Is Secrets Of The Wealthy A Scam? 5 Reasons To Consider

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Welcome to the Secrets Of The Wealthy Review!

Secrets Of The Wealthy Summary

Name: Secrets Of The Wealthy


Update: It has been bought to my attention by a reader that the site to Secrets of the Wealthy has been changed to

Price: as low as $3,247 up to $21,847 + additional fees

Owners: Coach Marc also known as Sgt. Marc

Best For: Anyone that’s experienced & able to take a risk financially. I personally do not recommend this website. It’s too risky.

SUMMARY: Secrets Of The Wealthy is a business program where you purchase a license to different educational digital products.

You’ll  have the opportunity to resell the same digital education products back to others.

You’re buying into a service where 7 figure coaches are supposed to control and run your entire business for you. They call it a done for you business.

The coaches are closing all your sales for you, which they claim to split the commissions with you.

Either 75/25 or 50/50.

I don’t recommend this business model to, anyone. I can’t confirm this is legit.

Nor, can I confirm the system works.

What I can confirm is that there’s a way to get the same high quality training for a fraction of the cost. Go here and check it out.

I woke up today.

Checked my voicemail, this is what I hear.

Sgt Marc…

He claims that it’s been a while since we talked. He assumed this morning would be a great time to catch up. And, since I was not able to answer the phone, he said maybe we can catch up next time.

According to Sgt. Marc bogus claims.

Last time we connected I reached out to him first, and I supposedly expressed an interest in making money online.

So, he wants to share with me one of his tricks that he’s currently using to make him over $100,000 a month.

Marc then proceeds to give me his website so, that I can check it out. The site is called

Regardless, before Marc ended the call, he did inform me that he hopes to catch up with me later.

He also encouraged me to check out the website because it doesn’t require any marketing or talking on the phone, which he knows I would be interested in not doing.

Naturally, by hearing Marc’s voicemail, one would think that I actually had a conversation or connection with this man but, I didn’t.

I have no idea who this guy is, nor do I know how he got my phone number.

By the way, whenever you get a recorded message like this, it could be considered a robo call.

With that said, the marketing tricks that some companies are using is getting bolder by the day.

They’re starting to call you now. That’s pretty scary…

Anyhow, this made me curious about what is this Marc guy talking about. Is Secrets Of The Wealthy A Scam?

After the mysterious phone call.

It almost seems like it.

So, without further ado, we’ll find out.

So keep reading…

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Secrets To The Wealthy

​What Is Secrets Of The Wealthy?

Secrets Of The Wealthy is a brand new business opportunity that just landed on the market.

The owner Coach Marc, claims to be a retired Army soldier that was struggling to make ends meet.

This guy is open-minded, coachable, and never going to work for anyone else.

He prides himself into being unemployable.

So, if you have the same traits, then Coach Marc claims he can show you how to generate $3000 to $10,000 weekly.

Basically, this system that Coach Marc has created is supposed to be a turnkey business, where you do no cold calling, chasing family or friends.

Nor will you be wasting your time at the hotel. Meeting up with people explaining what you have to offer. And best of all you don’t have to post on social media.

Nevertheless, this almost sounded, like what I do right now which is affiliate marketing.

I do no calling or chasing people. Nor do I have to meet anyone or recruit others.

But, after doing further research, I started to realize that this system is far from the affiliate marketing business model.

As a matter fact, Secrets of the Wealthy sounds almost like Super Affiliate Network and Digital Altitude.

Plus, it seemed familiar to another program that I was a member of which was called MOBE.

By the way both Digital Altitude and MOBE were shut down by the FTC. So, every time, I come across systems like this it makes me wonder how long they will last.

Programs Can Get Shutdown

How Does Secrets Of The Wealthy Work?

​According to Sgt. Marc, he claims that they’ll give you a success coach when you join, which will do everything for you.

You won’t have to lift a finger. Why?

Because all of your leads are generated for you. From there your success coach handles any inquiries or enrollment that you get.

