Review – You Won’t Get Paid $500

Hello there, and welcome to the Review.

I assume you’re reading this review because you’ve come across this opportunity.

Now you’re wondering if it’s legit, a scam, or a blessing in disguise.

Firstly, I applaud you for doing your due diligence. There are so many scams online that it’s tough to figure out who to trust.

So, today, in this review, I’ll go over what you need to know about this opportunity. Summary

Website Name:

Price: Free

Owners: Who knows

Best For: No One

Summary: is another get paid to site, that claims they’re the number one influence network. Leading you to believe that you can make $500 today.

Is Recommended? Not recommended because it’s a scam.

What Is

According to, they were found in 2015, and they intend to help social media users put their profiles to use.

So, instead of just wasting time on social media, keeping up with all the news. They have decided to help you utilize your skills and time more wisely.

Therefore, they claim they’ll do this by not paying you pennies. Instead, they won’t pay you pennies like most get paid to sites but, they will pay you according to the traffic you send and your work efforts.

What IS Website All About

How Does Really Work?

Okay, so if you’ve never come across a site like this before, then the sad truth is this won’t work.

According to, all you have to do is join for free when you do that. You’re supposed to get a $25 signup bonus.

Therefore, you’ll notice that the bonus will credit your account immediately. Since the bonus credits to the statement immediately, you’ll automatically assume that this works.

So, you’ll go through all the steps that you’re instructed to do.

  • Share your link to invite friends and family members so that you can receive anywhere from $10 to $15 per referral.
  • Upload a YouTube video and get paid $50.
  • You’ll also start taking the surveys and completing tasks.

Completing Tasks Are A Waste Of Time

Again, is not telling you the entire truth.

Don’t worry I’ll explain here shortly.

So, Is A Scam?

Yes, I have many reasons to believe that is a scam. It appears to be a rehashed site. I’ve done reviews over:

All the sites mentioned above have the same features. The same process, and the same results. They don’t work. More importantly, they have ever paid anyone.

So, in my opinion, when a site promises you money and doesn’t deliver that money, they’re a scam in my book.

How Can You Cash out on

I know that not everyone was able to read this review before they joined so, if you have already joined and are wondering how you would cash out your money.

The quick and blunt answer is you won’t be able to.

Instead, you’ll receive a message saying that your request was denied for either not completing all the tasks. Or they may even tell you that you have committed fraud.

Some members have even reported that their account was locked. Therefore, when it came time to receive their money, they couldn’t.

If you need to see more proof, just check out my reviews over:

Clout Pay, Clout Bucks, Influearn Referral Pay, Paid 4 Clout, SwagPay, RainMoney, MoneyChaser, and CloutShare.

All of these websites are the same ole scam. They haven’t paid anyone, and quite frankly, I don’t think they ever intended to in the first place. Scam Truth Revealed

By now, you may realize that this program isn’t really worth your time. So, I hope this has saved you from joining a program that will never work.

To break this down even further, here we go.

Ridiculous Income Claims

Firstly, their payment proofs are fake. If you read the reviews that I mentioned within this review, you’ll see that the payment proofs are fake. I’m sure I have a past image of their similar sites posting payment proofs. Then you can compare the two for yourself.

Email Contact Support

Secondly, people have reported that they’ve emailed support and got no response. I’ve emailed them myself twice, and many of their different websites. The first response I got was a reform my so-called account manager she helped me navigate the system until I asked if I was being scammed.

The second time I emailed support, I never got a response. So, email support and test it out for yourself and see what results you get.

Business Contact Information

According to terms and conditions page, you can contact them by using the “Contact Us” tab, which would be an email. Or you can send mail to NiceCash, PTY, Melbourne, Australia; Attention: Customer Service.

First, the address isn’t complete. So, how would anyone even send mail to the company? Secondly, the address provided doesn’t exist. Lastly, this same address is used on all of the other scam sites.

Business Existence Incorrect

Also, claims to have been in business since 2015. It’s 2019 now. Therefore, they are saying that they have been in business for like four years. However, according to my research, this company has only existed for 28 days. That is less than a month. Has Not Been In Business Since 2015

By the way, if you would like to get started with affiliate marketing, learn how to build your own site. Check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review the are {Catered To Beginner’s}.


  • Nothing it’s a scam


  • They won’t pay you
  • Your information could be at risk
  • This doesn’t work Alternative

So, although won’t work there are legit GPT sites that will pay you. Such as Swagbucks and PaidViewpoint. Having said that I would use them only as a way to earn extra income.

On the other hand if you’re looking for ways to replace your job or current income, then I would suggest that you consider starting a website and learn affiliate marketing. Can You Really Make 500 With Them

My Final Opinion Of

After reading this entire review, you probably already understand why I don’t recommend

If you don’t understand, here is a quick recap. It’s a scam, a waste of time, and it simply won’t work.

Honestly, I’ve never come across a get paid to site that will pay you $500 in one day. You’re lucky if you even make $500 within that year.

To make $500 with a GPT site, you’ll need to put a ton of the sites together, which in my opinion, is not worth it.

Many people love and use Swagbucks but, the truth is you won’t make a ton of money with them.

I started this website to create a side income. Plus, help other people find ways to make money online, and of course avoid scams. is indeed a scam.

So, if you’re serious about making an online income, I would suggest that you start your own affiliate marketing niche website.

It’s low risk, very little investment, it does take time to see results but, it can pay off.

Compared to many making money online programs, and I’ve reviewed hundreds this program will teach you the most cost effective way to get results.

My#1 recommendation for a beginner

is the Wealthy Affiliate Community.

Here is a better way to make money read The Wealthy Affiliate Review – {They Cater To Beginners}

All your tools, support, and resources that you need to get started is provided to you. If I can do this, you certainly can too…

Put your credit card away because you won’t need it. It’s 100% scam free.

Please share this post so, we can help others from wasting their time. Let me know if you have any questions. I would be glad to help out…

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