Abundance Network Review {What Exactly Is It?}

Name: Abundance Network

Website: www.abundancenetwork.net

Price: $150.00 One Time Fee ($50.00 admin fee + $100 membership fee)

Then you will need the SMS package which can be as low as $20.00 but, is said to last awhile.

Owners: Jeff Long

Best For: Small Business Owner, Affiliate Marketers, Internet or Network Marketers


Abundance Network is a phone marketing funnel system that was created by Jeff Long.

The idea behind this marketing tool is to help many members generate more time and freedom within their current business.

You’ll build a list of leads through text messaging and by random people calling the phone number provided to you ​through Abundance Network.

All you need is a cell phone of your own to make this system work. Worry none. Your real number will not be displayed or given out.

​Update 7/7/2019: Abundance Network has been shutdown for many reasons. They claim they will re-launch within a month or two but, this is not guaranteed.

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Welcome to the Abundance Network Review!

As a business owner, you probably already understand that time is precious, and acquiring leads is tough.

Anyhow, have you ever been on social media and had your website or affiliate links blocked? If you haven’t, I have. So, I certainly know the frustration.

I’ve also had customers or clients asking the same questions over and over again? So, according to what I’ve discovered about the Abundance Network telephone marketing tool, it helps reduce many of these frustrations.

In this review, I’ll go over what this system does, and you can decide if it’s for you.

What Is Abundance Network?

​As mentioned earlier, Abundance Network is a phone funnel marketing system created by Jeff Long.

​In short, it’s a tool that will allow you to build a list of leads by giving out the telephone number that you’ll receive from Abundance Network​.

According to Jeff, this is a new way of marketing that will help all marketers create an income stream that allows you true time and freedom because the phone funnel system will do all the selling and telling for you.

Who wouldn’t like that? I mean that’s mostly the reason you’ve started a business for right?

Well, worry, no longer.

Jeff has come up with a brilliant plan here.

Either way, almost everyone you know is attached to their cell phone 24/7 a day.

In other words, anyone who comes across your telephone number, which you’ll get when you become an Abundance Network member.

Brilliant idea, right!

Indeed, it is, especially since so many people are having issues with their affiliate or website links getting blocked on social media.

Furthermore, many marketers emails aren’t reaching the inbox. Plus, closing and qualifying leads properly is pretty tough for many people.

So, this phone system ​eliminates all the time spent answering customer questions over and over again. It also eliminates the fear of your email not being read.

Moreover, it also takes away the frustration of your affiliate or web links from being blocked on social media. Plus, it will help you close all of your deals.

Pretty cool, right but, how does it work?

How Does Abundance Network Work

How Does Abundance Network Work?

​First of all, there is no website needed. Of course, if you ha​ve a website, it would help drive traffic to your Abundance Network telephone number by using SEO methods.

Anyhow, instead of sending emails to your leads or sharing links. Your potential customer will automatically receive a text message, which walks them through a process of purchasing something from you.

That purchase will be the Abundance Network phone marketing system, or they can buy from your primary business.

From what I see the money that is currently being made is by promoting the system itself.

Either way, these are the steps you would follow to join Abundance network.

Step 1: Anyone Who Calls Your Number Becomes A Lead

Your lead calls a telephone number that is provided to you when you join the Abundance Network. During this process they’ll hear approximately a 1-minute intro message.

Step 2: The leads Presses 1

After the lead presses “1”. That is when the lead becomes an opt-in.

From there, they will listen to a 6-minute message​. After that, they will get instructions which will allow them to reply to automated text messages.

Please Note: ​It may take up to 2 minutes to receive each message.

Step 3: Your account Is Almost Ready.

  • After you have signed up. You’ll grab your telephone number by setting up your Twilio account first.
  • After your Twilio account is set up. Then you’ll be assigned a phone number.
  • Final steps are to start sharing the telephone number with other people.

Is Abundance Network A Scam?

​No, it’s not a scam. You will get the system and a phone number once you have joined. Plus, Jeff Long is a real person who can be found on Facebook actively posting on his FB wall.

How Much Can You Earn?

​With Abundance Network, you can earn $100 commissions every time someone decides to join this phone funnel program.

However, it does involve 2 pass-ups.

Meaning the second and fourth member that joins your team; those commissions will be passed up to your sponsor.

Therefore, starting with your 5th sign up, all commissions earned by you will be yours to keep.

Furthermore, you can earn commissions up to 2 levels, this is a peer to peer business model. Meaning you will pay the person who invites you and the cycle repeats.


  • ​Might Be The Easiest Business Marketing Tool To Use


  • ​New Program So Hard To Tell Where This Will Go

​Who is Abundance Network For?

​Abundance Network may not be for everyone.

However, if you started an online business to not only generate an income but at the same time expected more time and freedom for you or your family. Abundance Network could give you more time and freedom.

Anyhow, the idea behind this entire system is to help those businesses struggling with having to spend most of their time answering people’s questions repeatedly or wondering if their email blast that was just sent out even landed into their customer’s inbox.

Furthermore, it helps solves the issue with your links getting blocked on social media.

According to Jeff, there are many ways that this phone funnel system could help you see more success in your business.

Abundance Network 100 Commissions

Abundance Network Tools & Training

​The product itself is the phone funnel.

Meaning the telephone number and the voice message will do all the telling and selling for you so that you don’t have too.

Other products involved are:

  • A few Facebook swipes
  • You can send a message to all of your contacts
  • Ringless voicemail drops (optional)
  • Training
  • Marketing Material
  • Built-in Text Message System
  • Tracks your leads that calls the number and presses 1

Abundance Network Support

​There is a Facebook group available, where you can share and see other members results. Plus, in your back office, you will see options to get further help.

​Abundance Network Cost

​Although you can use different paid marketing strategies, it is​n’t necessary. All you need to do is market the phone number.

So, if you were to purchase the program itself, the cost would be:

  • $100.00 one time membership fee (this fee is paid directly to you)
  • $50.00 admin fee (paid to the admin)
  • $20.00 (you’ll need to purchase SMS text messaging)

​My Final Opinion Of Abundance Network

​So, far Abundance Network sounds like a unique opportunity, that seems to be going viral. It is the first 100% marketing phone funnel that I’ve come across that offers no website link.

So, this could be a reason why it’s going viral. Not many people have seen an opportunity like this before, so, their jumping on board.

Then again, I always recommend you to have access to your own website. So that you have your own grounds to stand on, you never know. You’ll still want to be able to make a come back if any company ever falls to pieces.

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