With each sale your success coach makes for you, you’ll receive a 50% commission.

Either $1500, $3500, $7000, and up to $15,750.00.

Most of the new people coming to Marc’s team are making 1 to 2 sales within their first week.

I can’t verify any of these claims.

The whole idea behind this system is that you’ll resell the digital education program back to others.

Worry none; I’ll go into further details later in this review. So, keep reading.

Digital Software eLearning Secrets Of The Wealthy Review

The Secrets Of the Wealthy Revealed

1. You, Will, Have To Work

The problem with these types of systems is that they are secretive on what they offer you.

More importantly, regardless, of what success coach you have. You’ll always have to put in work when it comes to a home based business.

Usually, with many high ticket commission programs, you won’t find out all the details until you join.

Although Secrets To The Wealthy claims to not be MLM, however, I disagree. You’re success coach is recruiting other members for you.

If you don’t join the right team, you may be left behind, lost and struggling.

Then the cycle repeats for any people you invite, which can turn into a complete disaster.

Not to mention, the money you must invest in this program. You could potentially lose it all. Especially if you no joins your team.

The point here is, there is work still involved. If there wasn’t you wouldn’t be coached or trained.

2. Too Much Marketing Hype

Coach Marc does a lot of marketing hype. Most peoples desires are to make tons of money without doing any work.

I get it…

I mean who wouldn’t love to kick back and have money flowing in.

I think we would all love that lifestyle.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

Furthermore, most people want to live the luxury life, spend all the money that they can, and vacation when they please, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

In almost every sales video that Marc does. He mentions how he has all these wire transfers coming to him.

People are happily sending him money.

He even goes as far as saying some people have cash lying around carelessly.

So they prefer to pay for their done for you business in cash.

In other words, Coach Marc is claiming that he’s receiving up to $21,000 in cash, through the mail, which I found interesting because the FTC has warned the public continuously about scammers getting you to pay that way.

I don’t agree with sending cash through the mail. It’s a huge risk.

Coach Marc is bragging about how he was recently able to purchase a 40-foot boat.

According to him Boat means “bust out a thousand.”

Is that a red flag? Or an insult?

It certainly sounds like one to me.

Regardless, if you can show him another system better than the program, he is presenting to you, and it can replace his million dollar salary let him know.

Until then, he firmly believes this is the best in the market.

I am afraid I have to disagree but, hey that’s my opinion.

3. You Will Be Paid Directly

Depending on what level that you invested in, you’ll be paid directly by the people you invite to this system.

Once the member pays you.

You then you will go and pay your success coach.

Most payments are made by check or cash.

I can only imagine that dealing with other people’s fees and transactions can be business pain.

I’m so glad that I don’t have to deal with these things.

Thankfully, the companies, I’m affiliated with takes care of that for me.

4. It’s A Risky Business Model

Direct sale is a member to member business, which in my opinion can be risky.

Besides, who deals with the fraudulent or bounced checks?

Since direct member to member involves you handling the payment processing, I’m sure you will be the party held responsible for these type of activities.

I mean, it’s been known that people can print out fraudulent cashiers checks.

Regardless, you must have the money the capital to invest in a program like this.

At any rate, Secrets Of The Wealthy disclaimer page, actually informs you that they don’t know if you will do as well with this system as they have.

If you rely on their income proof, you must accept your own risk.

Anyhow, the challenge that most people face with network marketing or direct sales is that the transactions are hard to close and finding new leads for the business opportunity is even harder.

This is why you’re encouraged to ask your friends and family members to join first before targeting the cold market.

Moreover, this is why I prefer affiliate marketing. I don’t have to worry about any of this. I don’t randomly market to anyone, and I don’t have to put all my eggs into one basket.

With this in mind, the FTC is cracking down, and have been known to shut down programs like this. So, if you were to rely on the Secrets Of The Wealthy program solely, and they happen to get shut down by the FTC, you could risk your entire income.

