My Ecom Club Review {What Are They Hiding?}

Name: My Ecom Club

Website: or

Price: Free Access up to potentially $1997.00 give or take.

Owners: Teo Vee (nickname)

Best For: Anyone interested in being guided with your eCommerce store

SUMMARY: My Ecom Club, is a program that teaches you within a 22 step training, on how to successfully start an eCommerce business.

​Welcome to My Ecom Club Review!

Scams are coming from every direction now. Yesterday, I received a text message from some random number, and the message looked like this.

My Ecom Club Review -5

Did you receive the same message? Either way, you must’ve heard of My Ecom Club some way. So, you’re here now, wondering is this is a great place to start your eCommerce store.

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Both are dealing with eCommerce training.

My Ecom Club Review

​What Is My Ecom Club?

My Ecom Club claims to be a proven and viable way for you to make money from home with your money making a website. The problem is as your watching their sales video.

They never disclose what type of business model you’ll use.

I had to test drive the system to find out what My Ecom Club was about, after getting access to the free account.

However, I was advised that I needed to sign an agreement before moving forward. The agreement will be emailed to you as well.

By the way, I noticed that there are several sales funnels, to this system. The sales page that was sent to me by text offered me access for $97.00.

However, is you go directly to My Ecom Club website, you can get access for free.

Anyhow, The agreement is, where you will agree, to receive coaching calls and charges from My Ecom Club system.

Either way, I did sign the agreement.

After receiving access to My Ecom Cub dashboard, you’ll meet Teo Vee, and this is where he’ll let you know that My Ecom Club is an eCommerce program, that will teach you how to build a website with eCommerce and drop shipping.

My Ecom Club Review -2

How Does It Work?

Well, according to Teo, there is a catch for this system to work.

Catch #1.

Take The Training Seriously – This is true for any home-based business to work, you must go through the material, implement what you learn, and take massive action.

Catch #2.

Take Massive Action – This catch is almost like the first one.

Anyhow, it’s an essential step to your success. Besides success, can’t happen without you taking massive action.

Catch #3.

Work With A Mentor – According to Teo, all his students that had great success worked with a mentor.

In other words, you’ll need a coach. Teo understands that everyone can’t afford $997 and beyond for coaching. So, he claims to give you access to a coach for $37.00 one time fee.

You​ May Need Coaching​

The coach is supposed to help you through your training, and show you how to implement what you learn.

Therefore, going off of Teo’s words, he claims that people who go into this business alone tend to struggle. So, without a coach, you may have a tough time with My Ecom Club.

However, Teo doesn’t mean you won’t succeed without a mentor. You could also take your chances and go at this alone and still manage. It all depends on you and your work ethics.

By the way, you’ll contact your coach by Skype, which almost reminds me of MOBE and Digital Altitude. After going through a few training videos, you’ll then learn what My Ecom Club truly has to reveal. So, stay tuned.

So, Who Is A Mentor Recommend For?

  • If you aren’t tech savvy, you may need a mentor.
  • If you get confused about domain names, HTML, CSS, or ad placements.
  • You prefer to work with others who are having success.
  • Working alone isn’t something your strongest trait.
  • Tried other programs in the past and haven’t achieved success.
  • Making money as fast as possible is a concern to you.

Well, is you met any of the above statements, then My Ecom Club wants you to invest in their coaching program. If you decide to invest in the coaching program, then the coach will call you on the phone, or you can call them yourself.

Either way, I found after I declined the coaching calls, several coaches emailed me. So, beware of what you’re getting yourself into.

Is My Ecom Club Legit?

​Before researching this product, I thought it was a scam. I mean I did receive a text message to my cell phone, telling me to enjoy the funds and don’t worry about paying them back.

Wouldn’t that sound and appear like a scam to you? Especially, knowing you didn’t apply for a loan.

Anyhow, this could mean that someone who is promoting the system, is not being ethical while they promote the system. Who knows?

I also found out Teo Vee real name is Teo Vanyo. I found him on YouTube sharing value on the 3 most common mistakes store owners make. So, with that said, we can confirm that Teo Vee is real.

Common Questions

​My Ecom Club Refund policy, What Is It?

This program does have a 30-day money back policy.

Are there My Ecom Success Stories?

Well, of course, Teo Vee has testimonies on his sales page but, usually, they are hired video spoke people. So, I never go by testimonies. I went to My Ecom Club Facebook page, and out of the 13k people, about 598 people gave them 4.5 stars out of 5.

Do You Have To Invest In The Coaching?

According to Teo, you don’t have to invest in coaching. However, you’ll soon learn while trying to concentrate on your training, that your coach is continuously emailing you. Plus, you’re offered help throughout the entire process, which is a sales tactic to get you to purchase the coaching.

Regardless, as I mentioned earlier, I couldn’t go any further in my training without calling my coach and from my experience in the past. Once the coach has you on the phone, this is where they start to make you feel comfortable so that you will invest further into the program.

Are there Alternatives?

Yes, you can always go to the official Shopify website. Shopify does offer training as well.


  • ​Optimized Website
  • ​Training is good

  • ​Teo Is Legit
  • Not A Scam​​​​


  • ​Can Be A Bit Expensive

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​Who is My Ecom Club For?

