Clout Share Review – Make Legit Money Or Get Scammed?

Name: Clout Share


Price: Risky

Owners: A clever scammer

Best For: The website owner only!

SUMMARY: Clout Share is a get paid to site that claims to be the #1 influencer network helping you leverage social media so that you can put money in your pockets.

​​Is recommended? Nope!

Welcome to the Clout Share Review!

Wondering if Clout Share is a legit way to make $500 online today? Will this website leave you frustrated, locked out of your account, and penniless? Or could it actually be a legit opportunity?

There are so many scams going on nowadays. They happen online and offline. So, I applaud you for doing research before deciding to join any company.

While investigating I discovered a site called “’, which is a legit site, thus far.

However, today, this review, I’m not be talking about Instead, we will go over

After reading this review, you will have a better understanding of this opportunity is legit or a scam?

​​What Is Clout Share All About?

According to Clout Share, they’re a number one influencer networking company that provides straight transparency to their members.

No matter what size social media following you currently have.

Clout Share claims to be so good that anyone can become successful with their opportunity. Because they help people leverage their social media accounts.

According to their blog, social media is making $500 billion, and they have about 3 million people involved in total that currently has a social media account.

Clout Share sees this has to be unfair and thinks that people should make money from their social media accounts, instead of doing absolutely nothing with them. So, to fix the problem, Clout Share was created to help you put money into your pockets.

Furthermore, “Clout Share’s about page” states that they’ve been in business since 2013, and their parent company “Socifare” has been helping people improve their lives by putting social media to use since 2005.

So, apparently, this isn’t their first rodeo but is this opportunity for you or not?

Clout Share Make 500 Today Reviewed And It's A Scam

How And Does Clout Share Really Work?

​In short, Clout Share won’t work!

For better clarification, I’ll go through the steps on how the program should work. As you know Clout Share is a GPT site, which means you’re paid for completing small tasks.

Therefore, Clout Share is supposed to pay their members, a $25.00 sign up bonus.

After that you’ll earn in multiple ways.

Such as completing small tasks, which earns you $30.00. Complete surveys, which you can earn anywhere from $25.00 to $30.00.

Plus, if you enjoy Clout Share, they claim to pay you $50.00 once you have subscribed to their YouTube channel and then uploaded a video of yourself.

And as an added bonus, you can also earn by referring other people to the program.

The bottom line is, this is how the website owner wants you to believe that the program works. However, it doesn’t work anywhere near what they want you to think.

So, Is A Scam Or Legit?

This website is not legit nor safe!

I wouldn’t join this site even as a free member, and there are many reasons why.

It seems like they have a hidden agenda, and paying you or improving people’s lives is not one of them.

In the next few paragraphs, I’ll go over what and why you should avoid this site at all cost.

Furthermore, if you joined already and used the same username and password that you use on other personal accounts such as PayPal, Bitcoin, Cash App, your checking or savings account. Maybe even Facebook.

Then I suggest you go and change your username and password immediately. No telling what these people behind this clever scam can do.

Also, if you’ve uploaded a video of yourself on YouTube and wish to remove it, go ahead and do so. Just go to YouTube and delete the video.

Either way, let’s see what’s behind the scenes.

Clout Share Scam Exposed….

#1. It’s A Scam You Must Be 999 Years Old Or Older To Use This Site

The primary reason not to join is that It’s another scam.

Just like Kashtree, Paid 4 Clout, Clout Bucks, and They all were scams.

The only difference between all of them is that all the websites had different domain names.

Other than that the websites all have the same appearance. Therefore, it’s the same scam, with different names.

Also, Socifare, the alleged parent company, I couldn’t verify this company. So, I’m not sure if Socifare even exists.

I thought this was the most interesting portion of Clout Share. On their terms and conditions page, it states t​hat you must be 999 years old to use this site. 

Therefore, they are outright telling everyon​e ​that the site is not a good fit for anyone to use. 

See image below for yourself. 

You Must Be 999 Years Old To Use Clout Share

#2. GPT Sites Are Legit But, Don’t Work This Way

Get paid to sites, such as Swagbucks, MyPoints, or Wow App are legit. More importantly, they are known to pay their members for completing little tasks. Such as surveys, watching videos, shopping, and referring friends.

However, with Clout Share, they make it seem like it’s simple, easy, and fast to make money online, but that’s far from the truth. Especially for get paid to sites.

Get paid to sites, aren’t designed to help you make hundreds of dollars per day. Again, if you were to consider giving the legit get paid to sites a try. You’ll notice that making even $5.00 a day with them is tough.

Anyhow, after sharing your referral link to many people, you’ll soon realize that everyone isn’t quick to click your link and join.

You’ll also find that when completing the wall tasks, you’re asked for additional information.

Such as your first and last name, mailing address, phone number, and email address, which seems more like being questioned from a third party.

In fact, this site reminds me of a survey funnel that I just experienced with Make Survey Money, and I don’t recommend them either.

Either way, after going through my memory bank, there aren’t any surveys that come to mind right now that ask you several times to enter your demographics.

