SaleHoo Wholesale Directory

Members Forum

  • Ask any question, get support, and receive exclusive offers from SaleHoo suppliers
  • Unlimited Free one-on-one support

SaleHoo Support

Having a community that will support you in building your online business is always great. SaleHoo has a community forum, which is one of the largest wholesaler and online seller discussion forums within the e-commerce world.

Within the community, you can have all your questions answered. They also provide chat support, as well as email support. If you have a question or need some advice SaleHoo friendly support team is ready to give you one-on-one support.SaleHoo Chat Support Is Awesome. They Respond Quickly

Their support team really wants you to help and see succeed so, they provide you with any help that they can. If you need a quick answer, chances are good that they will have already been answered in the Help and Support Center.

As you can see the support here is amazing. I personally spoke with chat support and they will answer all of your questions on the spot.

SaleHoo Price

A membership fee for directories like SaleHoo is very common but, the cost for this directory when you really sit back and think about it is very cost effective. Especially, when you factor in the time that you could spend on finding different suppliers and the potential money that may be spent doing so.SaleHoo Yearly Membership Is $67. Not Bad At All

The cost is $67 per year. That calculates to $5.58 per month. It’s one full year of unlimited use of SaleHoo directory. I find that worth it, if I were looking for legit online suppliers.

NOTE: This $67.00 yearly fee does not include the web store.

My Final Opinion Of SaleHoo

SaleHoo is willing to give you a helping hand, they have been doing this for a long time, you can either give them a try or you could try going at it alone. It’s your choice! I personally would suggest that you give them a try.

I do want to forewarn you that If you do go at it alone it could mean getting scammed by fake suppliers, which causes lost money.

In addition to this, you could receive poor quality goods, maybe even broken products. Not to mention that your drop shipper might not even deliver the goods which can cause irreparable damage to your reputation. You could also lose the sale, what if you buy a stock that doesn’t sell well? You’ll lose money too. The time spent on finding a supplier and a product could potentially cause loss of weeks or months of income.Don't Just Stand There Get SaleHoo Now!

SaleHoo is a legit company and I do recommend using them if you have no idea on how to find suppliers or what to sale. There is a money back guaranteed so, with Salehoo you have nothing to lose. It’s always good to have some sense of direction so, that you’re not losing time and wasting money on suppliers or products that may not be worth it.

I’ve been scammed before, plus I do know someone personally that has been scammed by online suppliers. It was her first time opening online e-commerce and a couple of weeks later she was scammed out of $10k. Not only was the order fake but, the check the customer wrote was fake.

At any rate, I’d personally rather skip all the above and pay the $67 yearly fee and let the experts help me out. It just makes the most sense to me, and less headache. Plus they have a 60-day money back guaranteed. Get Started Now With SaleHoo!

SaleHoo at a Glance…

Name: SaleHoo


Owners: Simone Slade and Mark Ling

Price: $67/year


Have you ever used SaleHoo membership? How was your experience?

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I hope you found it helpful. If you did, please share this post with anyone that may find it beneficial as well… As always stay awesome and have a great day!