Digital Income System Review {$500 Commissions or Scam?}

Name: Digital Income System

Price: $1000 to $25,000 to join + Paid Traffic Cost If You Choose That Route

Owners: It has been reported that the owners are Bill Foley & Chez

Best For: It’s for anyone who prefers a MLM business models + high ticket commissions + people who are okay with taking a bigger risk.

SUMMARY: ​Digital Income System is supposed to be a 100% automated system that does all the heavy lifting for you.

Welcome to the Digital Income System Review!

Wondering what Digital Income System is all about? I was curious too.

I wrote an article over True Profit Machine, and someone shared this opportunity with me on that post.

Therefore, I’ve decided to give this biz opp a good look and see what I discover.

Since your reading this page I’m sure you’re curious about what it has to offer too.

Worry none. We’ll get right to business.

​What Is Digital Income System About?

Digital Income System also known as DIS, is a high tier commission-based business model. An all-in-one-marketing system that also includes done for you traffic.

Plus, you’ll have 6 and 7 figure coaches closing all of your sales for you.

Anyhow, the name of the owners were never mentioned in the sales video, I had to do a little digging. With that said, I’ve discovered that this is not the first system that the owners created.

The other two systems that were created by DIS owners is Get

Weekly Paychecks and Income Shift Pro.

Get Weekly Paychecks was a marketing system used to promote Motor Club of America, while Income Shift Pro was a marketing system used to promote MyEcon.

Therefore, since they are the same creators, I can only assume that the owners of this system are also Bill Foley & Chez.

Is Digital Income System A Scam?

​It all depends on what you think a scam is, so I’ll let you decide that for yourself.

It doesn’t appear to be one though. Anyhow, there are some things that you should be aware of so that you can make an informed decision; then from there, you can decide if this program is for you or not.

What Is Digital Income System Secret?

​According to DIS, they have a success secret.

They claim you won’t have to make outbound calls. Nor will you have to talk to anyone if you choose not too.

Plus, you won’t have to work long hours or deal with tire kickers. Instead, DIS will take over everything for you so that you can see success. This makes me wonder what the secret is?

How Does DIS Work?

​Since most beginners have problems with setting up websites, generating leads, getting sales or even recruiting people, the Digital Income Automated System is supposed to follow up with your leads once they enter their email into the opt-in form.

After they enter their email address, then they’ll watch a 20-minute sales video that will do all the selling and telling for you after the video is over.

The prospect has an option to give the sales team a call. If they choose not to provide their information, then that lead is lost.

However, if the lead does enter their information, then the sales team will be working on closing all qualified prospects for you.

A qualified candidate is someone who has the capital to invest or can get approved for the loan.

What I Like About ​DIS?

#1. The People Giving Statements Are Real

The people in the sales video are real marketers. I recognized two of them, and one of them was one of the top members in Now Lifestyle.

#2. High Commissions

The high commissions do sound nice but, I would never recommend you risking money that you can’t afford to lose.

#3. Sales Are Closed For You

The idea of having all the transactions closed for you is a great feeling but, not every prospect will bite the offer. Therefore, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll get a sale.

What I Didn’t Like?

#1. Close To Guaranteed Success

I’m afraid I have to disagree with this saying. It could mislead many people, especially beginners. Success can never be guaranteed. This is the same thing that MOBE and Digital Altitude told their new members.

#2. There May Be More Money Needed To Invest

If the investment of the system was alarming to you. Then you may also need to know that if you can’t drive free traffic to your site, then you’ll need to pay for traffic, which is an added cost.

Another method I’ve seen members using is the postcard mailing method, which is when you order a stack of postcards, get it designed with all of your business information on it and have them mailed out to people’s homes or you can pass the postcard’s out by hand.

#3. DIS Makes It Seem Easy

One major downfall about this program is, they make it seem easy to do.

While combing through YouTube I’ve seen many mixed member’s complaints.

Some more experienced marketers say they are easily making sales, which makes a lot of sense. While most of the beginner marketers still seem to be struggling.

I found Digital Income System complaints on this website from real members. Maybe you should review them and see how you feel afterwards.

Some new members didn’t know how to get traffic to the system, which confuses me if the traffic is already done for you.

