Is Emris International A Scam? Nope! It’s Legit

Name: Emris International


Product Type: CBD Oil

Niche: Health + Eco Friendly

​Price: ​$49 to $499 + any additional cost

Owners:  Aspen Emry, ILean Harris, and Matthew Harris 

​Launched: ​May 2019  

Best For: MLM’ers who enjoy natural health based wellness products, and recruiting others to do the same.

SUMMARY:  Emris International is a company that was launched in the early part of 2019. By three successful network marketers. They intend to bring the highest quality products and business model to the market.

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Welcome to the Emris International Review!

Are you thinking about joining Emris International? 

Would you like to know if it’s a scam or a legitimate way to earn money?

If so, this review is for you. 

I’ll go over all the details that you need to know so that you can make a more informed decision before making the final leap. 

​​What Is Emris International All About?

In​ May 2019, Emris International was launched. Therefore, it is the latest multi-level marketing company.  

It’s an MLM company that offers full or broad spectrum CBO Oil’s, which means there is no THC in any of their products. If you’re a CBD Oil fan, then I’ll assume this is good news. 

Anyhow, after watching a presentation, I’ve learned that Emris goal is to become a billion-dollar company. So, with that said, they have plans to go home.

In addition to this, the company has several locations. 

  • Florida
  • Ireland
  • South Africa 

Emris International An Undying Legacy

Who Are The Co-Founders?

The co-founders of this company consist of three individuals. Together they have 50+ years of combined experience in the network marketing industry. 

Keep in mind that the 50+ years is not an individual experience but, a combined experience between the three co-founders.

Anyhow, the first co-founder Aspen Emry, is a well-known successful network marketer. She has built a massive team over at a company called “It Works.”

Aspen then takes a leap of faith and teams up with a couple by the name of ILean and Mathew Harris who has also successfully built a great team over at Total Life Changes, also known as TLC.

With these three people joining forces, Emris International could be successful. 

However, at the time of this article, the company is still in its infancy stages. So, the success rate at this time is tough to predict.  

Can You Make Money With Emris International?

Indeed, you could make money with this company. I can’t predict how much you can earn.

However, there is a history of most people failing with multi-level business models. 

To increase your chances with this company, you’ll need to build a massive down-line. Therefore, you must be willing to approach people and recruit.

Not everyone that joins your team will take action, many will quit, and very few may become a heavy recruiter like yourself. 

So, it’s safe to say you’ll need to be a massive recruiter.

It doesn’t stop there. You’ll also need to train your down-line so that they have a chance of seeing success. Without duplication, all or some of your legs could fall apart within your MLM business.  

Above all, there have been several studies done by the FTC. It has been recorded that 99% of the people who join MLM’s fail to make money. In fact, they lose more money than they make. 

So, could you make money with Emris, it’s possible, but the odds of it happening doesn’t look great.  

Muli-level Marketing

Emris International Products

There are three products that Emris offers at this time. 


Perfect for CBD oil newbies and veterans, it’s American Grown right from Colorado. So far, this product appears to be their only CBD oil, without the THC. 

If you would like to be reassured that this CBD Oil is free of solvents, check out their third party lab test documentation, which is where Emris shows their transparency that they can and should be trusted. 

Vitality Plus 

This herb blend supplement gives the energy boost that you may need. 

The following herbs are blended within this supplement

  • Ashwagandha Root
  • Turmeric Root
  • Cinnamon Bark Powder
  • Holy Basil Leaf
  • Garlic Bulb
  • Trikatu Powder
  • Triphala Powder
  • Amla Fruit Powder
  • Sandalwood Powder
  • Cloves Bud Powder
  •  Celery Seed Power
  • Brahmi Leaves
  • Shilajit
  • Cordyceps


Because, only 1 out 10 adults consume the recommended fruits, and veggies every day, this supplement claims to hold over 2 dozen organic fruits, vegetables, and super greens. All in one.

Emris has noted on their website, that these products shouldn’t be used if pregnant, or nursing. First, you must consult a physician. Also, none of the products are intended to cure, prevent, diagnose, or treat any diseases. 

