Become a Creator – Product Creation MasterClass

Become a Creator – Product Creation MasterClass

Note: The Registration Period has Expired! This offer is no longer available

Product Creation MasterClass Review

Name: Product Creation MasterClass


Price: Free

Owners: Convertkit

 Monday, January 15th through Friday, February 9th

Note: The Registration Period has Expired! This offer is no longer available

Brief Convertkit Email Marketing Overview

Become a product creator, even if you don’t know where to start. That is where I come in.   Recently I started using a company called Convertkit. Convertkit is an email marketing platform. So, far they have excellent customer service and the platform is so easy to use that I have enjoyed my experience with them more than I have with Aweber, MailChimp, and Getresponse.Excellent-Customer-Service

Their email marketing platform is pretty simple to use but, powerful at the same time. Not as powerful as infusionsoft but, just as powerful as GetResponse, MailChimp, and Aweber. This platform was built for bloggers by bloggers. Why? Because they were in your shoes. They built in an app with features tailored to bloggers needs.

This simple but, a powerful platform will help you grow your audience because, if you didn’t know your email list is your biggest asset. They provide attractive forms, powerful automatons, and trackable data.

With the text-based emails, not only does it give you a personal feel, but it also helps you avoid spam filters. What does that mean to you? You’ll see higher email open rates that will turn into more conversions. Higher email open rates will help your business grow.

Another awesome feature of Convertkit is they have concierge migration, meaning if you have more than 5,000 subscribers, their concierge migration team will handle everything for you, from your list to your very last form.

Convertkit is always keeping their members stay up to date with live training webinars, knowledgeMeet-ConvertKit-Team base, landing pages, and free email courses. They even give you access to chat support and a slack community. Oh yeah! If you decide to join Convertkit email marketing platform. There is an affiliate program so, you’ll be able to share the same news, that I am sharing with you.

Product Creation MasterClass Overview

I was notified by Convertkit that there will be a course for product creation. I thought I share that masterclass with you today. Starting  Monday, January 15th through Friday, February 9th


Who is Product Creation MasterClass For?

This course is not for everyone. It is for a business owner who wants to take their business to the next level. They’ll walk you through the steps of creating your own product from scratch. You’ll get expert interviews from Melyssa Griffin, Maya Elious, Jeff Goins, and Chris Guillebeau.

Every week for the next four weeks you will hear 4 interviews from these same experts about their failures, triumphs, and any lessons learned in between.Expert-Interviews

You’ll also have access to Thinkific, SamCart, Teachable, and 30 days of a free trial to Convertkit email marketing for new customers.

This is what you’ll get in the Product Creation Masterclass

Week One: Product PlanningProduct-Planning

  • Narrowing your Niche and Customer Avatar down
  • Type of product you’re creating
  • Validating your idea before the process
  • Goal setting and clarifying its purpose
  • Create a timeline for your product idea

Week Two: Product CreationProduct-Creation

  • Content creating outline
  • The amount of content you’ll need
  • Plan a creative process to get work done
  • Lead magnet ideas to grow your email list
  • Product-driven wait list & select Beta testers

Week Three: Product TestingProduct Testing

  • Surveys sent to Beta Tester for Quality feedback
  • Edit content based on Beta Testers feedback
  • Set the right price for ideal customers
  • Positioning your product (how to)
  • Discover existing communities to present your product to

Week Four: Product LaunchProduct Launch

  • Confidence building to talk about your product
  • Create an Irresistible Sales Funnel for your Product
  • Write a Launch email sequence that converts
  • Create urgency when your product launches
  • Increase product sales through affiliates, webinars, and marketing tactics

Product Creation MasterClass Tools & Training

If you are wondering where to go next in your business or you have a product idea but don’t know where to start. Look no further, because Convertkit has you covered. They are offering a free product creation masterclass. They have created a course that will walk you through every step in creating your own product.

Now, why would they offer this for FREE! Well, it’s simply because, they want to make it easy for you to sign up and they’re hoping you like the course so, much that you end up joining Convertkit email marketing platform. It’ll be a lot easier to become a fan too. Although, I can say they are pretty good.

Product Creation Masterclass is a 4-week long course. The course will be sent straight to your email inbox Monday through Friday. You’ll get 20 full lessons of case studies, live training, and how to videos to help you create your first product and potentially earn your first dollar.

When you sign up Convertkit, says you’ll make your first dollar within 30 days but, I wouldn’t count Product Creation Masterclasson it. I am not saying you won’t make your first dollar in 30 days, you very well could. Just don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Your first dollar could come on the 31st day, who knows!

The world is waiting for your creativity, let Converkit help you create your first product online.

Enroll in this FREE product creation Masterclass here. 

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Product Creation MasterClass Support

The Converkit product masterclass will have support via live training webinars.

Product Creation MasterClass Price

The product masterclass is FREE.

Product Creation MasterClass at a Glance…

Name: Product Creation MasterClass


Owners: Convertkit

Price: Free