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After coming across, this gaming jobs online advertisement. I’ve decided to do a deep investigation on how this system actually works. Initially looking at the site. It doesn’t look too promising. But, hey I’m not the one to jump to conclusions.

If I’m curious about something. I will look further into it. And, that is what happened when I came across gaming jobs online. There are a lot of people out there, who would love to be able to make money from the comfort of their homes. Just by playing video games.

PRO TIP: I wouldn’t want you to waste your money on something that may not benefit you. Let’s get right to business.

My First Thoughts About Gaming Jobs Online

Now, my first thought was why would you have to pay a so-called monthly fee In order to earn money by becoming a video game tester. It just doesn’t make sense, right?.

Well, we certainly will find out what’s really going on. First of all, gaming jobs online is a Clickbank product. Usually, Clickbank will refund you your money, within 60 days, If you’re not satisfied with their products.

One look at the website. And it appears to be an immediate red flag to me. I’ve been online for a while and can point out, fishiness when I see it. Because of the fact that I was a little uneasy with the look of the site. I purchased the product.

Luckily, they had a 7-day trial for $1.00. The reason, I purchased the product is so, that I can give you a full in-depth review of what to expect. If you were to sign up with this company

Anyhow, let’s dive deep into this system and see what we find.

Getting Started And Signing Up

Once you have successfully signed up. A username and password are assigned to you. Upon logging in to the account. You’re greeted by a video, of a woman advising you to “Get started right away. So, that you can get the most out of your membership and rewards”.

There Is No Place To Actual Set Up A Profile

First of all, there is nowhere in the account, to set up your profile. The only options are Membership page and to Logout.

Second of all the Membership Page has no option to set up your profile, either.

While this is where all of your so-called rewards, jobs, perks, and so on are listed.

Besides that, you should already know what the Logout button does when it is clicked. It logs you out.

During The Welcome Video

There is an important note. Right next to the welcome video. Advising you of the following message. “If you cancel your membership. You will lose all of your earnings, rewards, daily alerts, and site access. There will also be no more access to their Gaming Partners.”

Gaming jobs online state that to keep their quality. They can not accept anybody back who wants to cancel their membership. And then wants to restart it.

In other words, once you cancel your membership. That’s it! You and Gaming online jobs will no longer be friends.

Getting Started With The Tutorials

After supposedly setting up your membership profile, which you don’t even have the option to do so. You’re supposed to go through the tutorials. The tutorials mainly tell you about how to be prepared for a local gaming job.

Video Gaming Is Booming

In the video’s, it’s mentioned that video gaming is booming. Which is true. They also stressed that if you become a video game tester. It’s not a hobby. Although, it can be fun. It is a serious job. And it should be taken seriously.

In case, you were to apply as a video game tester. Here are some pointers that they listed:

For someone with gaming experience you’ll need to know:

  • Each video gaming position and company has different requirements
  • Possess good communication skills. You’ll need the ability to communicate effectively. So, that you can relay any messages regarding, bugs, or coding issues that are found within a game.
  • An organization is a plus
  • Basic business or employment skills is very helpful
  • Having the ability to work with a team is also helpful
  • Understanding Gaming is a must
  • Artistic and design abilities are helpful to have as well.
  • Some positions do require the working knowledge of design software
  • While other positions require a degree

Okay, after listening to all the requirements. I can say that was a helpful list, right?

Now, let’s look at what gaming jobs online says about people who want to be a game tester. But, do not have the knowledge or the experience:

Potential Video Game testers. You’ll need to take these steps into consideration. According to gaming jobs online.

  • Take paid surveys. (What in the World? Now, that is an immediate red flag.)
  • Try writing video game reviews. After you have written, maybe 2000 video game reviews. You can showcase your experience of writing all of those reviews on your resume. (sheesh, okay this might work but, where do you write the reviews? Who knows, maybe you can try to start a blog)
  • The third option is to build a website that showcases your video game expertise. (Now, this will work if you know how to start a blog.)

Some Red Flags That I Noticed

While watching the getting started videos. I noticed that there were 7 videos and only 4 played.

Out of the 7 videos. There was a total of 33 minutes and 48 seconds of material. Since 3 of them did not play.

There were 14 minutes and 29 seconds of actual video information missing. For the purpose of this review, I continued on.

Normally, I would have canceled immediately.

Premium Video Game Tester Jobs

There was a tab called “premium video game tester jobs.”

Oh, so I immediately thought. This is where I can sign up to start playing video games and earning.

Right and Wrong. In short, gaming jobs online is not a company that is hiring. They show you, third-party companies.

That is hiring for video game testers. Nothing, wrong with that, right?

Gaming Jobs Online Is Misleading

Oh but, there is, something wrong. Seeing that, they don’t hire anyone. They don’t actually show you how and what to do to get the job.