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Is Emris International A Scam?


To my knowledge, this company isn’t a scam. It’s still a new company. 

Therefore, it’s tough to tell, but, thus far, they seem to be legitimate.  

The reasons why I don’t believe it’s a scam is because the owners are real people. Also, they have had successful track records with previous MLM companies. 

On the other hand, there are some things that you should be aware of before making a final decision. As a result, I have mentioned them throughout the review. 

Is Emris International A Pyramid Scheme?

​Because most state laws were structured before, a good understanding of product-based pyramid schemes was understood, it’s a fine line between a pyramid scheme and an MLM.

By the way, pyramid schemes are illegal, and it should also be noted that a pyramid scheme can turn into a Ponzi scheme, which is even worse. 

To understand if Emris is an actual pyramid scheme, it’s essential to understand their compensation plan. The compensation plan will usually reveal if it’s a pyramid scheme or not. 

Due to most MLM compensation plans being so complex, Emris International compensation may also be difficult for its members to understand fully.

So, if an MLM company emphasis is placed on recruiting other members over the product itself, then indeed it could be considered a pyramid scheme.

However, when listening to Aspen’s Dream plan overview. It appears as though they are focusing on the customer first. 

Not only that Emris, claims to want to help others with their health. Therefore, they are here to find customers here to recruit others but, to sell their high-quality products to customers. 

Moreover, as long as you have an active customer. You can earn money or credits every time a customer makes a purchase. 

Either way, who can explain the compensation better than the one of the co-founders herself. Watch the video below, where Aspen explains in detail how the compensation plan works. 

Emris International Reviews

​The significant part is, I couldn’t find any complaints about Emris International. If you would like to keep up to date with Emeris Reviews, please refer to this site.

As far as the BBB rating, there wasn’t an accredited business with them either. So, far, so good.  

​The Pros Of Emris International

3rd Party Lab Results

I thought to have the lab results of the tested products, was useful. If you would like to review the lab results, you can visit their official website, and take a look at what the CBD oil quality looks like.

Co-Founders Are Credible

The Co-founders of this company can be found all over the internet. They have past videos of previous companies and can be found on social media.


If you’re able to recruit customers or build a down-line, then the rewards of Emris International do seem pretty rewarding. They have ways to earn vacations, and at one point you could receive a ticket to reserve a spot on a yacht. Pretty cool. 

​​The Cons Of Emris International

1. E-Referral Points Expire

If you decide to become a VIP customer, you can earn E-Points every time you make a purchase. 

If you decide to invite other people to become customers, you’ll receive 10% of their first order, which are given to you in the form of “E-Referral Points.”

Over time, as you invite more people, these points will accumulate in your account and can be used towards other products. 

So, the more people you invite, the more “E-Referral Points” you’ll accumulate. 

The downside to this is, you’re E-Referral Points must be used within one year, or you will lose them. 

The good news is, you can combine your E-Referral Points, with your personal E-Points, which the combination of both can also be used towards free products.  

2. Complex Compensation Plan

The compensation plan is what Emris International refers to as the Dream Plan. 

With that said, the dream plan gives you the ability to earn in 9 different ways. 

Although you can earn in 9 different ways, a dream is all it will be for most people who join.  

Another concern about the dream plan is it’s so complicated that even newbies may have a hard time understanding how they can earn, which again will leave most people in the dust.

I’m not sure how one would keep track of all the earnings.

3. Must Be A Team Builder

In my opinion, although Emris International claims to focus on the customer. 

It seems like most of their training videos are about building a team, which now seems like the customer, that once was put first, will soon turn into a Brand Ambassador. 

That indeed is a fine line. 

4. Job Like Termination

Okay, so this is alarming, in my opinion, and confusing, to say the least. 

It almost sounds like you’re attached to a job. First off, you must sign a web-enrollment, and agreement document, which is a legal agreement between you and the company.

Anyhow, as a Brand Ambassador, if you decide you don’t want to be a part of the organization any longer. You can’t just quit because Emris Brand Ambassadors are considered Independent Contractors, and are not considered franchisees or business opportunity seekers. 