Usually, with legitimate gpt sites, you’re asked once to fill out your personal demographics, and then from there the survey company will transfer or use your demographics for future surveys.

Although not everyone can get approved, not even One Opinion ask you this many questions, and they’re legitimate.

#3. Friend Referral

Whenever a company pays you to refer other people online, this is called affiliate marketing or referral marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a legit business model.

However, Clout Share referral program isn’t legit. For one, they aren’t going to pay you.

Secondly, no GPT site is going to pay a member $10 to $15 per person. Unless you become serious about making money online.

What I mean by this is you can’t remain a member to earn high commissions. Instead, you must become an affiliate marketer to earn high referral commissions.

The only site that comes to mind, which will pay you a high commission is ebates. They pay $25.00 per person. However, ebates is also not a gpt site. It’s a discount site that you use when shopping online.

#4. No Payment Proof From Anyone

From what I’ve seen on all the past scams, no members have been paid. No matter what any Clout Share member tells you, they do not have legit straight to their bank account payment proof.

Instead, the website owners send their members a message stating you have committed fraudulent activities. Therefore, they aren’t able to pay you.

I’ve also been contacted by many Clout Pay members who were looking for their payouts. Their accounts had been locked out, and the support is non-existent.

The bottom line is, Clout Share’s owners never intended on improving anyone’s lives. They have a hidden agenda, and I will disclose that in the next paragraph.

#5. Data Collection Site. So Your Information Is At Risk

The sole purpose of this site is to collect as much information as they can. From as many people as they can.

With free make money online opportunities, it’s easy to drive a lot of traffic to the website because most people prefer free, easy, and fast money.

So no doubt, they will capture a lot of information.

Regardless, when you first join, remember you have to provide an username and password.

Then when or if you were to cash out. Your asked for payment information, which also requires an username and password.

Also, on Clout Share, you’re able to ask for a mailed check. So, if you were to ask for a mailed check, then you must provide a home address or mailing address, which I do not recommend doing at all.

Therefore, sites like this can collect lots of information, which can later be used for many different purposes.

Such as hacking your future accounts. Selling your information to third party companies which will allow the site owner to profit. Or they could send you emails with more scam opportunities.

As you can imagine, the site isn’t created to help other people improve their lives. It’s more beneficial for the site owners than the members.

The site owners are the ones who will become profitable with this website. While the members will be left frustrated and penniless.

#6. Clout Share $500 Today Scam

According to Clout Share, you can make $500.00 today, which going by their calculator would require you to invite approximately 2200 people.

Well, that certainly makes no mathematical sense because, if they’re paying people $10 to $15 per referral, it shouldn’t require 2200 people to be recruited daily.

In fact, it should only require 33 to 50 invites to meet the $500.00 a day.

Therefore, it seems like Clout Share is either leaving clues that they’re a scam or they mistakenly overlooked this small detail.

Clout Share Requires 2200 Referrals To Make 500 A Day


  • ​I couldn’t find anything worth mentioning


  • You will not be able to make money overnight.
  • ​They haven’t paid any members.
  • ​It’s a scam

​What To Do With Clout Share Now?

Do absolutely nothing with this program.

Avoid it and forget about it. It won’t work, and they aren’t offering what’s best for you.

Here is what I would do if I were you.

First off, if you can invite 2200 people a day to this program.

Then I suggest you take your money-making skills to a whole new level because you’re missing out on real money opportunities.

Even if you were able to get 10 people a day to join, then I would suggest you seriously learn how affiliate marketing works.

So, that you can make even more money.

With affiliate marketing, you could make $500 in a day, but, of course, it takes more time than what Clout Share is disclosing.

Can You 500 Today With Clout Share

​Conclusion Of ​

What you decide to do from here is your choice.

I don’t recommend this site. It’s a scam, and more importantly, they aren’t going to pay you.

I’ve tried all their other scams, and Clout Share is no different.

Therefore, in my opinion, it’s a waste of time.

If you’re interested in making $500 in a day online. I suggest you read about Wealthy Affiliate. They teach beginners how to make money online with websites.

Either way, if you prefer to make money with a legit get paid to sites. Then I would suggest Swagbucks, MyPoints, or Wow App, which are popular sites, and many people enjoy using them.

Again, they take time, but, if you have time, then go for it.

Comments Or Questions

Have you joined Clout Share or any site like Clout Share? What do you think about websites like this? I would love to hear your thoughts, comments, or feedback.

If you would like to leave your response. Please enter your comments below.

By the way, before you leave could you please share this post. Thank you, and I wish you the best of luck!

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5 thoughts on “Clout Share Review – Make Legit Money Or Get Scammed?”

  1. Kisha, thank you for such an informative post! There are so many websites out today that it’s hard for people to keep up with what’s legit and what’s not. I had not even heard of CloutShare and the other GPT sites you mentioned, so I learned some very valuable information here today.

    As you stated, there are a lot of scam websites out there and if it weren’t for websites like yours, there would be no way to really know which ones are legit. That is such a scary place in the world we live in today. People have to really be careful about which websites you give your information to. People never know what that information will be used for – and passing it on to third party vendors is even more scary. It’s just best to be careful with all of it. Thank you so much for sharing that information with us, Kisha. It just shows just how much we may not know as consumers.

