Press 1 Cash Review {Earn $200 Commissions }

Name: Press 1 Cash


Price: $297.00 one time fee

Owners: Paul Farman

Best For: Any business owner that has a website or if you are looking for an opportunity to start an online business.

SUMMARY: ​Press 1 Cash is an SMS phone marketing system, which also includes an affiliate program so that you can profit $200.00 per sale

Welcome to the Press 1 Cash Review!

Recently, I was given a chance to join two different business opportunities.

Press 1 Cash and Instant Cash Resolution.

I decided not to join for various reasons, but, before I made my final decision of not participating, I researched both companies.

I mean you never know, it could have been an excellent opportunity, but, after doing some research, I still find myself content with my #1 recommendation.

Anyhow, when I first heard about Press 1 Cash, it immediately reminded me of Abundance Network.

So, if you’re wondering how this system works, and if it’s for you?

Then you’ve come to the right place because I’ll let you know what I discovered.

Press 1 Cash Call Them And See How It Works

​What Is Press 1 Cash?

Press 1 Cash is an SMS marketing tool that you can use for your primary business.

At first sight, Press 1 Cash presents itself as an opportunity for people who are already business owners.

According to the sales page, these people would include Mortgage Brokers, Realtors, Insurance Agents, or network marketers, or anyone who already owns a business.

On the other hand, I found that Press 1 Cash is also being promoted to complete newbies who don’t even have a primary business. Nor do they own a website.

Therefore, it made me a little cautious about the opportunity because, as a newbie, if you don’t know how to market, this could get a bit confusing.

Anyhow, according to the members, this is a fully compliant system.

This program has been around for almost a year now, and Paul Farman created it.

How Does Press 1 Cash Work?

​First of all, to join this program, you need a sponsor.

Without a sponsor, you won’t get access to the program.

The only other way around joining Press 1 Cash without a sponsor, is you’ll need to contact their help desk and submit an online ticket. From there, the help desk should assist you with joining.

Anyhow, it seems pretty simple to use this program.

Press 1 Cash works with any North America based phone numbers. If you prefer another number outside of North America, it won’t work.

Either way, you’ll need to drive traffic to your Press 1 Cash phone number. Once a prospect comes across your phone number, the hopes are for the prospect to call that number.

If they call your number, they will then hear a message.

If the prospects like the pre-recorded voice message.

Then the prospect is directed to press “1”.

When the number “1” is pressed, your prospect is agreeing to receive further information about your primary business opportunity or your Press 1 Cash system.

After they agree, the information is then texted to their phone.

A link to your replicated Press 1 Cash website is included in this text message, or if you include your primary business opportunity link, that will be texted to the prospect instead.

​By the way, Dan explains it Perfect.

Can You Make Money With This Program?

​Indeed, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were able to make money with this system. Besides, many members are claiming to see success with the system.

Is Press 1 Cash A Scam?

​I wouldn’t call Press 1 Cash a scam because you’ll get what you pay for. However, there are some things that I was concerned about, and you may also want to be aware of before you decide to make a purchase.

Here Were My Concerns

#1. Replicated Sites

Finding your website by Google, Yahoo, or Bing would be nearly impossible.

None of the search engines agree with duplicated content. Therefore, if you were to join this program, your site will most likely not appear in the search engines, which is a big deal if you plan on driving massive traffic to your site for free.

Furthermore, replicated sites appear like any other members site. So, the best way to avoid this is you’ll need to use a landing page software.

Either way, you may not see this as a big deal, which is fine.

The problem is if the search engines can’t find your site, then you can’t drive massive traffic to your website for free by using SEO methods. Instead, you’ll need to rely on other methods.

Therefore, you’ll need to promote your replicated site via social media, YouTube, Craigslist, paid advertising, or by popping into people’s inboxes, asking them to join your company.

I like driving traffic to my site using SEO methods. It takes more time and learning but, it drives massive traffic to my website for free day in and day out.

#2. No Refund

If you’re not 100% positive about this business opportunity, do know that there are no refund options available. All sales are final.

#3. You, Will, Handle All Payments

Another concern that I had about this program is you’ll handle all payments directly.

I prefer the company to handle the payments for me because, if anything goes wrong, I don’t like the idea of handling other people’s payment. I guess this is why I prefer affiliate marketing, where I don’t handle any payments at all.

Besides, you’re not the owner of the company so that I would proceed with caution.

Either way, your prospect will pay $297.00 for the Press 1 Cash opportunity; $97.00 will be sent to the admin of this program, while the other $200.00 is sent to you directly.

#4. Claims To Use The Affiliate Marketing Business Model

I’m not sure where the confusion lies but, affiliate marketing is when you promote other people’s products, and the company pays you commissions.

Anyhow, to become an affiliate of other people’s products you don’t have to pay anything. All you do is sign up to programs and promote a product.

With Press 1 Cash, you can’t promote this product freely unless you buy the program.

Therefore, this system sounds more like an M.L.M. scheme, where you have to build a team.

With affiliate marketing, you, there is no pyramid scheme, nor do you recruit others.


  • ​System Sounds Cool


  • ​I Would Proceed With Caution
  • ​You Handle All Payments & Complaints If Any
  • ​Join The Right Sponsor

What Will You Get With Press 1 Cash?

After you have paid $297.00, the investment includes the following features.

100 Playback + SMS credit

Whenever someone calls your number and listens to the message. Then one playback credit is deducted from your balance. If the caller happens to press “1”, additional credit is deducted. Each deducted credit is worth one cent each.

Therefore, if a caller completes the entire process, it’ll cost you about 2 cents per call.

Now, you’re probably wondering what happens after your 100 playback + sms credit balance is depleted. Worry none, because you’ll be able to purchase additional credits at any time.

Replicated Press 1 Cash website

As mentioned earlier you’ll receive a replicated site. If you prefer to change your website address (domain name), then this is an option that your sponsor can help you out with.

You’ll also get a back-office along with marketing resources. Plus, customer tracking is available.

Either way when a prospect calls your Press 1 Cash phone number, their phone number, plus the time they spent listening to your pre-recorded message is all tracked.

How Does The Compensation Work?

​​If a prospect decides to join, then you will receive $200.00 paid directly to you.

However, if a second prospect joins, you’ll pass that payout up. Any payments received after your first pass up; you’ll get to keep it. Eventually, it your commissions could add up.

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Earn 200 Commissions By Using Press 1 Cash

​Press 1 Cash Support & Training

​The Press 1 Cash is supposed to be a simple system to use. Therefore, there isn’t much training provided.

However, if you decide to join this program, then you may want to seek out the right sponsor.

Some sponsors are providing training for their down-line, while others may not. It all depends on whom you sign up underneath.

My Final Opinion Of Press 1 Cash

So, I’m going to share my opinion about the Press 1 Cash system. In this review, we went over how this program works, what you can expect, and now you should be able to decide if it’s for you.

Sure you can make money with Press 1 Cash. However, I don’t feel comfortable recommending this program. Besides, I don’t support programs, that I wouldn’t join.

Either way, whatever you choose is your choice. I hope you were able to make a more informed decision.

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