#4. Traffic Rotator Concerns

The traffic rotator idea sounds pretty cool. According to DIS, everyone will be placed into a traffic rotator, which brings my #3 concern back up. If everyone is placed into the traffic rotator, then why are some members confused about how they can get traffic to their site.

I later learned that the people who invest at the top-level memberships are the ones who will get more turns in the rotator, which means more visits, more leads, and more sales, which can equate to more revenue for the person who can invest as high as possible.

On the other hand, the people who can’t invest too much, it seems like you’ll be doing more work than what is disclosed, which now makes the system not automated any longer. Therefore, you’ll have to put in work to drive traffic to the offer.


  • ​High Ticket Commissions
  • ​Real People Used For The Testimonies

  • Coaches Do The Closing For You


  • ​You May Have To Invest In More Than What Is Disclosed
  • ​Not As Automated As They Say
  • ​You May Be Continuous Pressured To Upgrade Your Membership

Digital Income System Cost And Compensation Plan

Every time a coach closes a sale for you, you’ll automatically make 50% of the total purchase, depending on what level you invest in and the comp plan is provided below.

  • Entrepreneur level cost is $1,000, and your commission would be $500
  • Director Level cost is $3,000, and your commission would be $1,500
  • Professional Level cost is $5,000.00, and your commission would be $2,500
  • Ambassador Level cost is $12,000, and your commission would be $6,000
  • Executive Level cost is $25,000, and your commission would be $12,500

By the way, the Digital Income System sales video claims that the Professional Level is the most popular level that members join. In short, they are claiming that most people are paying at least $5000 to join.

​D​IS Offers A Limited Bonus

This limited bonus is supposed to be offered for only 24 hours after you’ve watched the video. That isn’t true, the next day the offer was still there. It’s just a sales tactic that most marketers use.

At the time of this writing, DIS says if you were to invest at least $3000 or higher. Then you will be qualified to Earn Commissions one level higher.

Does this mean that your membership status won’t be recognized at that same level?

I guess it may not matter as long as you’re receiving higher commissions, right?

Or is the secret deeper than what we know?

Anyhow, programs like this, payout the most when you invest in the highest level of membership. Therefore, if you invest in the $1000 membership, you will lose out on many commissions, if your referrals invest at a higher level.

This is how it works. You’ll pass up a portion of your commissions to your sponsor.

So if your sponsor didn’t invest at a high level, then the system will find the person above you both that is fully positioned.

Example: If you purchase Entrepreneur level and your referral purchases Executive.

You get your $500, and the other $12,000 goes to your sponsor.

If you get another referral and they invest in Director. You get your $500, and the rest goes to your sponsor, which be the remaining $1000.

What If You Want To Join But Don’t Have The Money?

​Luckily, Digital Income System offers several options.

First, DIS does not accept credit cards at all.

However, according to Bill, if you’re able to take advantage of a cash advance from your credit card, you can always use that option.

The second option is if you have a 620+ credit score with at least $2500 in verifiable monthly income. Then you may qualify for their in-house financing.

However, it’s not guaranteed because this is a real loan process. Therefore, the debt to income ratio still plays a part in creditors decisions.

I later discovered that their in-housing financing is through a company called SBS Financial Solution.

SBS Financial Solution states clearly that you are authorizing consent to share your information with their Premium Partners.

Therefore, it doesn’t seem to me that the in-house financing is at all in-house. By the way, that same company allows you to apply for any loan, not just Digital Income System.

Either way, please make sure you have all your proper paperwork ready because you’ll be requesting a real loan.

The third option is to apply for a third party online loan. The ones that were offered are:

  • Avant
  • UpStart
  • Amone
  • Lending Tree
  • SoFi
  • Monevo

500 to 12500 Commissions Digital Income System

My Final Opinion Of Digital Income System

Overall you should have a better understanding of what you can expect from Digital Income System, what you decide from here is your choice.

Anyhow, if you’re looking for a way to earn high ticket commissions, and need other options, then I would suggest you learn how to start your own website.

With that said, if you were to build a website, did you know you can market as many programs as you want?

The bottom line is I never recommend you placing all of your eggs into one basket. If a company that you’re affiliated with is ever deemed a scam by the FTC, you won’t lose much.

Thankfully, there are more cost-effective affiliate marketing training programs that will teach you how to build a website from scratch, market any product, and make money online. Plus, you’ll 24/7 live interactive support.

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