They only share information on where you can go find the jobs. The company’s that hires video game testers, their websites are shared within the account of gaming jobs online.

Therefore, you are given actual gaming employers. However, we all know that you will not be hired within 24 hours and making money, that quickly.

Some employers that they give out are:

  • Ubisoft
  • Microsoft
  • PlayStation
  • Electronic Arts
  • Nintendo
  • Sega and the list went on.

In fact, they actually gave out a good amount of real employers who hire video game testers.

In all honesty, if I was short on time and didn’t know how to find a gaming employer. I would say my $1.00 trial was worth it.

However, true gamers usually know the gaming companies. So, it may or may not be worth it to you.

If and only if you’re looking into the gaming industry. This account is worth the $1.00 trial. I would not go as far as saying. It’s worth paying monthly though.

The Third Party Employers Are Legit

I investigated the third-party job opportunities. Indeed, very few of them were work from home jobs.

Though they were legit jobs.

The misleading part, in my opinion, is, you won’t be actually working from home. The job itself would be onsite.

Now, I am not saying this is always the case because I have seen some work at home jobs for gamers. Just not in this program.

Rewards And Perks Area

The rewards and perks that gaming jobs online claims, that you’ll receive, by playing video games, are not from them. Rewards and perks are received by signing up to third-party survey companies and completing the survey.

Nonetheless, if you have never taken part in an online survey. They can take some time. More importantly, you may not receive a big compensation in return. Either way, you can receive real money from online surveys. However, you will not make a full-time income.

I did recognize a few third-party surveys that they mentioned. Like Google Opinions. I’ve used google opinions since January 5, 2015. My exact earnings up to date are $136.98. However, Google opinions doesn’t send you a check.

Instead, you can use the balance right from your phone. I use my Google’s opinion money to purchase new movie releases on YouTube. Or to buy Google books, and Google Apps.

It’s free money, why not take advantage of it. Plus, google opinion surveys literally take less than one minute to complete.

I also recognized Surveysavvy and Swagbucks. Other than, that there was nothing special about the rewards and perks within Gaming jobs online account.

Besides, with a little digging and searching on the internet. The premium surveys could be found online for free.

Gaming Jobs Database

In this section of your member’s board, you’ll find links to companies that are hiring. I noticed that they were links that didn’t work.

Given that information. I would say that it’s normal for websites.

Sometimes, links break. Especially if the slug has been changed. Or page has been removed.

On the other, hand, that also tells me that they have not updated their site lately. I also noticed some of the jobs were posted from 2014.

No, wonder the link did not work…

Regardless, of the date. I would understand if the link led me to an actual job but, it didn’t. The link was completely broke.

Needless to say, that was not the only link broke, there were plenty of other links broke within the member’s dashboard.

This banner is for informational purposes only…

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Stealth Cash Secrets

Hence, this is where about 2 hours and 45 seconds worth of video tutorials are located. Their intentions are to show you how to make money from a gaming website.

Although, you can make money by creating a gaming website, yourself via a blog. It will take time, skills, and techniques to learn. It’s not as simple as gaming jobs online portray it to be.

FREE Access To Unreleased Video Games

I definitely checked this area out. None of the new release video games worked. Sadly, ALL the links were broke.

Refund Policy

In the end, I found out they don’t refund your Dollar. However, if you were a monthly member, they will refund your money, only if you go through their required steps. Above all the steps are listed within the account on the contact us page.

Needless, to say if Gaming jobs online don’t refund you. You’ll need to a put refund request in with Clickbank. Clickbank should then refund your money back to you.

Gaming Jobs Online Is it Worth It?

I wouldn’t recommend this product on a month to month bases. Most of the information is found online for free. Of course, it could take you some time to find them all. But, they are online for free.

Keep in mind that gaming jobs online is a resource that shares third-party gaming employer careers. You will not be able to sign up to gaming jobs online. And, get paid within 24 hours.

Here is where the misleading information is too.

The 24-hour payment period, that they are talking about. Is if you were to sign up for paid surveys. Like Swagbucks, Google Opinions, or Surveysavvy.

My Final Thoughts

Being that I Personally participated in surveys over the years. It can help earn extra money. However, you will not be earning a full-time income by doing this alone.

Surveys are sent to you on a controlled time frame. They do not arrive in your email inbox, just because, you want them too.

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In addition to this,  to get hired as a gamer. You’ll need to fill out a real job application. Submit a legit resume. And meet any qualifications that the employer wants.

Therefore, it’s like any other job. The jobs that gaming jobs online reference. Are not done from the comfort of your home. They are local jobs.

With that being said, I do not recommend paying your money. However, I would say in my opinion because I share work at home opportunities, It was worth the dollar trial.

Turning The Mic Over To You Now

Welp, that is all from me. Have you ever tried Gaming jobs online? What did you think about it? Did you have any success with them? Let me know any insights. comments, complaints, compliments…Chime in…

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