5. There Is No Push Button System

Even Coach Marc mentions that everyone, wants to pay off their bills, buy a new car or house, get out of debt, go on vacation, and pay off their student loans, but no one wants to build a website, do long and tedious training, and they don’t want it to take a lot of their time.

In other words, what Coach Marc is saying everyone wants it easy, which is how he can sell you this turnkey marketing solution, with a custom marketing funnel and a team of professionals doing all the lifting for you because, this is what most people would settle for, avoiding all the work but, they want to make money.

Anyhow, the truth is that there is a push-button system; you will always have to do work. Think over this, if you didn’t have to put in any action, why would you need all this expensive training?


  • ​I don’t know


  • ​No guarantees
  • You don’t have control over the SEO.
  • ​You Take All The Risk
  • This could be a confusing system.
  • ​Too many cons to list

Who Is Secrets Of The Wealthy For?

According to the Secrets Of The Wealthy webinar, this system is for everyone, from moms, part-time students, retirees, and working professionals.

Anyhow, this is a direct sales business model that is supposed to be designed for the average person to run because their automated system will find the prospects for you.

Then your success coach system that is put in place allows you never to have to explain, tell, sell, or deal with objections.

​Secrets Of The Wealthy Tools & Training

​Keep in mind when purchasing most high ticket commission offers, you’ll only receive the education on the level you invest in, for example, if you were to invest into the Gold membership package, you would not get the same training as the Ultra Royal member.

Here is what you’ll get if you were to buy into this product. Secrets Of The Wealthy primary focus is on business development.

  • Digital licensing delivered with no ongoing monthly fees
  • Marketing Training
  • Business and personal development training
  • Wealth development training

In other words, it’s called “e-learning,” which is a new way for the consumers to learn and educate themselves by the internet.

Anyhow, the difference between what I do and Secrets Of The Wealthy is, the Secrets Of The Wealthy is a directs sales member to member program, where the consumers will pay you directly. There is no middle man, and you’ll earn high commissions with this program.

Another difference is, affiliate marketing you’re considered the middle man. However, you never have to deal with the money, products, shipping, complaints, or customers.

The company that you’re promoting an offer for will take care of all of that for you. Plus, affiliate marketing is not as big as a risk, as direct sales marketing.

Anyhow, after becoming a member, you’ll also get the same landing page that most members have because it’s a done for you system.

Secrets Of The Wealthy has a process called “on boarding” where you will get done for you email follow-ups, and SMS text message options. Does this cost an additional fee? I’m not sure, and it wasn’t exposed. If I were you, I would be prepared to pay for this just in case.

Anyhow, after investing thousands into a program almost similar to this. I didn’t get the education that I thought I would, Plus, I was continually investing. In fact, my success coach went as far as asking me to put my house up for refinancing.

I must admit that I’m thankful for the community that I found after struggling online. Not only did it save me lots of money but, I get unlimited high-quality internet and affiliate marketing training. In all honesty, it’s the same training that I received with the high ticket commission program.

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​Secrets Of The Wealthy Support

​As mentioned earlier, the support you’ll get in this program is that you’ll have a success coach.

Will your success coach be reliable?

I can’t honestly answer that. I can only go off of experiences, and in most of these type of programs, once they get your money, that’s it. They leave you high and dry, which is one reason why people fail on the internet.

Furthermore, all contact is discontinued, so then you’re left wondering, frustrated, and not knowing what to do next.

​Secrets Of The Wealthy Price

​​Here is where high ticket commissions programs get interesting. The reason you’re able to make $1500, $3500, $7000, and up to $15,750.00, that’s because the investment is double your commissions. Plus extra fees that come along with the high ticket commission opportunities. Such as paid traffic and additional training or tools.

In other words, you will pay depending on what level you can afford.

  • Gold Package – $3000 + $247 admin fee
  • Platinum Package – $7000 + $447 admin fee
  • Diamond Package – $14,000 + $647 admin fee
  • Ultra Royal Product Package – $21,000 + $847 admin fee

By the way, the administrative fee is your licensing fee which gives you the legal rights to resell this digital product. According to Secrets Of The Wealthy, you’ll be set up as a direct sales affiliate with a silent partnership.