According to Emris policies and procedures, you must provide written notice that you would like to terminate your relationship with Emris International. 

The letter should include:

  •  the reason why you’re terminating
  • date of resigning
  • your Emris ID number  

You need to know this because the company has the right not to renew your Brand Ambassador agreement if you don’t follow their rules. 

On the other hand, the confusion lies, as you keep reading the document about your Brand Ambassador policies do’s and dont’s.

​Emris International World-class Support

According to an Emris International presentation, this company is supposed to offer world-class support, to include step by step training, marketing tools, coaching, training, and mentoring.

Also, if you live near a team leader, then you can meet up with one of them to get additional training when they have event meetings.

I would suggest if you are adamant about joining this company to join a team that works together, and not against each other.

Emris International Make Money Selling CBD Oil

​Emris International Start-up Cost

There are several different costs, which includes one-time enrollment fees and membership levels. The best part is, I didn’t find a yearly fee which is fantastic news. Remember all prices, all subject to change at Emris discretion

VIP Customer 

As a VIP Customer, you’ll get access to direct doorstep mailing of your Emris product. Also, as a VIP customer, you’ll have the ability to earn special discounts and rewards.

There is a one-time enrollment fee of $9.97- this fee helps you save money.

If you decide that you love and enjoy Emris products and services, you can share the same products to other customers. Please give them a 20% discount while you receive a 10% discount. 

It’s a win-win situation. Share your referral link, besides, for every consecutive month that you place a direct doorstep mailing (easy-ship order). You then can earn loyalty credits, which they call E-Points. 

Those E-Points will accumulate in your account and can be used towards future products. 

Brand Ambassador 

To become a Brand Ambassador, you’ll need to invest $49.00, which will be a business kit. 

Also, you’ll need to be 18 years of age. Reside in the United States of America or South Africa, and a social security number or Tax ID is required. 

After your application is accepted, you’ll get access to selling Emris products. Then you can sell them to retail customers, and receive profits for it.

Additional Packages are as follows:

  • Basic Starter Kit $49.00
  • Business Builder Kit – $199.00
  • Legacy Builder Kit – $499.00

​Is There An Alternative To Emris International?

I’m not saying Emris is a lousy company, but I cannot entirely agree with placing your eggs all in one basket. 

Although I don’t recommend them, there is still a way to make this work if you ​insist on joining this company. 

Therefore, over any business opportunity, I would always suggest that you build a solid foundation, and that would be a website.

Not a replicated website, but a site where you can represent yourself, a product, and share whatever else you would like to share on it.

​If you had a website, you could also add additional products to your site, along with your Emris business.

A non-replicated website would allow you to recover if you’re social following was ever lost. If you YouTube channel was ever deleted, and worst-case scenario the company was ever shut down.

​Furthermore, a website that you owned would allow you to drive free traffic to your site. 

Either way, if you’re not a recruiter, I would recommend you look into affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate marketing is not an MLM. Therefore, you don’t have to build a team, and it still can be lucrative. 

I know and agree that the MLM compensation plans are appealing to the eye.  

However, looks can be deceiving.

As mentioned in this article, there are studies done that have proven that most people fail in the MLM industry.

It’s not because​ you’re not a hard worker, or trying your best to succeed. 

It’s the way the business model is structured. 

With affiliate marketing, you don’t have to worry about building right or left legs. They’re aren’t any legs involved. You also do not have to build a team​. So,​ therefore, you don’t ​have to ​recruit people.

Thankfully, I found Wealthy Affiliate, which helped me learn how to make long term sustainable income online, without having to do all of that. ​

I’ve built a website from scratch and learned how to make multiple streams of income without having to pay for traffic. I ​learned to drive free traffic ​to my site which is what many companies won’t tell you.

You need a website…​​  

If you would like more information on this fantastic company, wehre I learned all my knowledge. Don’t hesitate to check them out. 

At the time of this article, they ​​are still offering their first 10 lessons for free.

By the way, no credit card is needed, which is a great way to see if affiliate marketing is for you or not because there is no risk.

Either way, I wish you the best of luck…

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