    I have the following questions:

    1. What is the best way to find out if websites/companies are scams or legit?

    2. You mentioned Wealthy Affiliate in your article and said it takes time to make money with them. How long will it take to make money?

    Thanks again, Kisha, for all the awesome information. You rock!


    • Hi Yvette,

      Thank you for stopping by to comment.

      I’m glad this review was helpful for you. To answer your question, it’s tough to tell which sites are legitimate, and which ones are a scam.

      In my opinion, the best way to tell is to do research. Without research, it is certainly tough to tell.

      I would recommend anyone to lookup the company complaints, reviews, payment proofs, YouTube videos. Also you can go to a site called whois and look to see how long the domain has been active. If the domain is less than a year old, and promising riches be wary.

      Most of the time consumers are told to check if there is a contact page, working email address, phone number, a secure domain, privacy policy, and grammar errors.

      But, guess what?

      Scammers have gotten so clever that they include all of these things. They even include legal pages, some have business phone numbers, and other may use grammarly to correct errors.

      If you were to call some of these opportunities. There will be a live person answering the phone at times.

      I know because, sometimes, I will call their numbers. To this day, I have scammers calling me on the phone trying to get my credit card information for a business opportunity.

      In this case, it’s a scam because they want my payment information before, they disclose the business opportunity.

      Another thing I’ve learned is to read the terms and condition page.

      Sometimes, with scams they will have clues on the pages that people don’t normally read. I was guilty of this myself, but have since learned to read everything.

      So, after reviewing hundreds of make money online opportunities. I can tell 95% of the time, that the site is a scam before, even joining.

      Oh yeah, and when I do join.

      I never use real information. Especially if I think it’s a scam.

      With that said, I personally test out many of the programs myself.

      If the company doesn’t pay its members after doing all the work required. Then I deem it a scam. Other than that I won’t call it a scam. In other cases most Make money online programs are garbage and bad business opportunities because they aren’t meant to truly help people but to make money off of people.

      As with, they have never paid any of their members, including myself.

      So, whoever is behind this website, has made countless scam websites.

      When it comes to the creator of site, it’s easy to determine if they are a scam or not. Most of their replicated sites look alike. They just have a different domain name.

      Video Testimonies, on sites can be skeptical too, many of them are made from paid Fiverr freelancers.

      Plus, most of the time, the website will reference making a huge amount of money, with no work or very little work in a short time.

      Making money online certainly doesn’t work that way.

      With that said, it brings me to Wealthy Affiliate, and how long it takes.

      Well, that too is a great and common question. But, at the same time it’s tough to answer because there are many factors involved.

      At Wealthy Affiliate, they teach you how to promote or make money within any niche. We write articles and drive free traffic learning SEO techniques.

      You know as with anything in life, you’ll either pay out of pocket and get faster results. Or you’ll take the free route. And with free- results are a bit slower.

      So, It depends on what niche is chosen, and the competition the niche has.

      For example, if someone chooses the knitting niche, that person may make money sooner than a person who chooses, the beauty niche.

      Why? Because, there are probably less people searching for tips and tricks on knitting, than beauty.

      Another factor is, it depends on how much work (learning, building, writing) one puts into building their website business. A person working 4 to 8 hours everyday could see results sooner than a person working on their site once a week.

      A general rule, but, not guaranteed is give yourself a year. I’m not saying it will take an entire year, but you always want to set realistic expectations.

      So, everyone’s timing is different.

      Some make money within weeks, months, and others will take years. I personally saw my first commissions within 40 days…but, it did take a ton of work. Plus hours…

      I also believe that it’s best to have the right mindset. Be determined to succeed and not accepting failure.

      Either way, this is one reason why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate, they are a community that is so supportive, and most of your tools are provided. I hope I have answered all of your questions.

      Thank you again, for stopping by! Have an amazing day ahead!

      • Kisha, thank you so much for that well explained answer.

        There are certainly many ways to figure out if websites are scams.

        What I have learned from you is that someone really needs to do a lot of research to stay safe in this world.

        I, too, have had people contact me out of the blue and start asking questions then the next thing they are doing is trying to sell me something and asking for payment information.

        It’s a scary world out here and when you’re trying to make honest money, it’s a shame others try to take advantage of that.

        Thank you so much for all those aspects to look at to stay safe. It’s sites like yours that truly help others.

        Also, Wealthy Affiliate sounds like a great program to help people build a site. Thank you for answering the question about how long it takes to make money. I understand there are many factors that will affect the time and appreciate that.

        Thanks again and keep up the great work. Your site is beautiful and I enjoyed your article. I will come back again for more great information.

        All the best,

        • Hi Yvette,

          Thank you so much for your response. I always appreciate feedback.

          You’re right, staying safe on the internet is a tough thing to do, this is why I right reviews like the above.

          Anyhow, I’m glad you enjoyed the review and learned what you can do to stay safe on the net.

          I wish you continued success and all the best…Have an amazing day ahead…


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