Additionally, the done for you leads isn’t precisely just done for you; this requires additional investment. You will have to pay for leads once a week or once a month depending on your budget.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the investment that you would have to pay to get leads, but generally, you’ll pay in the hundreds.

Although Now Lifestyle and Secrets Of The Wealthy are different, you still may be able to get a general idea on how much you will invest into leads.

Anyhow, when I was with MOBE, our done for you leads ranged from $400 up into the thousands per transaction. So, this is something you need to think over before making a purchasing decision.

Regardless, Secrets Of The Wealthy does provide financing for those who have good credit. Your score must be within the 650+ range, to take advantage of this opportunity.

​My Final Opinion Of Secrets Of The Wealthy

​By now, you should have a better understanding of this program, and more importantly, you should be able to make a more informed decision on the Secrets Of The Wealthy system.

Indeed, with the high ticket commissions, you will make high commissions. However, if you don’t have the capital to take part in a high commission offer, I wouldn’t recommend you going forward, especially not a beginner.

High ticket commission offers, use high-pressure sales tactics. Meaning, they will pressure you into purchasing more and more products, and you could end up losing more than you started with, trust me I know from experience.

I wouldn’t recommend this system because, if it were that easy to make money on autopilot with a turnkey business, I would be doing that. In fact, I’m sure most marketers would be taking on this type of business model if it were indeed that easy.

Making money online is possible; however, your success rate depends on what business model you choose, the support you receive, and the training you get.

After losing out on thousands, and not making a dime, I chose to make money online with no risk, through affiliate marketing. If you would like to learn how to do the same, I encourage you to check out my #1 recommendation.

Besides, you won’t have to invest anywhere near the amount that you would spend into this program. Plus, you’ll be able to have multiple streams of income, without having to deal with shipping, money, customers, or sales. Are you interested? It’s free to get started, and you can choose any niche, passion, or interest.

2 thoughts on “Is Secrets Of The Wealthy A Scam? 5 Reasons To Consider”

  1. Sgt Marc is a con man
    He will take your money and run.
    Once he received the $7500.00 from me I never
    heard from him again !

    Now I see that he is back at it with a new name

    • First and foremost, Rj!

      I’m sorry to hear about your lost. That’s a lot of money. Did you pay with a credit card?

      I know for Secrets to the Wealthy, you’re supposed to send cash.

      By any chance did you use a credit card?

      If you did, you could dispute the incident with your credit card company. Every bank has an allotted time period but, it never hurts to try.

      If you paid with a Debit Card it works the same way. Call your bank and let them know that you want to dispute the charge. The bank usually investigates immediately.

      I know when something similar to your situation happened to me. I called my bank, explained the situation, and they reversed the charges the next day. The company had taken the money out of my bank, and my bank went back and got the money for me.

      So, if you have some sort of track record saying where the $7500 came from and went to, you might be able to resolve the issue on your banks end.

      If contacting your bank/credit card company is not an option, try these two government sites.

      They are your best options. FTC complaint assistance, you can chat, phone, or apply online.

      Warning, the FTC may not contact you immediately, or at all. But, rest assured they are a legit government site. What they do is collect consumers complaints. Hopefully, other people come forth so, that this situation can be looked into faster.

      You can also contact the Federal Bureau Of Investigation Internet Crime Compliant Center. (IC3) is used if you think you’re a victim of an internet crime.

      In my opinion, you are so please do contact one of the websites that I’ve provided.

      Also, you can contact the BBB but, in this case, I would try the two above sites first. The BBB can help but, in this case, I’m not sure how useful they’ll be.

      Anyhow, I’m so sorry you have to experience this…Thank you for sharing your story and providing an updated website for Sgt Marc. I really appreciate your support in keeping others safe.

      Have a great day ahead!


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