The training offered within this program is supposed to be suitable for anyone interested in eCommerce and dropping shipping. However, do be aware that there are up-sells.

My Ecom Training, Tools & Support

If you thought you would get this system free. Think again!

The only access you’ll have is up to training module 2. After you have completed training module 2, you’re advised to schedule a 5-minute call with your coach. If you don’t plan the request, your coach will email you.

Either way, the support is limited, especially, is you don’t invest in the coaching process. Therefore, you can’t access the private Facebook group until you have finished the coaching process.

Hence, is you want support, you’ll need to invest in coaching.

On the other hand, you’ll get access to their knowledge base, which is also very limited. Plus, you’ll have access to their support ticket, which is handled by email.

One thing, I was confused about was their weekly webinars.

It’s where all your eCommerce questions may be answered.

The problem is I tried scheduling a webinar, and the last webinar offered was almost a month ago, and then the difficult part is the next one isn’t scheduled for nearly two months.

​Up-sells & Down-sells

Depending on what sales page you landed on, there is free access to My Ecom Club program. However, is you landed on a different sales page, you may be charged $97.00.

There are up-sells that within this sales funnel and here is what you can expect.

$37.00 coaching calls (valued at $997.00)

$47.00 to hold your seat at the Ecom Traffic Summit

$37.00 one time fee + $47.00 every single month. E-Com Club Monthly Membership, also known as the Elite Inner Circle Membership – this is where you will get special treatment because you’re serious. You’ll get a personal coach, and everything will be done in a private group.

$147.00 – If you’re concerned about paying the Elite Monthly Membership fee, you can get access to the inner circle by just paying a one-time price.

If you decline both the Elite Inner Circle Membership monthly fee + lifetime fee, you’ll then get an offer of $97.00 for a master class training, which is you take advantage of the offer you’ll also get two free reports.

Anyhow, is you don’t take advantage of the $97.00 discount, and decide you want it later, you’ll be charged $1997.00 full price.

$197.00 Niche Branding Call

​Salesbrain, which is an automated sales bot that My Ecom Club uses for their Instagram accounts. It will help you close sales.

However, according to another source, is you start making sales with Sales brain, you may have to start paying.

​Final Conclusion

After reviewing My Ecom Cash Club, this is something that I wouldn’t recommend. Who knows how many hidden fees are indeed within this sales funnel. Also, I would not say I like the fact that you must call a coach to continue your training.

From my experience in the past, this is a tactic to get you comfortable and then hit you with up-sells. Either way, My Ecom Club is a legit program. Some people have reported enjoying the training, while others have complained.

Above all, Teo is right. Many people fail online. Thankfully, I found a legit way, that is undoubtedly a fraction of the cost. Besides, I was tired of losing money.

Over to you!

I know eCommerce is booming right now so, my question to you is, What are your thoughts about My Ecom Club? Did they help you or not? Have you tried them out? Let me know; I want to hear from you.

2 thoughts on “My Ecom Club Review {What Are They Hiding?}”

  1. I purchased 2 websites as I was led to believe that with a bit of work I could expect a reasonable income but I did not make one dime. It’s a scam.
    On August 9, 2018 I purchased the two website, “Done For You”, package with a personal check for $1997. My Ecom Club stressed that with their constant supervision and support, a person like myself could expect to earn a reasonable, moderate income. What they don’t tell you is that at a certain point, they begin constantly asking you for more and more money! I did not expect to get rich or anything outrageous like that, I just thought that things would go as I was led to believe, namely that if I took the online classes and applied myself, i could expect to earn a moderate income given time. However, They make you sign documents that state you only get 3 days to request a full refund so that if it does not work for you , you can’t even get a refund. I wanted to give this a chance to work so for the next year I took their online classes and consulted with their advisers. Because of the constant drain on my limited finances, not only was I not able to open the 2nd website, but the first website never made one thin dime. On August 16, 2019, I contacted their executive offices and demanded an immediate refund. All I got back was an email on the 19th from account manager Denise Pitts saying that they were denying my refund. I am now convinced that My Ecom Club is a scam directed at separating senior citizens like myself from their limited, fixed incomes. Don’t buy into it or you will be sorry!

    • Hi, thank you for sharing your experience with My Ecom Club, and I’m sorry to hear that you have experienced all of that with them. I can’t say that they’re a scam but, again I can’t confirm because I’m not affiliate with them.

      I’m sort of in your shoes too. I receive daily calls, emails, and text messages from this company. Due to the high investment, I have decided not to join. I’m actually content where I am.

      Anyhow, I’ve seen mixed reviews. Some people didn’t get their money back while others did. The only reason I can think you weren’t able to get your refund is because you had passed the 3 day refund policy. I also saw that they have a high complaint rate at the BBB.

      Regardless, I know 3 days is a short time frame but, anytime one decides to join a business opportunity. I suggest to always research the company.

      One reason why I don’t recommend high ticket programs, especially to beginners. Is because they are high investment, which means a high risk. High ticket programs are best for experienced people, or people who have wiggle room.

      Other than that I don’t recommend them, and I certainly didn’t recommend My Ecom Cash. Either way, I wish you the best and continued success…Let me know if you have any questions. I will be glad to help out….Have a great day ahead…


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